Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Layer of This Saturn Direct

Just a sidenote on those Aquarius conjunctions as Saturn goes direct in Virgo...

I think it's helpful to recall that Aquarius was traditionally ruled by Saturn. It is currently ruled by Uranus, but I think the traditional rulership adds a necessary layer of understanding.

This is actually more along the lines of how I experience Aquarius. The responsibility (Saturn) that comes with freedom (Uranus).

This also brings into play the Saturn-Uranus oppositions we're experiencing in Virgo-Pisces.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Willow,

Again, thanks for your posts. This evening Saturn turns direct. I am very much looking forward to Saturn-ruled "house affairs" moving forward, probably by the end of this month into early June.

It has been a VERY long winter and Sprinh for me. I am guess I am not alone.

There's certainly been many interesting twists and turns brought about by the Saturn-Uranus oppostion and Pluto's transit into Capricorn. One certainly has to stay flexible these days. Hope you are doing well.