Sunday, August 1, 2010

Do The Dishes, Baby. That Really Turns Me On.

Relationship planet and cosmic lover Venus is currently coming together with asteroids Vesta (tending the sacred flames we're personally invested in) and Eros (sexual love and beauty) in a late Virgo conjunction, and cleaning out the fridge has never been hotter.

Dusting the blinds or cleaning the shower grout (and doing a realllly good job) is a major turn-on. Little details like adding sprouts to a salad or using an exceptionally well-placed semi-obscure word can really get the motor running. Applying some elbow grease and showing that you're not afraid of a little hard work? Highly attractive.

And someone who flosses regularly? Forget about it. Total babe/dude magnet.

Daily work, words, personal investment, love and sexual undertone are all intermeshed with this conjunction at tail-end Virgo.

Venus and Eros are in almost exact conjunction all this month and up until this fall's Venus retrograde (October 8 - November 18), adding a spicy undertone to the proceedings. Venus has just entered a 27-month period of prominence as the dispositor of Saturn in Libra. This means whatever is going on in Venus' world becomes a major factor in our Saturn in Libra relationship structuring and restructuring work. Paying attention and integrating what we need to from Venus' movement is a major key to Saturnine success.

So at the moment, that means working those Virgoan details and showing off what we've mastered from the Saturn in Virgo transit.

Venus and Eros join Mars in Libra August 6/7 and immediately oppose Uranus-Jupiter in Aries, conjunct Saturn in Libra and square Pluto in Capricorn within the big cardinal t-square. At that point and into early September, being fair and mannered with a refined aesthetic sense really starts to do it for people. A keen awareness of social justice issues? Very sexy. And if you're easy on the eyes, all the better.

With Saturn in Libra's influence, a certain level of restraint and a cultured sense of formality in our relations are suddenly very appealing. Displaying fine breeding and then making potential suitors work for it a bit becomes an integral part of the mating ritual dance. Think Pride and Prejudice's Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. All that simmering love and sexual attraction smoking up their stuffy meetings in formal sitting rooms surrounded by sisters and cousins and old aunts and such. Hot.

The conjunctions with Saturn on the early degrees of Libra are an initial maturing checkpoint setting the tone for our relationship work over the next 27 months. With Eros in the mix, the sexual form of our relating and expression of love is right at the forefront. Saturn will give us an initial status report on how we need to become more mature, more respectful or more balanced here. Any ways that loving human relating, especially sexually, has gotten undignified, unequal, unrefined or just plain unlovely will be areas we need to work diligently on while Saturn transits Libra. The current mainstream media-enforced version of human sexuality is pretty much the definition of undignified, unequal, unrefined and unlovely, so we've got a lot of work to do here.

These themes deepen this fall with Venus' retrograde in Scorpio, the sign of, among other things, sex, death, core-level soul connection, spirituality, and deep energy exchange and merger. We've got some brass tacks to get to as far as the interactions between men and women (and men and men, and women and women) and the fair and equitable energy exchange and merger of the feminine and masculine.

This will involve many hidden dynamics generally kept firmly under the collective rug being brought to the surface, often in confronting ways, so expect some volcanic activity - personally, if not on the world stage.

Until then, eat your leafy greens and hang some art to woo the apple of your eye - or to become someone's apple.


Cairo said...

So this phase could make even Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray sexy?

Feh. I thought we were going to turn them into werewolves and make them fight.

me scowls.

Willow said...

Oh, Gad. I don't think it's possible?

Just wait until Venus in Scorp for the werewolf lady fight.

Anonymous said...

Hiya, Willow,
Your first paras have me almost to a (Cardinal?) T. This is an awesome post and so is your Phoenix File content today.
I'm freakn and freakn but excited as all getout (Freudian?) cuz either they're gettin out or I'm gettin out or we're all about to split this thang together/apart.
Meant to respond re your hols/move: best wishes - is it Manitoba? I deduced - unless some As Yet Unrevealed Atlantis off the coast....
Whatever, thanx for all the fish and tok soon.
Much love and many kind thots.

Willow said...

Thanks, Sabina. Glad you liked The Phoenix File. Yes, big things on the move, aren't there? A little barf-worthy.

Manitoba it is. You would not catch this chick in neo-Atlantis unless no further options were available. Hmm...we might not be too far off that, I guess.

And we hurtle ever-closer to full-on Aquarius...

I somehow feel I didn't sign up for this, but maybe I'm just forgetting this part of the deal...

Anonymous said...

Hmm... So, you say there's nothing to worry about this big T with Pluto right in the middle? 'Cause when I saw it, I thought it was pretty disturbing...

Willow said...

Erm...well, this post isn't exactly about the cardinal t-square. I've done lots of posts previously on that. Check the "cardinal t-square" label or just go back into June, May, April, March. Pretty disturbing is putting it mildly, really.

ephemeral arts said...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Ups, sorry. I hadn't read those previous posts. Now I did it and it becomes clearer. So, it's clear that something new is growing and in collision course with the old, with Jupiter and Mars energizing each side and old Pluto in the middle ensuring a very deep and profound conflict, right? But then I saw you mentioned the BP desaster and I thought that Pluto is also the underground resources planet. So now I'm thinking if this is just a signal of some global spiritual change and environmental desasters or if there is also a certain risk of war and violence, specially now when Mars is joining to the dance? What do you think?

Willow said...

War is a possibilty with Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn, but there should be a reprieve until at least spring. Hopefully we can tap into the spiritual power and shift things successfully to avoid that.

I mean...the world IS at war. Constantly. We're at "war" now. (Imperial occupations, mostly, not war...but people don't bother with semantics these days).

WWII ramped up the last time Uranus was square Pluto (late 1920s/early 1930s).

Willow said...

Mars is in Libra currently, which will hopefully keep things from blowing up.

If there are acts of aggression, they will be more underhanded, done through diplomacy and allegiance, I'd say. Not overt.

Willow said...

I still can't find Martha hot. I'm sorry.

Cairo said...

Martha is the Queen who wants you to eat the shiny apple. Scary.

But I'd still take her over Rachael Ray. Martha would go off someplace to sulk, be by herself.

Rachael would constantly be pawing at you "are you mad at me? do you love me?" paw paw paw.

Werewolf fight NOW.

There can be only one.

Willow said...

I'd take the needy one. Incommunicado sulking kills me.

So I'll take Ray in the werewolf fight!

Let's do this.