Saturday, June 5, 2010

BP and Obama are "Trying Everything" - Except Anything Effective

Horror. That's what has descended on this beautiful little planet at the end of the astrological Piscean era. Dead dolphins and sea turtles are now washing ashore. Birds and other wildlife are mired in thick, toxic sludge. The people of the Gulf have had their hearts shattered, absolutely crushing soul-level blows. We all have - all loving, feeling human beings on this planet. We know.

And it's all going like clockwork for those who see the destruction of humanity and life on this planet as a stepping stone to bigger and better things on the interplanetary stage. Oh, aren't you all going to be shining stars for what you've done here. Let me give you a little golf clap.

For these forces, dusting off life on this planet is just one more thing on the To Do checklist. The End Times prophesies are being set off purposefully like dominoes. Flick. Flick.

What is blatantly clear is that we have the solutions to solve our problems. We have the expertise and means to stop the leaks in the Gulf and to clean up the oil in the water without the use of almost a million gallons of toxic chemical dispersant. We have the means to move beyond oil energy altogether and have for decades. All this was uneccessary. But we're being stopped from doing so. This horror is being allowed to happen - and it's being made worse by the actions of British Petroleum, with the United States government and its cohorts complicit.

Nick Pozzi is a Houston-based engineer who oversaw the clean-up of an 800-million gallon oil spill in Saudi Arabia in 1993. Pozzi says that 85% of the spilled oil was recovered in that clean-up operation. He presented the solution they used then - deploying supertankers to vacuum the oil from the ocean, both from the surface and deep below - to British Petroleum and the Coast Guard and was summarily dismissed.

Pozzi has even been on Fox News talking about it. ABC News has reported on BP withholding information in the early days of the leak about how bad it really was. This is all hitting the mainstream media.

There's more in this article by Yobie Benjamin of the San Francisco Chronicle.

So Obama claiming they're "trying everything"? Nope. They're trying everything ineffective. Big difference. British Petroleum is "solving things" by pumping more toxic chemicals into the sea - the dispersant Corexit, which has been banned in Britain for a decade. The use of dispersant does nothing to clean up the oil and actually makes things worse by dispersing it and adding another toxic chemical into the mix.

Here's some news video showing the problem underwater, exacerbated hugely by the use of dispersants: BP Oilpocalypse Creates Underwater Nightmare

There's also a new report that Transocean toolpush Jason Anderson was extremely worried about BP's safety practises and voiced his concerns to his wife Shelly. He was so worried, in fact, that the last time he was home, he got his affairs in order and wrote his will. He was one of the 11 men killed.

So these pseudo-leader middlemen are stirring as much dark, tortured energy as they can, all over the globe. It's a timed conjuring, harvesting and consolidation of the most anguished vibes on this planet, gathering them together for one last push. Trying to kill the loving creation spirit.

They've already lost the war. We've won - if only spiritually. But they're rallying the dark and dangerous for one last hurrah. Maybe it's like a kid who is losing a game of checkers and dumps the game off the table just before the defeat. He knows he's losing, so he decides to just destroy the game altogether?

I'm really not sure. How could any sane human beings really wrap their heads around something this twisted and sickening? Their rules of the game are completely opposite our's. That doesn't go far enough - they're not even in the same universe.

There seems to be a view that this planet - specifically the destruction of humanity and life on this planet - is a sort of stepping stone to what comes next for these sick buggers. They seem to believe that bringing about the destruction is a necessary ramping up of energy to give them blast-off or attract the attention of their dark allied forces. It all dovetails so nicely with the Christian fundamentalist End Times prophesies where utter destruction is the only thing that brings Jesus back to the planet so all the true believers can ascend to wherever the fuck they think they're going. Sick convergences going on.

And they've got that hot little cougar number to rally the troops on this front - bringing political and religious fundamentalism together. It doesn't matter what tripe comes out of Sarah Palin's mouth. Frat boys want to fuck her. And as long as dudes want to fuck her, she's got them by the balls. They'll follow wheresoever she leads. Drill, baby, drill, indeed.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is now wooing the Christian fundies, as well. Harper's NWO-driven vision of my country's future goes from insane to insaner. Hey, they're all on the same page here. Might as well hop into bed together.

I've noticed an almost euphoria among these so-called leaders around this event. As if they're holding back giddiness, covering it with looks of false concern for the cameras. Stevie Harper's getting really good at it. He's taking his training well.

On the mundane level, there is a massive attack on DNA going on - both individually and for the planet. A depopulation scheme, a redistribution scheme. I'm not sure. It's about control, and there's something in Louisiana, specifically, that they want to take over.

Then there is the destruction of a primary industry - fishing. Fishing is an ancient, cyclical, energetic act. Going out with the tides, bringing the harvest in. It's activity based on the seasons, the sun, the moon, the tides, earth energy. Like farming, another industry under attack by the corpo-governmental oligarchy, fishing holds the energy of a certain natural, Earth-based wisdom. The act of fishing reinforces it. The movement creates crucial connection points, a rootedness. The fishermen who go out to sea and come back in, out to sea and come back in strengthen these threads or links to Earth-based living.

What is being allowed to happen in the Gulf further destroys our control over our food supply. Attacking primary industry - like fishing, like farming - is attacking the lifeblood, attacking the backbone of human society.

Ceres conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

So they're really hitting us where it hurts here. We know that. And they're hitting where it will hurt all of us (Chiron in Pisces). But I suppose this is what it takes. As long as it's just a percentage of the population suffering, the majority seems to be OK with letting things slide. Now, even the comfortable and privileged are forced to understand. When it starts directly affecting them and their's, they start to get it. I wish it could have been another way.

Regardless, we're here now, and we have to stay clear, stay focused. There are responsibilities we have as human beings living on planet Earth in these times, and we have crucial influence and effect. Don't fall for it. Don't make yourselves powerless. Draw in and draw on the strength of the good and loving people around you. There are still so many good people in this world who care. Draw on God, source, creator, the love that flows through you every day, come what may.

I think what we can do is bear witness. We can write, talk, share, connect, get clear on what's going on and on who's doing what.

For those of us who do energy work, we can help the tortured energies being stirred pass right off this planet by getting to and understanding the roots, understanding what has been brought down in the past. Evacuation of souls. We can look at the pain and misery that is being held here on this planet and by truly understanding, we can release it before it is ensnared again and manipulated into causing more destruction.

We can have compassion while staying in our detached little Aquarian zones. And we can change things.

Things didn't go the way we wanted them to, but as Saturn finishes its transit in Virgo, we come to the mustering point. We draw together now, gather strength and cross the finish line. From there, it's a whole new checkerboard.


cathyceil said...

the people of louisiana are totally aware of the destruction of their way of life and the plan and simple fact that their FOOD SOURCES ARE GOING AWAY by suffocation with toxic oil. does anyone really know how much plastic they use in their daily lives, plastic is oil plain and simple. we must help each other change the way we live for all living beings and the plant world and our beloved source of life, the WATERS. thank you.

Willow said...

Agreed. It's a grand-scale, all fronts effort that is needed.

I know the Lousianans understand. But I think there are a lot of people who don't really get that this isn't just a Louisiana catastrophe, that this affects everyone very deeply and their awareness of this issue is needed. If they do understand that intellectually, few can apply it on a practical level - as you're saying. They drive every day and waste water and keep tossing their plastic, business as usual. Even fewer seem to understand that, yes, you need primary industry like farming and fishing. I'm not sure where people think their food comes from? I'm also not sure they understand how many other industries rely on those primary industries.