Friday, August 13, 2010

Uranus Rx Re-Enters Pisces Just in Time For More Neptunian Slumber

The Great Awakener (Uranus) certainly has its work cut out for it. I'm not sure even Jupiter Rx re-entering the mix September 8 can make the issues big enough to create any real, lasting lucidity at this tail-end Piscean era.

So many dark secrets twisted up in watery graves that most seem willing to allow, to keep buried, rather than bringing them to the surface and letting them do their catalytic work...

It's been five days since Matt Simmons was found dead in his Maine home (8/8/10), and the cleansing of the mainstream media of nasty details about the Gulf has been swift, simultaneous and very nearly complete.

On Friday, August 6, the United States Food and Drug Administration declared Gulf seafood safe to eat.

Then the reports started coming about Obama serving Gulf seafood at his birthday party to show people just how safe it really is. The date of the big birthday bash? August 8.

These announcements despite conclusive tainting of blue crab larvae with oil and despite the fact that tests done by Tulane University researchers have not even been completed to determine whether the larvae have also been tainted with Corexit.

But the tests don't really matter.

The trajectory was set. The orders came down.

Show's over, folks! Crisis averted. The well's capped. Tens of millions but more likely hundreds of millions of gallons of oil have miraculously disappeared. Two million gallons of Corexit are but a memory. Everyone can go home! It was all just a bad dream.

"There is no information at this time to indicate that they (dispersants) pose a public health threat from exposure through the consumption of seafood," says the FDA.

Simmons' death was overshadowed in mainstream media outlets by the death of former U.S. senator Ted Stevens in an Alaska airplane crash August 9. Like Simmons, Stevens had a connection to the Gulf catastrophe. Stevens was involved in a probe related to whistleblower information that BP was fully aware of cheating on blowout preventer tests conducted at oil wells they owned.

"Mike Mason, who worked on oil rigs in Alaska for 18 years, says that he observed cheating on blowout preventer tests at least 100 times, including on many wells owned by BP...

Mason was interviewed by the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission in 2005 during a probe into allegations that Nabors Drilling, a subcontractor to BP, falsified such tests, among other claims that BP failed to report blowouts at the massive Prudhoe Bay oil field. The probe was spurred by oil industry critic Charles Hamel, who forwarded his allegation to then-Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska."

Also interesting is the fact that Hamel had previously been spyed on by a Wackenhut security firm after his investigations into a BP-owned Alaska pipeline forced BP to spend $1 billion on safety-related improvements. Wackenhut was hired by the pipeline company that operated the pipeline for BP. Hamel won a lawsuit against the company as well as a full-page newspaper ad apology. Of that, Hamel said:

"These oil interests are very powerful - they will stop at nothing to stop you."

But roll on over now, darlings. Go back to sleep. Stuff your heads back in celebrity gossip and sports scores and shopping and Blackberries and your friend score on Facebook. That quiz on what chakra you are or which Muppet you're most like isn't exactly going to do itself. Pour your energy into ascension and love and light and New Earth and looking the other way. Nestle in and take a big old hit of ether for Mama. Just forget all about this whole mess. It's nothing you have to worry your pretty little heads over.

The relief within the collective that they've been let off the hook by mass media and government agencies and Mr. Obama, that they no longer have to concern themselves with the Gulf horror, is palpable.

You see how potent the media-driven Neptunian fog is at this tail-end Piscean era, how quickly people will latch back onto the teat as if nothing had ever happened to jolt them out of their haze. This much Neptunian delusion is most certainly toxic to the system(s). But it feels oh so good, oh so easy, after a long and drawn out confrontation with planetary reality.

A quick glance at the New Orleans daily paper online, the Times Picayune, and you would barely know the Gulf catastrophe even existed, let alone that it continues to this day. (To recap: they haven't capped the main gusher - just the one the public had its eyes trained on.)

"New Orleans Saints defense was less than stellar." "Man shot dead at apartment complex." "MTV Real World New Orleans episode review."

An advertisement for a Save the Gulf T-shirt is the only mention of the Gulf at all.

And now Obama is planning a trip to New Orleans August 29 for the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. This Uranian-Neptunian character, designed and moulded just to divert and diffuse during these cross-over times, continues the spin. He'll put forth a big Leonine show of the King visiting his people, not forgetting them after their time of (purposefully-inflicted) tragedy. And with his carefully-crafted words, he will drop the veil on the Gulf.

And most will be more than willing to grab and pull and help it drop.

Lest we forget?

Lest we remember.

Uranus Rx re-enters Pisces tonight. It will re-enter Aries moving direct March 11, 2011.


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My God! I've gotta feel sorry for all those people 'happily' fast to sleep. I have a feeling I know where they're going to end up...

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Sing it ! ->

Where'd you come from Willow? How do you know everything? Seriously?

Just unbelievable !


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