Thursday, July 1, 2010

WWA Reading Specials

Photo: Willow

July Reading Special - Get It While It's Hot

I'm doing a reading special for July where I'll be doing 50-minute readings for $88, my original price. Just like it's 2005 again...

This is good for natal, transit, synastry or solar return (birthday/year trajectory) readings by telephone or Skype.

The transits up ahead will be thoroughly relationship-oriented, with Saturn's return to Libra and a big Venus retrograde coming up this fall. An astrological head's up about what you can expect is very helpful and effective.

No Fluff, No Fillers E-Mail Consult

I'm also offering a quick-hit astrological e-mail consult in July where you ask me about a single topic on your mind, and I look at your chart along with the transits and send you a 15-minute analysis on the topic. This can also be about advanced questions on your birth chart. Very focussed, designed to get to deeper perspective quickly. $25.

There is a Buy Now PayPal button to the right under the reading information. Click there to purchase either a 15-minute e-mail consult for $25 (regularly $40) or a 50-minute reading for $88 (regularly $125).

Then contact me at: with your info.

This third set of Capricorn/Cancer eclipses has kicked up a relocation for me out of the city where I'm currently living, and I'm not sure what my availability will be like in August, so please take advantage of this offer if you'd like a little Willow astro perspective on your life during these challenging times.


Anonymous said...

Hiya Willow,
That upcoming thang with Robery does sound cool. Keep us posted.

Willow said...

Hopefully it won't seem like robery.