Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cardinal T-Square Summer 2010: Things Are On the Move

The Sun, newly in Cancer, brings us fully into the cardinal t-square involving the Sun in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn, both squaring Jupiter and Uranus, conjunct in early Aries.

We head now to the Full Moon Capricorn eclipse exactly conjunct Pluto Rx at 4 Cap on June 26.

Things are moving - both in devastating ways and in wholeheartedly exciting, "deliver us" kinds of ways.

Deliver us - from evil, from corruption and greed, from illegitimacy and control, from dirty tricks and falsity, from the forces and people who are attempting to steal our health, our well-being and all that we hold dear on this planet.

Deliver us - beyond reinforced structural toxicity. Beyond follow-the-leader pyramid-scheme hierarchies and illusory experiences based in mass, collectively-reinforced psychosis.

Deliver us - into a world where the power of our love and our raw individuality, connected to God, our source, the loving creation force, is the vital, motivating force. The only real force. Where we know God's will, and it's our will, and we do right by it. We commit. Where we are no longer artificially separated into "the lucky ones" and "the sacrificed." Where we are free to apply our genius to solve the grand-scale problems we face here, rather than being milked and used to further damage and dismantle life on this planet.

There's a force rising here.

As those who would destroy us along with this beautiful planet and all its creatures stir and harness their dirty, corrupted energies, the loving and the righteous is there in lock-step.

And that's us. Don't you forget it.

We have the power to edge this here, but it's going to take all the courage we have, both individually and together. We have to give it all we've got - all we've got left. And we have to go all in, as terrifying as that can be. Give all the love in our breaking hearts to the vital current moment.

And my heart's breaking. I can't deny it. The loss of personal health is devastating. The loss of health of family and friends is devastating. The deaths and the senseless destruction. Knowing what's coming, what people are going to be facing, is devastating, too.

The Plutonic razing of all illusion and delusion. Laying bare stark reality and then saying, OK. There you go. That's where you are. Now find the love and follow it. Bring it through you, despite your fear, despite the pain. And know that you're OK on the other side of this, no matter what happens. Even when things aren't OK. Even when they haven't seen the light of OK in months or years.

What's going on in the Gulf is far worse than people are being told. They've breached deep within our Earth, puncturing 30,000 feet beneath the ocean floor. They have created fissures - not a single leak. Many leaks in a destabilized ocean floor that they are now further destabilizing by drilling "relief wells." The pressure coming up from that puncture is so great that human beings do not currently have the technology to stop it - even if the forces in control wanted to stop it. They don't.

The workers on the Transocean knew a disaster was about to happen. They warned about it. The toolpush, Jason Anderson, argued with his "higher ups" the morning of the explosion about the recklessness going on. He's the man who was so worried about BP's lack of safety standards and corner cutting that he got his affairs in order and wrote his will the last time he was home with his family. He was one of the 11 killed in the explosion.

Over one million gallons of Corexit chemical dispersant have been dumped in the Gulf water, against the orders of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This is now in our water, evaporating into our air.

The name Corexit is no coincidence. Corexit is a neurotoxin being applied to the gaping wound within the Earth. Attacking the core energy. The central nervous system.

There has been a systemic attack going on here for decades now, and it has trickled down, morphed, spread. Anyone can see clearly now that there is no real separation into "the lucky ones" and "the sacrificed." There is no situation where certain races or money-holders or spiritual lineages get off scot-free from the systemic poisoning of our systems - not if you're a biological human being.

And really, we know that. That's core spiritual knowledge that runs through all human beings - all who have not been artifically separated from the working connection to their souls and inherent spirituality. We know our connection. Our interdependence.

This is not grandscale karmic comeuppance here "teaching us a lesson," as people are being fed in New Age circles. We have not "allowed" this to happen - playing on guilty consciences. Those aspects are tiny parts of the true situation that are being latched onto and manipulated, as New Age does.

We've been attacked. And when you attack the central nervous system, the systems start to fight themselves, attack themselves. Scorpio tricked into turning its poisonous tail on itself.

The Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs) that will be used against protesters at the G20 Summit this weekend in Toronto, Ontario are sound/energy weapons that also disrupt and damage the central nervous system. Coincidence? Not one little bit.

In Chiron in Piscean fashion, at the very end of the astrological Piscean era, we are having our inter-related energetic nature used against us by forces that seem to believe (whether true) that they will remain beyond it, unaffected.

The Sun in Cancer (home) is squaring Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries (soldiers), and we're heading to Canada Day July 1 and the Fourth of July in the United States. Independence Day. Ahem. Sandwiched between the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn (June 26) and the New Moon solar eclipse in Cancer (July 11).

Home. Warmth. Family. Children. Protection. A safe little nest. All we hold dear.

Squaring war, fighting, soldiers, bare survival, gutteral instincts, Fourth Reich, hell on Earth.

For decades (centuries) now, soldiers have been being used as guinea pigs, subjected to the most heinous of energy and chemical weapons, radiation and experimental vaccinations.

They have been exposed to radioactive dust from depleted uranium munitions designed to penetrate tanks in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Not to mention the radioactive hell left behind for the citizens.)

Soldiers sent to the Middle East during the second Gulf War were dosed with a number of vaccines, one of which is an anthrax vaccination. They were also dosed with the fluoroquinolone antibiotic Cipro - made by Nazi pharmaceuticals corporation Bayer - which was initially developed to ward off anthrax.

So these men, the fittest and strongest, have been assaulted in a multi-layered attack. And I know from my experience with Cipro that they are in a living hell right now.

Over one million soldiers are suffering, many horribly, from Gulf War illness and cannot get assistance from their government. At the same time, many doctors along with the U.S. government are working hard to reinforce the idea that Gulf War illness does not exist. Much the same as how mainstream doctors refuse to admit horrific adverse reactions to fluoroquinolones are possible and keep prescribing them irresponsibly, as a first-line antibiotic.

Forty-two percent of veterans of the second Gulf War are sick. That's over 400,000 men from the second war alone. Fifty-eight percent of those are young men between the ages of 18 and 29. Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, neurological problems, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Lou Gehrig's (ALS), multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, lupus.

I can't express the helplessness of having your nervous system attacked and poisoned. The crushing nature of it. The vulnerability.

When does this become not OK? Where is the real catalyzing point? Dear God, we've been working for it...

Vietnam couldn't do it - not in a sustained way. Drugs and hedonistic sex and the introduction of cool, new consumer toys became the escape hatch then, just as ascension and 5th dimension and New Earth and UFOs taking us away from it all are now.

Agent Orange poisoning, napalm, babies born deformed. Now the babies of the Gulf soldiers are being born with related birth defects. The Cancerian home has been penetrated. Who protects the soldiers when they can no longer protect themselves from their own government?

And I see the reports of what has been unleashed in the Gulf - the neurotoxin Corexit, benzene, hydrogen sulfide, methane, possibly even radioactive elements coming from near the core of the Earth. I see reports of people getting sick already. Dead sea animals floating on the surface. Our sweet, sweet sea creatures.

And I wonder if we are going to be able to come together here. That's what's necessary. But the pull of "the lucky" versus "the sacrificed" is so strong here. No one wants to be sacrificed. We all want to be winners.

And that will be manipulated.

Will all that is so hard to face and accept, the people living it, be rejected, marginalized, separated off, as has been done? Or do we get it together now? Does the love fill the cracks and bring us back together as a whole? Do we go beyond our manufactured, segmented, single-serving lives?

I could cry and scream and rage for a thousand years, and it would not express it. There is no energy left for that. Uranus and Jupiter are in Aries, urging us forward. Gotta move. Gotta go. Gotta survive. Just get through it.

After a summer of cracking into the Aries themes, we're back in tail-end Pisces territory with retrogrades. Uranus goes retrograde very soon - July 5 - and Jupiter July 23.

We're riding some unbelievably emotional dips and peaks here. But they're smoothing out, even in the midst of the hell-scenarios. There's a calm centre we can hold, even a buoyance I've experienced lately, that we can share with each other even while we're horrified by what's going on around us. Surfing.

We've been prepared emotionally here by the series of eclipses on the Cancer-Capricorn polarity. Last summer was the raw, initial tear. The rip out of any kind of linear regularity or feeling of place. We were giving up our Cancerian versions of home in light of the propulsion into Aquarian times.

December/January's eclipses coincided with the Haiti earthquake with between 200,000 and 500,000 people dying. More shock and awe. Stirring the tortured soul energy of the Arawak-Taino people, slaughtered en masse by Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) in his search for the New World.

And now we are within range of the third set of eclipses on the Cancer-Capricorn polarity. We're hardened a bit now. Weary. And when you're so very weary, all you can do is let your soul take the lead. That's what we do now. We make every day count. We say the things we want to say to the people who mean something to us. We make things right and keep things right in our lives, with each other and with God.

Third set of Cancer-Capricorn eclipses. Fifth and final Saturn-Uranus opposition July 26. Third and final Saturn in Libra square to Pluto in Capricorn August 20.

Big cycles completing. Something bigger than we can imagine emerging. Keep going.


Anonymous said...

Spot on and wonderful. Thank you so much, dear lady. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow....AmazinG! No holding back there...the raw truth. I am so waery right now...all I can do is turn to that inner core of peace that I really am...that we all are...but have forgotten...

Unknown said...

thanku Willow for your big heart. We all have to be so big these days, so loving and understanding no matter how much anger and frustration gets thrown at one......taking all the energy and generating light rather then war. Knife edge stuff both brilliantly ecstatic and devastatingly destructive.

Anonymous said...

yep. this resonates. thanks again willow :)
I'm weary too of some kind of intensity lifting, good souls I've known leaving for the next life, tired of the games being played with Life by Ego. sharpen that heart awareness earth sentinels, we gotta lift our game, get up again and again, 100% effort until it's our time to go back to stardust too. lots of love & to everyone in for Life.

Deana said...

Your words are powerful and I love that!

Anonymous said...

I am in tears.

The raw truth.