Monday, July 26, 2010

Entering 48 Hours of Wayyyy Too Much Virgo light of the fact that we have just spent the past 2.5 arduous years with Saturn in Virgo, that is.

Despite now being locked into pressurizing, constricting and stressing cardinal t-square energy, Saturn trudging its way out of Virgo and into Libra last Wednesday was still very welcome news for most.

But now we've got the personal planets and an asteroid travelling through Saturn's wake - Mars, Venus, Vesta and, starting tomorrow, Mercury are all in the sign of the virgin. Merc will retrograde in this sign, also - August 20 - September 12. We're in the degrees of its retrograde shadow by August 1. Try to complete as much as you can between now and then or you'll be going back over it.

This is way too much Virgo at this point. Seriously.

A quick aligning check to make sure we're personally working all those Virgo themes we've been hammered on.

Luckily, the way too much Virgo vibe lightens considerably when Mars enters Libra July 29 (5:46 p.m. MT).

If you can call an immediate Mars-Saturn conjunction and Mars-Uranus opposition lightening.

You know what? After my Saturn in Virgo experience, I can. I really can.


Anonymous said...

I can too!

Astrogirl7 said...

I agree...that trek through Virgo was a real bitch for sure!!