Friday, May 22, 2009

Dark of the Moon Heading to a New Moon in Gemini

We've got an interesting weekend ahead. Not so much for exciting external events, necessarily. But there is a lot going on internally.

We're currently experiencing the Dark of the Moon (balsamic phase) in Taurus.

You'll recall from my Saturn Direct post that the Taurus-Aquarius square is a prominent theme these days colouring the concrete steps Saturn is making as it moves direct, and the Dark of the Moon in Taurus continues these themes...

Tomorrow, we begin the first of the exact conjunctions in that Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune triple conjunction at 26 Aquarius. Jupiter and Chiron conjunct tomorrow (May 23) as the Moon in Taurus conjuncts Mercury retrograde, sextiles Uranus in Pisces and squares all three bodies in Aquarius within three hours.

Jupiter and Neptune exactly conjunct on Wednesday, May 27. Neptune and Chiron immediately go retrograde at that point (Neptune on May 28, Chiron on May 29) with Jupiter following suit June 15.

The Dark of the Moon is a time of allowing the previous lunar cycle to fade to black. It's a time of inner stillness and wrapping up when we function on emotion and inner knowing regarding what needs to happen (if anything) to complete the lunar cycle and prepare for the New Moon. With the connections to Mercury, Uranus and Aquarius, we are preparing intellectually, emotionally and physically for the changes up ahead. It's a busy Dark of the Moon, but in Taurus, it should have a nice, sensuous feel. All in good time. Kick back and let this cycle wrap up as it will.

The Sun newly in Gemini is raring to go, but with its dispositor Mercury retrograde in Taurus along with the Moon in this phase, things are still, with an internal focus.

Twelve hours after the Moon in Taurus squares the Aquarius bodies (Sunday morning), we have a New Moon at 3 degrees Gemini. Fresh. But still with the backdrop of Mercury in retrograde until May 30.

Another important conjunction happening tomorrow, as Jupiter and Chiron come together, is (true) Black Moon Lilith and Pluto at 2 degrees Capricorn. Black Moon Lilith has quite an erratic movement around the zodiac, and she has zipped with great speed retrograde to meet with Pluto on this day. The consciousness represented by Black Moon Lilith has a crucial role to play now under the backdrop of all this "future planning," and BML needed to get back to Pluto so she could put her cards on the table with as much potency as possible during this first Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius. BML knows people don't mess around with Pluto. When Pluto exerts itself, people listen. (They have to.) So setting aside for the moment the injustice that many people won't listen to BML on her own terms, she joins forces with Pluto to get the message across. Pluto and BML kind of read each other's mail. All that dark stuff they know about that most people deny or gloss over. Consciousness comrades.

The vibe related to this BML-Pluto conjunction is why I'm talking about this and this.

We have to look at the multi-layered reality now, every aspect, if we are going to really create something beneficial to all of humanity. We can't get caught up in the promise of the future and rosy idealism and forget about the complexity of the issues.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Willow!

Love the depth of this post!

I do have a Q, if you choose to answer - re. BML. Reading that BML was headed Rx towards Pluto definitely got my attention. I am confused about this as everywhere I look, I see BML 15 deg. Cap headed forward direction. I am aware that you put a ton of focused attention and energy into your work. Trust me, most other places, I would not ponder to the extent that I am. Also, I hold a space of respect and awe for BML - being conjunct my Desc., NN, squaring Pluto - Sun, amongst some other major aspects.

So am wonderin' about the missin' link ...

Thank you for all that you offer ..