Thursday, May 7, 2009

And As I Was Saying...

I got a comment a couple of days ago on the "Aftermath of Pluto in Leo" post that I deleted. I really should have kept it and posted it as an example of what I'm talking about with the Pluto in Ego...I mean, Leo...generation. (Total typo, but it works.)

But hey, why don't I post about it now? It's educational.

(Again, disclaimer: this is not for any Pluto in Leos who do not carry around seven tonnes of ego detritus, leaving a trail of energetic skid marks behind them wherever they go. I know you exist, but the guy commenting was not one of those.)

So this Pluto in Leo dude started off the comment by saying that he "didn't appreciate my outburst." (IE. the post)

hahahaha First off, it's my own fucking blog! I couldn't give a rat's balls what you do not appreciate about what I write here.

I don't water myself down for mainstream commercial appeal, and I stand behind everything I write here. I keep it real from my astrological perspective and personal experience, and if you don't like what you read, there are 1,354,565,847,352,346,984,038 other blogs on the webosphere, including 284,957,387,572 astrology blogs. I suggest you visit one of those that might be more to your liking.

Buddy then went on to say he didn't like women stereotyping him and suggested this was what I was doing. Because, again, my blog is all about him. I'm just one more in a long line of women who don't "get him," apparently.

I think we're getting you just fine, actually.

The hilarious part, of course, is that one of the themes of the Aftermath of Pluto in Leo post was how the majority of Pluto in Leos need to stop tripping over their own egos and get over themselves! (Especially in light of the damage wreaked by their gen's way of doing things/regime)

Just as I've said in the past re: establishment New Agers, if you want to stop being treated like a cliche, first stop acting like one. Until then, if you choose to come into contact with me, I'll be pointing it out.

I practise astrology. I write about what's important to me. Your reaction to what I write is not my concern. I follow higher orders than that. It's not my job to deal with your ego-detritus-laden reactions.

This is what Pluto in Leos who haven't taken on the process of stripping down their crystallized ego constructs need to know. It's no one else's responsibility to deal with your ego/personality demands. It's no one's job to indulge you - despite the ways you have set things up for this purpose.

So many in this generation leave a trail of ego bullshit wherever they go and then expect other people to deal with it as if it's something important instead of the big old heap of steaming shit that it is.

Sorry, I avoid stepping in shit at all costs. And if I can't avoid it entirely, I just step over it.

The fact that this enrages a lot of Pluto in Leos says more about them than it does about me. If they can't entangle people in their bullshitty ego constructs, how do they siphon energy off to feed those ego constructs?

This is a perfect example of the dangers of not fully developing Pluto's polarity point. The more the Pluto in Leos navel-gaze and obsess over themselves, turning everything into an extension of themselves, the more mired in ego hell they get.

And when you're constantly dumping ego garbage on people and trying to suck them into false ego constructs, you're not going to get the appreciation and recognition you so crave. People are going to see through that and say no thanks.

Getting outside themselves, taking a more objective view and understanding that there are broader forces at work than just them and what they personally want/think they deserve (Aquarius) would actually allow for a healthier self-expression. It would allow the Pluto in Leos to align with the real needs of the planet/humanity/community and find a successful place within that context for their creative contributions.

Again, too many fall into the trap of doing for the community only what feeds their own egos/needs for status/recognition. It's false.

Without that alignment with Aquarian reality and as long as what they personally want and believe they deserve (especially materially) trumps all else, the Pluto in Leos will increasingly have Pluto problems.

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