Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Summer 2010 Eclipse Season: G8, G20 and Martial Law A-Plenty

I keep having my attention drawn to the upcoming eclipse season (June - July 2010), and when I draw up the chart for the Full Moon partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn on June 26, I see that it's being drawn for good reason.

This eclipse chart is almost unbelievable in its potency. It's unnerving, considering the energy and events related to the past two eclipse seasons along the Cancer-Capricorn polarity.

And considering the G20 Summit (you know, that unelected "global government" body put in charge of all world economic issues under martial law in September of last year) has been scheduled to coincide with this eclipse in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on June 26-27, 2010. Still think astrology is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo? Your pseudo-elected officials don't think so.

I missed this at the time (since it was announced one day before I became poisoned by Cipro), but the G20 meeting in Toronto will be happening at the same time as the G8 meeting in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada. How's that for Pluto in Capricorn agenda-merging and obscurity from the public? Now they can call martial law into southern Ontario for just one week this summer (maybe) to get their behind-closed-doors agendas passed. A logistical breeze!

The National Post is reporting that the "Integrated Security Unit" (more Pluto in Cap) policing the event will need 5,500 hotel rooms over nine days (June 20 through 28) for members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Ontario Provincial Police, Toronto city police and Canadian Armed Forces. Yep, they're calling in the army on this one. The official number of police and soldiers involved will not be released prior to the event, but according to this report, the accommodation costs alone could be over $8 million.

This is what a police state looks like.

And under the proposed "Security and Prosperity Partnership," the United States' armed forces and police could be called into Canada to enforce events such as these...or anything, really. Only a matter of time? Let's hope not.

Anyway, the June 26 eclipse chart is the classic kind of chart that an astrologer would caution people about. The Moon is currently in Cancer, briefly creating the cardinal t-square dynamics so prevalent this summer and beyond, so here's the cautionary post...

This is not meant to scare anyone, but those who read this blog regularly have more than likely already figured out for themselves that humanity has entered some pretty dicey territory. We're in very strong spiritual territory, as well, but let's not forget the practical realities of what is going on right under our noses.

Pluto entering the early degrees of Capricorn has coincided with many a bomb (Pluto) going off in our business and government structures (Capricorn), bringing to light grand-scale corruption, manipulation, criminality and greed. The best interests of the people are not in the driver's seat here. We had the collapse of the rotten-to-the-core world economy - right on schedule - brought about primarily through predatory mortgage/derivatives schemes, speculation bubbles and various pyramid schemes built on nothing but the hot air of the sales schmos selling them.

Pluto in Sagittarius was ripe for corruption related to big ideas (Sagittarius), no matter how excessively grandiose and detached from common sense practical reality, and when times are ripe for people to take advantage of the situation, there has never been a shortage of those who line up to do so.

So the dominoes were set with inflationary Pluto in Sagittarius, and once Pluto entered Capricorn, the first one was flicked. Plutonic chain reaction.

This triggered the shedding of multi-millions of jobs, now considered unnecessary for the increasingly stream-lined corporate machine. People's lives have been devastated and their emotional well-being is on very shaky ground. Let's not forget this - though the stories of "economic recovery" parroted in a constant loop through the mainstream media are attempting to make us do just that. Those who missed the culling this time around are most certainly being lulled into a false sense of security.

In the ensuing chaos, those desiring pyramid-scheme one world government and corporate oligarchy have driven hard to the net. The mergers and alliances have gone on with Uranian lightning speed, completely obscured from the traumatized public, just trying to be OK with life.

So let's just say that the orchestrated circumstances on this planet are stretching people pretty damned tight - to the breaking point and, unfortunately, beyond.

It turns out the Nazis didn't really lose that war, after all. That was just for show as they retreated, changed tactics and then embedded their armies and ideologies in the day-to-day.

Now, they're tightening the vice ever-so-slowly, and even the people still "safely" in their positions within the system are starting to sweat - if only because they are now expected to do the work of two or three people and to be grateful to do it.

Those attuned to the underlying dynamics have always known things weren't right. We could feel it.

But the majority of people couldn't define the word tyranny, let alone understand how it has permeated their daily lives. To them, this is the territory of paranoids, conspiracy theorists and other assorted wack jobs.

But I see it so clearly. I grew up in a rural farming/ranching and oil area. This is still what people are doing to "make a living" - though I'm not sure how much of a life it is anymore. Farming and ranching have gotten increasingly corporatized and chemicalized. Small farmers have been pushed out of business en masse. Getting bigger and faster, they are told, is the only way to survive if you're playing ball in the corporate system. It's ironic that people who wanted to live a life on the land as their own bosses are now completely caught up in the chemicals, massive, computerized machinery and genetically modified organisms of Agri-business.

Or then you have the people pulling in the real money - those working in the soul-eroding oil fields. And who could blame them, really? We've all had it drilled into our heads since childhood to get that money, no matter what. And they have. Generations have leapt ahead dramatically in the class system - from below the poverty line to comfortably middle class, complete with new homes, new vehicles, campers, snow machines, Harleys, quads. Even the kids have their own quads, dirt bikes, snowmobiles.

So seeing these scenes, reading on Facebook about their home renovations and trips to the Dominican, again I wonder...am I seeing things?

It's very possible all this epic-ness is going down without even ruffling the feathers of the norms. But seeing the eclipse chart, I'm not sure that will be the case post-summer of 2010.

The Full Moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn on June 26 happens at 4 degrees, exactly conjunct retrograding Pluto - Lord of the Underworld, the Great Transformer.

This takes place within a massively potent, almost-exact cardinal t-square at the early degrees - the same t-square that will remain potent during the cardinal seasons with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn for the next decade.

(This cardinal t-square involves almost every body in the zodiac: Jupiter-Uranus in Aries, Sun-Mercury-Juno-South Node in Cancer, Moon-Pluto-North Node in Capricorn)

If you include Saturn retrograde in late Virgo as the fourth leg in the eclipse chart, it's a Grand Cross. Two oppositions. Four squares. Mucho tension.

So Pluto will be exactly conjunct the Moon. Heavy emotion. In Calgary, these bodies will also be exactly conjunct the Part of Fortune and the Part of Spirit - very fated quality to this eclipse for the city that Big Oil built.

This exact Pluto-Moon conjunction is opposite the Sun in Cancer, which is conjunct Mercury and Juno.

The nodal axis is also within range at 11 degrees, as the North Node moves ever-closer to a conjunction with Pluto in November, just one degree off this eclipse at 3 degrees Capricorn. (November is another potent month, but more on that later...)

Jupiter and Uranus are within two degrees of each other in warrior sign Aries, forming the almost-exact t-square.

Jupiter will have just conjuncted Uranus June 8, dramatically increasing the disruptive potential of Uranus in this eclipse/t-square. Uranus is the planet that brings shocking, unexpected events that leave things forever changed. Events that trigger rebellions, revolutions, radical movement.

So we have this great disruptive potential with Uranus on the very potent zero degree of Aries, a sign ruled by Mars which relates to, among other things, masculine energy, war, anger and aggression. And this energy is made bigger and more expansive post-conjunction to Jupiter, which makes everything it touches broader-reaching. Squaring Pluto in Capricorn, which is known for traumatic, hell-ride experiences designed for complete personal and collective gutting and transformation (ie. not good times). Along with the extra disruptive potential of an eclipse going down exactly conjunct Pluto. Sounds like fun, huh? :-) Very, very volatile.

Martial law in Ontario, Canada with surrounding areas on high alert.

We don't need another Kent or Jackson State this summer, so let's hold our intent for the safety of the protesters and urge the utmost caution with the demonstrations. No uneccessary risks. Mars will be exactly conjunct Vesta in Virgo, so temperance is key. Again, not something you would associate with Mars, but here, we must apply it.

We've also got Chiron at zero Pisces conjunct Black Moon Lilith - so here's that denied, vilified, segmented, feminine spiritual aspect of human life on Earth and the deep wounding we carry because of its enforced invisibility and abuse. Here's the perspective the protesters will be bringing to the scene, speaking out about the destruction and devastation of these enforced agendas. They'll be kept marginalized by fences and police, far from the negotiating tables (BML), but their energy will not go to waste.

The difficult role of these two is the equivalent of telling an oil exec clutching his inflated paycheque about the spiritual and soul-level destruction being caused by the oil industry, for example. He'd laugh you out of town, if not punch you. Or warning a Monsanto executive about the damage chemical and GMO farming are doing to the entire ecosystem, the animals, the people, the spiritual and physical health of the whole. The complete affront to nature. Again, not heeded, and more often, ridiculed and criminalized.

Chiron-BML in early Pisces is a powerful placement here. The Goddess weeps in this chart, but her depth and strength presiding over the proceedings are undeniable. Chiron-BML will be in tight trine to the Sun-Mercury in Cancer and sextile the Moon-Pluto in Capricorn. The feminine is righteous here, and she knows it.

These themes go on every day, in every way, and those who truly respect and heed feminine wisdom and live Piscean spiritual understanding carry a big burden for a collective that prefers to look the other way. You can't really explain it to people who don't understand. And then you have to watch as they continue the destruction...

The Sabian symbols associated with the eclipse also tell a cautionary tale:

Sun in Cancer - "At a Railroad Crossing, An Automobile is Wrecked By a Train"
Mercury in Cancer - "An Arctic Explorer Leads a Reindeer Through Icy Canyons"
Moon and Pluto in Capricorn - "Indians - Some Rowing a Canoe While Others Are Dancing a War Dance"
Chiron in Pisces - "A Crowded Public Marketplace"
Black Moon Lilith in Pisces: "Heavy Car Traffic Linking Two Seaside Resorts"

These are powerfully fated, grand-scale collective dynamics going on. Nothing is going to stop these energies from doing what they need to do, so it's best to go with the path of least resistance this summer, sidestepping as much of it as possible. Being caught at cross-purposes with an aggressive Grand Cross of this nature would not be a good thing. Be aware that people and situations are going to be pulled very taut at this time and the smallest of provocations could trigger volatility.

We're in a cardinal season now - Aries - and what is triggered now is lead-up to this summer's cardinal season - Cancer.

As a series, this definitely relates to the summer of 2009 triple eclipses/double New Moons in Cancer. (The eclipses were in Capricorn-Cancer-Aquarius.) That was an extremely emotional set of eclipses (I think we now understand why) that unhinged and uprooted things in a big way related to past-present-future and the gut-wrenching necessity of finding new soul homes and new emotional anchors within the burgeoning Aquarian paradigm.

The second set of eclipses on New Year's Eve, 2009 and January 15, 2010 coincided with the devastating earthquake in Haiti that left at least 200,000 people dead, possibly as many as 500,000, and a couple million more homeless.

Now, the summer of 2010 is the third set of Cancer/Capricorn eclipses, and there are more big shake-ups possible.

The energy and events kicked up by this third set of Cancer/Capricorn eclipses should have the effect of shifting us into new positions and settling us on new foundations, in a much different set of circumstances than we've been in previously. These shake-ups will click the initial positioning at the beginning of the cardinal degrees into place.

The old situations (emotional, physical, spiritual) have been shattered by the process intensified by the previous eclipses, and now the puzzle pieces are back together to the point that we can start to make out a picture. A potent starting point for the events of the next decade on this planet - for both people living for true freedom and autonomy and those paying lip service to that while attempting to lock nefarious Pluto in Capricorn agendas into place. This is why our actions and the directions we take are so important now.

In such tight formation, the energies associated will be working with surgeon-like precision, carving out the placements. There's no room for error now. Again, this chart has an extremely fated quality to it, soemthing you do not want to be at cross-purposes with. If any of your plans meet resistance, please take heed.

The follow-up New Moon solar eclipse in Cancer happens July 11, and it is total.

Sandwiched between both these eclipses we have Canada Day (July 1) and Independence Day (July 4) in the United States. Both these countries are Cancer Suns, and these eclipses are, unfortunately, probably going to coincide with a final push toward merger - without public knowledge or consent.

And as previously noted (big surprise!), the upcoming meeting of the G20 will be held June 26-27 in Ontario, Canada, alongside the G8 meeting. If I recall correctly, the original date of these summits was actually changed to land on this weekend.

So you can see the agendas within the agendas here.

Let's just keep our fingers crossed that the extremes we've been experiencing with Pluto in Capricorn and the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses have stirred the people into taking a stand and creating an alternative, rather than heading full-on into unelected one world government structures and corporate compliance.

All this and Sarah Palin's getting a reality TV show. Jesus.


Ruth said...

oh blimey Willow. I am really quite scared. I'm holding onto what you said about the power of the wounded feminine waiting in the wings. With a Moon at 2 degrees Cancer square Pluto, I am going to need all the power I can muster around that time..

I do find it convincing that this tsquare/grand cross and eclipse combination heralds the collapse of the economic delusions the rich of the West are clinging onto. Clinging to the extent that behaviour and delusions just havent' changed. In the part of London where I live a 3 bedroom house costs 20 times the average salary, and estate agents' windows are still full of overpriced boxes. This is of course after the vastly expensive collapse of most of the UK's banks. Because of this, essential services are going to be cut- education, health, social care- yet no one is stopping the government owned banks from paying out the accustomed vast bonuses to their staff. We are being told all the time that recovery is coming any minute and we will all be 'back on track' by 2012. Back to what? blithe corruption and the inflation of debt into fantasy-money for the financial institutions to swap around?

I despair sometimes. And the news about Sarah Palin is the last straw! Hopefully the UK will be protected from this at least! :D

hope you're doing well as can be expected. 'May you live in interesting times', eh....

Willow said...

Hi, Ruth...I do think sticking very close to the feminine energy is our saving grace during all this excessively masculine insanity. Chiron-BML in Pisces will be supporting your Moon very strongly - though there will be some discomfort associated. I'm sure you're well aware with the year of transits you're having! Hope you're also weathering things as well as can be expected. Saturn retrograding back into Virgo should provide at least some temporary relief for you this spring before the big push with the last 6 months of the year. Rest and rejuvenate wheresoever you can! Maybe some nice essential oils or supporting herbs would help.

Yes, I wholeheartedly reject the "track" they are trying to put us "back" on - have we learned nothing?? People have been trained to be so incredibly attention-span-less that they think it's already all over and done with. Going back to business as usual! ha.

Real estate is still ridiculously inflated here, as is retail rent. So many store spaces sitting empty. And I see they are going ahead with some of the stalled condo projects, so someone must be lending ridiculous mortgages on condos again.

The Palin show on top of it all really is too much! It gave me a laugh, though, so that was nice. Black humour, of course. heh

Paul Hinton said...

Freeman http://www.freemantv.com/ forecasts something on the 4th of July, possibly the Temple Mount. He seems to have a knack for the dates, getting 9/11 but not exactly what it would be and then 10/13 [financial, templar-themed, Friday the 13th sequel].

7/4 is also the anniversary of the Battle of Hattin {4 July 1187}http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Hattin where the Templars were massacred. As a result, they would lose control of Jerusalem. So vengence? Remember They are obsessed with dates and markers and sending signs to those in the know among the hierarchies.

In North America, we face the intended shocks to the USA designed to force a no choice, ramrod North American Union on top of emergency decree legislation imposed by the power elite that no member of Congress has time to read until after it is passed.

So overall: False flag, black ops designed to take further crash the economy, escalate the ongoing tidal wave of fear used to fuel carefully-designed elite social transformations, & justify attack on Iran who will blamed for the attacks intended to be rendered in the "Homeland" and possibly Jerusalem such that the way is opened for the rebuilding of the Third Temple. Avenge the effects of Hattin and break, publicly, the illusory spirit of American Independence.

Let us keep this in mind, and prepare, under & by God/dess to do something about it.

Willow said...

Yes, that seems to be the track.

North American Union under the Amero as currency and integrated police and army (under the "Security and Prosperity Partnership" - gobbledegook from Bush's regime. Can't you tell?) to the point that borders/sovereignty mean nothing.

The building of a trans-North America toll highway as a "trade corridor" which will funnel resources to the U.S., primarily. And transport the army/police force, of course.

This NAU will then be the puzzle piece that fits within the larger framework of global government, in general. Baby steps toward complete compliance and a global currency, which I'm sure is on the agenda of the G20.

After the last G20 in Pittsburgh in September '09, Canada's PM Stephen Harper was in the media trying to sell "global governance" while assuaging people's fears about global government...except he kept letting "global government" slip out instead of governance. The hilarity never stops.

Obama dropped the "Iranian nuclear facilities" info into the media at the last G20, so I'm sure the next steps will be taken on that front, as well.

I mean, it's all out there for people to see. You just have to understand Plutonic subtext.


Willow said...

Here's the global governance vs. government clip:


Ruth said...

chilling, with that ultimate Pluto-in-Capricorn chill I swear I feel in my bones right now- Moon is 2 degrees Cap not Cancer as I mistakenly posted last time. So Pluto is right on it. These global machinations freeze the marrow of my bones- corporate evil disguised as 'Security and Prosperity'...urrggggh.

Here is a link which I think sums it up in a good old Northern English way....


Willow said...

HA! Love it, Ruth! :-)

I also like that we've got the U.K., U.S., and Canada represented here on this board, all coming up with a different angle of the same picture.

Yes, right. I forgot your Moon was 2 Cap...but your nodal axis runs along there, also, if I recall, so Chiron-BML in Pisces will still be a supportive energy for the beleagured Cancer S Node as well as sextile to the Cap Moon/N Node.

Anonymous said...

Searching for alternative, true, important but wha we need right now is the sense of unity of the opposers the Nwo, notwithstanding the differences...

Though hard, though difficult that is the real goal...

About scientific discovery, this link may prove to be interesting:

Anonymous said...

Recall the UK Telegraph did a LONG multi week animated series on how June 22 or therabouts there would be 6 nukes detonated over N American cities to bring on the NWO (one was Toronto so I guess that was changed as the VIPs will be there on that date).

Also Iran sending flotilla to Gaza next week. Talk about a scrpt-perfect casus belli. Pres Ahmedinejad is fully a part of "the underground spiritual game". He is an Iranian/Azeri jew and fully into the Baphomet occult-he even publically called numerous times for a New World Order. Most recently as last week.
Folks, we're screwed.