Thursday, July 29, 2010

WWA July Readings Special Coming to a Close

There are only two more days in July, and that means there are only two more days in the July readings special.

I'll be in transit mid-August, and I won't be scheduling regular readings - unless it's a total emergency and you just NEED some Willow astro attention. Heh. In that case, we'll work something out. Otherwise, I'll be available again mid-September just as I'm settling into my new longitude/latitude.

My newsletter article for The Phoenix File is about to come out August 1.

And I will be selling my jewellery at Magnolia Flower Boutique in Carnduff, Saskatchewan August 25 and 26. I'm not sure how many readers I have from Southeast Sask, but if anyone is in the neighbourhood, please feel free to stop in and check out the wares.

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