Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Stars Are Aligned...For Us to See Through These People

I didn't realize that as I was posting the Saturn in Virgo direct post (featuring those nutty, nutty Bilderberg Group members!) the Bilderberg Group was holding its annual meeting - this time in Athens, Greece. (May 14 -16)

Setting the agenda (their agenda) for the planet during the potent Saturn direct station...while Canada celebrated Queen Victoria on the May long weekend with camping and barbeques and such.

I guess it makes sense why that information came up in the post.

Also in the news is Obama (who, let's recall, was elected November 4, 2008, the day of the first Saturn in Virgo-Uranus in Pisces opposition) saying the "stars are aligned for health care." Appeasing people by throwing them a bone with the possibility of universal health care while continuing with the same brutal, destructive agenda.

Virgo relates to health, Saturn to structure. So yeah, that's one way to read these stars, all right.

But these are not coincidences. The powers-that-be use astrology and metaphysical concepts to advance their agendas. They have throughout history. Back in the day, only the very wealthiest and most powerful had access to astrologers/astrology/birth charts. It was something used by the elites to set the timing for their agendas...and it still is.

And isn't it funny how most of the mainstream has fallen into the trap of thinking astrology is something only kooks use? All the while having it used against them by their supposed leaders.

This is how the people have been duped. They have allowed themselves to be stripped of their emotional/intuitive/spiritual aspects in the day-to-day business world, to sever those aspects of themselves from their decision-making processes. To deny and whitewash out the feminine/yin within the structural set-ups of the day, especially within the corporate model. All while those at the top of the hierarchical house of cards capitalize on these things and use them to their advantage.

This is why they want people to remain ignorant on these subjects. People are easier to manipulate when they're at that disadvantage.

Stripping people of their spirituality and cultural practises has long been used in an attempt to break people and control them. This was done on a large scale against Native North American people. And it's done in a sneakier, more subtle way against all people every day, especially within the corporate model.

Wouldn't want the people to actually be empowered within their own spirituality, would we? Wouldn't want them to understand astrology and cosmic timing, would we? Then they wouldn't be willing to follow-the-leader so blindly. They would start listening to themselves and making their own informed decisions. And they would start seeing through the cosmically-timed agendas put in place by these so-called leaders.

This is a prime example of how the feminine is abused and misused within the mainstream structures (Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn). How it's being used to manipulate and control people.

Separate people from these aspects of themselves and then consolidate that energy, that power, and use it against them. Capitalize on the dysfunction and fear this manufactured separation creates in people. Sell them drugs to deal with it and placate them with "all part of the divine plan."

Well, the stars are aligned for people to see through these charades. The time (Saturn) has come.

This is what all these myths are about...Persephone, Inanna...it's about reclaiming our right to our own feminine force. Removing it from the hands of the hijackers who misuse and abuse it. Taking personal responsibility for its rightful application.

And yeah, it's not easy with the old set-ups still in our heads. But as I said in the Saturn in Virgo direct post, it's a matter of taking only the steps we know are right. Taking those tiny steps in the right direction. Not heading back into the old structures, the old traps.

I'm very aware of this right now as I think about what is next for me on the work front. It's still not clear, but what is clear is that I will not go into anything even resembling the old shitshow set-ups. With Virgo, a lot of the time it's about removing yourself from what you DON'T want. Staying out of things. Removing your influence. And that's where it seems to be right now...

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