Monday, June 28, 2010

The Eclipse Hangover and Shifting Human Destiny

A dignified human existence. A dignified existence for living things. A planet restored to a natural balance and harmony, the way we know it can and should be.

The cellular soul memory of what once was. The deepest heart's knowledge of how it can be here, how it should be - redeemed, reinstated. Heaven on Earth. The pitch black falls away like a bad dream. Waking from our night terrors, together. We're not alone.

We know the score at this point. We know what has gone on and is going on in the Gulf. We're not burying our heads in the Gulf coast sand.

People are getting sick. Gulf coast refugees have started to move. Louisianan Kindra Arnesen is one of them - forced to relocate her family due to her daughter's rashes and upper respiratory problems since the disaster. Kindra got a backstage pass to the BP "ponies and balloons" show, and I encourage everyone to listen to what she has to say about what's going on.

Now, at this point, fully aware of the situation, we can work on visualizing a shift. We can apply our consciousness to a solution coming through so strongly that it unravels the knots of our helplessness, our grief, our anger, our depression. It releases the Gulf and all living things from the toxic spew, restoring things to a point of health and natural equilibrium.

We intend to manifest:

A fully restored, clean and clear Gulf of Mexico, including all coasts and marshes. A safe place for people, animals and plants to live. Clear water and restored oxygen levels for the Gulf and for the planet.

But hey, let's not stop there. Let's really flex our manifesting muscles and go for a clear and toxin-free world...

The health of the people fully restored.

Energy returned to those who have had it sapped by the activities of industry, commerce and warfare.

Natural, effective healing methods available and accessible to all.

A peaceful and effortless falling away of the power and control structures working to keep humanity enslaved.

World ecosystems allowed to come to a natural state of function and balance, free of manipulation.

Deep, all-encompassing healing and renewal for people, animals, plant life, the planet as a whole.

Peaceful, inter-relating societies around the world, working to solve our problems, free to apply our genius in practical, wise and far-sighted ways.

A grand-scale shift to clean, free energy, out of the death throes of the enforced Oil Age.

A better world is possible. Not just possible, but necessary for the further development of a humanity I wish to take part in.

A shift out of the paradigm of the lucky ones versus the sacrificed. Let's get this straight: No one wants to be sacrificed. No one should live a life of suffering so that others can elevate themselves with that suffering.

We do not accept the sacrifice of life on this planet. We do not accept attacks on our health, our quality of life or our well-being.

And now we start to move, start to earnest. We all work with the pieces we have to work with.

We can keep our heads above water here, above the malaise and the despair and the isolation that eats at the fabric of us, by understanding that we're here together, experiencing what we're experiencing.

Venus is in Leo right now, and our hearts are being stretched vigorously. At times, it feels as if there is nothing left to give. Overnight, we are being worked on, guided and stretched to go just a bit further. My chest is aching, as if it has been pried apart. I wake feeling as if I've had a bowling ball sitting on my breastbone all night.

This process has been ongoing. We all feel it should have been completed by now - way before now. We're in quadruple sudden death overtime, exhausted but trying to keep going. Because we've come this far. Too far to give up now. Streamed in from all over this universe, the most beautiful, diverse and loving lights it had to offer. The veterans. The experienced. The ones who keep motherfucking going. The ones who have the moves, the spins, the tricks. The souls that keep putting one foot in front of the other even when the physical self is exhausted, despairing, enervated by the sickness and the ridiculousness and the just plain wrongness of what is going on here.

The universe is playing it's A-game on this planet right now. And that's us. Don't you forget it.

Saturn heads to the anaretic degree of Virgo - the final degree of our self-mastery, heavily challenged. The point of the zodiac where all the pieces are finally fit into the whole, where all the details matter. Where everyone counts.

The health or non-health of the whole. Saturn at 29 Virgo.

This is not only the last degree of Virgo. It's the release point for an entire process of self-development, -discovery and -mastery represented by the first six signs of the zodiac, Aries through Virgo.

So you see why, at the end of this astrological Piscean era, we're fucking tired.

A lot of us were born tired.

But we're here now. We're here for now. So we dig in. We accept the weight of this moment, these times, as hard as it is. And we do what Daddy Saturn says.

We've got just over three weeks until Saturn enters Libra (July 21) and opposes Uranus for the last time, at zero Aries (July 26). Cycle upon cycle completes and begins simultaneously at that point, including a whole new 14-year Saturn cycle through the next six signs of the zodiac, Libra through Pisces. Our challenges then are to turn the self outward - to other people, to the world at large, to God. We start to reveal what we've been working on up to this point, to see how it interacts, to see how it measures up.

We lay ourselves and the self-mastery we've reached up to now on the offering stand at that point.

So let's make sure we're putting forth our best effort during this tail end of Saturn in Virgo, despite our aching exhaustion, our despair, our worries that what we do does not have an effect, anyway.

It all matters, even when we can't see how. This is a Saturn in Virgo lesson.

So let's visualize an Earth and an Earthly existence that truly befits us. That'll guide us home.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Willow,
That was beautifully written.
Consider putting a link to facebook,
your insights are vital now.

Willow said...

Thanks, Rose. Facebook scares me due to the monitoring, but I will see if I can work something out there.

Anonymous said...

I have said this before and will say it again, Willow, I love your blog!

I posted Kindra's video on Facebook to get the word out... but, you know, Facebook is nothing more than a virtual high school social scene. Let's see how many friends we can collect, and then let's ignore them if they don't say something related to Sex in the City or some other piece of pop culture that doesn't require the use of critical thinking skills.

I'm feeling pretty friggen hopeless these days. Thanks again for the blog though, Willow.


Anonymous said...

Well said Willow, clear and straight to the point...
"We lay ourselves and the self-mastery we've reached up to now on the offering stand at that point."

What is the Point? The Sabian symbol for 29 degree Virgo gives a clue:
" (One) is gaining secret knowledge from an ancient scroll (one) is reading."

What sacred scroll? It is the book of self. All sacred scriptures implore us to read the book of self, to "know thyself", to read thine own book and find what leads to loftiness or abasement, to glory or to shame. To remember the true and radiant morning of inner consciousness. To possess a pure, kind and radiant heart...
The essential movement within is our primary obligation, and then to BE that which we discover deep within. Until the heart is purified
we can neither respond nor remember the True.
With regard to healing; all healing is in reality spiritual healing. "There is one Power which heals and that is God. The state through which healing takes place is confidence of the heart. By some this state is reached through pills, powders and physicians, by others through cleanliness., fasting, prayer and meditation, and by others through direct perception."
The point is until we heal our own souls and read our own book our actions are limited, but reaching the full potential we can find our way back "to the garden" our spiritual home. Uniting the earth through our radiant, loving hearts.

Lastly, to reinforce the positive tone, this is a favorite quote:

"God will not abandon His children to their fate and refuse them that culminating and blissful stage in their long, their slow and painful evolution throughout the ages, which is at once their inalienable right and their true destiny."

Yours truly,
The Grinning Weeper

Maya said...

An end also to the terrible oil spills Chevron and Occidental are leaving untreated in the Amazon rainforest which seem to have been forgorten by the world.

Willow said...

Maya...agreed. The toxic aftermath of industry, warfare and commerce the world over needs to be cleaned up. Not just oil, either.'s really not all about healing the self, though - not when we are being hindered from doing that and staying healthy by forces that want to keep us suffering and under their control.

There's only so much an individual can do to stay healthy and continually heal themselves when our air, food and water are being systematically poisoned around us. There's only so much the system can fend off. This is the broader Virgo context and the point I always try to make...focusing on individual healing is a stop-gap, but we have to look at what is making us sick in the first place and deal with that first. Root issues.

A lot of effective natural healers, like the scientists putting forth alternative energy technologies, have been stopped, intimidated, sued, worse...anything to keep people from that type of healing and reliant on the pharmaceuticals industry, which does more harm than good, really.

It's a multi-tentacled beast that we have to become aware of to fully throw off humanity's back. The health of the few (usually through social privilege) and the suffering and sickness of the many is not a scene I want to continue to be a part of.

Anonymous said...

Hi Willow,
Do believe it IS about healing the Self. The Personal IS Political - 60's redux - only backwards - Saturn in Virgo/Uranus in Pisces mirrorwise - coming to a backyard near you very soon. AKA Saturn into Libra after Virgo. We Virgos 'got it': now the next six houses have to act on it! Step No. Magical 7 - Indigos mebbe and all that 7 stuff - Libra is the 'Partnership' sign. No, Libra, NOT compromise for its own sake nor your self-comfort - partnership as in your icon, the Scales - a voice for each and respect for each voice. I AM SO anticiapting Saturn in Libra. Let us learn, before it is too late, to listen, to hear, and to respect one another's voice.
Loveya Sweetheart Sistah!

Willow said...

We'll have to agree to disagree on that one.

From my perspective, there is only so much onus on the individual, only so much the individual can do as far as healing when there are people, institutions and forces at work that are constantly heaping more pain and toxicity on individuals.

How much "healing" can the people of the Gulf coast do at the moment? When they're being all-out assaulted with benzene, methane, hydrogen sulfide and the neurotoxin Corexit?

How much healing can Gulf War soldiers or the people of Iraq do after being exposed to depleted uranium and pumped full of chemical warfare?

How much healing can any of us do when our air, water, soil, food are being toxified? There's only so much you can do to fend that off, especially when you're not completely aware of what's going on.

The whole "it's all about healing yourself, looking inward, purifying" etc. is a common New Age meme and one I wholeheartedly reject.

WisconsinWoman said...


Keep saying it! Perhaps that New Age meme will dissolve just a bit with your help.

I have gone from agnosticism and New Age thought to an appreciation of Christianity, particularly Judaism. Why? Because there is a pure distinction between good and evil. And once that distinction is seen clearly, one can ACT. Also, if one reads Song of Songs, it is apparent how much passion (mind, body, soul union) is allowed without being called some psychological disability. And with that passion one can really take action.

It's not easy, but well worth the trip.

Thanks again

RPM said...

You are the best!

Anonymous said...

Happy to Agree to Disagree, esp with you. It's Saturn in Libra, natch!
Where are dem people when de election is called; where are dem people when de war is declared; where are dem people when uncle does de wrong ting tuh daughter? Den dey spect de bigwigs to do de right thang? Huh? The political is personal/the personal is political: if I could conjure a mantra/slogan for the New Age it would be: Take Responsiblity for Yourself (And Others Will Follow, as in, it will all fall into place.) As Above - up the ladder? - So Below.
Loveya as ever,