Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time Feels as if it's Slowing to a Crawl...

As Saturn (time) stations to go direct on Saturday, May 16. Things are weighty and still, with very little concrete forward progress. It's a little on the painful side.

Mercury has just turned retrograde, about to re-enter Taurus, adding a bit more sluggishness to the mix.

Today we had Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn to add to the heaviness with no further major aspects, so the potentially difficult energy of that conjunction permeates the atmosphere.

The Moon now trudges through Capricorn on its way to a conjunction with Black Moon Lilith at 18 degrees Cap tomorrow (Wednesday, May 13) night.

On its way to that conjunction with Black Moon Lilith, the Moon in Capricorn will square both Venus in Aries and Mars in Aries...bringing up some emotion related to the fallout from the Venus in Aries retrograde and the Mars/Venus squares to Pluto.

Some more emotional clearing on our way to new ground.

But we also have a Moon in Cap trine Saturn in Virgo to ease things a little...happening between the Moon squares to Venus and Mars.

Heavy, still, things slowing to a crawl. Some Plutonic intensity combined with the pressure-building vibe of Saturn stationing. But with some nice apects to help us out when we feel we are buckling under the pressure.

Be nice to yourselves and just do the basics to get through these next days...

The pressure should start to ease by early next week with Saturn direct.

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