Friday, May 22, 2009

Mean versus True Black Moon Lilith Calculation

"I do have a Q, if you choose to answer - re. BML. Reading that BML was headed Rx towards Pluto definitely got my attention. I am confused about this as everywhere I look, I see BML 15 deg. Cap headed forward direction. I am aware that you put a ton of focused attention and energy into your work. Trust me, most other places, I would not ponder to the extent that I am. Also, I hold a space of respect and awe for BML - being conjunct my Desc., NN, squaring Pluto - Sun, amongst some other major aspects.

So am wonderin' about the missin' link ..."

This is the difference between the "mean" and "true" calculations for Black Moon Lilith. (Like the mean and true calculations for the North and South Nodes of the Moon.)

Black Moon Lilith is a point, not a body in the sky. (Lilith is the asteroid; Black Moon Lilith is the lunar apogee - the furthest point the Moon gets from the Earth in its orbit at the time of calculation.) The real movement of this apogee point is very erratic - it can move back and forth a number of degrees in one day. True Black Moon Lilith is the actual position of the apogee (erratic movement included), and the use of it is fairly recent. The mean calculation is an averaged position which was used before there were sensitive enough instruments/calculations to plot the true Black Moon Lilith course.

The mean calculation never goes retrograde. The true calculation goes retrograde often and for varying numbers of days. Direct for 15 days, retrograde for 9, direct for 10 days, retrograde for 18, and so on.

The difference between the mean and true calculation can be up to 30 degrees, which can change the sign/house of BML and also the interpretation/effect.

My personal analyisis is that the mean calculation relates to Black Moon Lilith's strong and steady intention, never deviating, and the more erratic true calculation relates to the complex ins and outs of what it needs to do to make that intention a reality.

A woman getting a big holiday meal on the table is the mean intention.

All the shopping and peeling and cutting and scraping and cooking and dishing out and juggling of timing and clearing of plates and washing of dishes is the erratic true course.

I read a comment on the net somewhere that the true version is the only version that takes the sort of raw instinctual movement of BML into play, and this seems true to me.

If you are looking at mean BML, it is currently at 15 Capricorn moving direct (as it is always moving direct).

But true BML just turned retrograde and made a mad dash back to Pluto to conjunct it tomorrow in time to play a role in all the other stuff going on. BML went retrograde over 17 degrees in 12 days to get back to 2 degrees Capricorn for the conjunction. I think this is an example of that instinctual, erratic thing that would not be apparent with the mean calculation.

Another way the deep, dark feminine does its thing on the down low and people are none the wiser.

I only switched from mean to true BML after reading the comment on the net (can't remember where or who said it), but I'm glad I now know the distinction. I would have missed the connection to Pluto if I hadn't looked at the true calculation.

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Anonymous said...

am gonna get me an ephemeris trackin' True BML! Seems to be vital to the energy I'm experiencin ...

thanks again for the great info!

much love! :)