Thursday, May 28, 2009

Neptune and Chiron Retro

Soooooo...the Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter conjunction at 26 Aquarius.

As you can probably tell, I'm not as enamoured of this conjunction as a lot of other people are. I'm aware of the pitfalls of this conjunction (with Neptune and Chiron connecting with Jupiter) and demand that they be addressed, rather than getting all spirity, spirity optimistic about it all. :-) (Although, yeah...there is optimism. But only if people take on their responsibilities here.) is another layer.

Jupiter conjuncted Neptune yesterday afternoon and conjuncted Chiron May 23.

Now all three bodies go retrograde as we process those connections.

Neptune goes retrograde tonight at 10:30 p.m. MT. Chiron goes retro tomorrow (May 29). And Jupiter goes retrograde June 15 after a little more expansion related to these future vision themes.

Mercury goes direct at 22 Taurus May 30, and Mars enters Taurus May 31.

Those are the newsy events.

I'm a little burnt at the moment, but if there's anything anyone wants to talk about regarding the themes of the day, throw it down in the comments section...


Anonymous said...

I distrust Neptune by itself..then throw in good-time Charlie (Jupiter) with Wounded Knee (Chiron)... Hmmmm. My fiery Moon in Leo at 26 degrees is sort of leary but yet digging some of these floaty energies. Me thinks the Mercury RX in Taurus is helping keep things in check tho. Still, there's been some strange miscommunications in past two days -- all from women. I feel deep inside like "let's get this party started" but it just isn't gonna happen until Mercury goes direct.

Hope you are well, Willow. Thinking of you. How was the show?

Anonymous said...

The stellium squares my Jupiter/Venus/Neptune/MC conjunction in Scorpio AND is conjunct (but separating) my north node in Aquarius.

I feel like my solar plexus is being squeezed all the time now. There will be more perspective once the junkie trio is done their dance (Jupiter, being the 'anything goes' planet, accepts the heroin; Neptune, of course, is the ensuing addiction; and Chiron is the wound of the addict finding him or herself lying in the gutter, everything lost). So I agree that these planets have teeth—it's just not so obvious until you get bitten and find yourself bleeding out your shoes.

Currently I am in the process of taking a giant leap of faith (Jupiter/Neptune) and am doing so after being wounded once too often (Chiron). There are days when it feels like the biggest mistake ever… and yet mostly it just feels like mourning a lost dream and starting over again with nothing. Painful, but it's a relief.

We'll see how Merc direct gets the ball rolling again!

Anonymous said...

Sleepless-1111, I am so with you...couldn't have said it better myself. I am going through a Pluto opposite my Venus as well as a Neptune transit to my's confusing, painful and yet necessary. Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?

Anonymous said...

Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron are conjunct my progressed IC and have been stripping away illusions in the home and career areas. These planets are also square my nodes (north in Scorp, south in Taurus, 2/8 axis) and lots of stuff coming up about money and taxes - the illusory nature of both! Natally, this conjunction is in my 5th, and I have just started learning music and playing the drums - which I've wanted to do since I was young. So, some good is coming out of this, after all.