Monday, May 4, 2009

Remember Y'All...Venus in Aries is Still in the Retrograde Shadow

Venus and Mars are in Aries right now - a warrior, self-survival, putting yourself first kind of sign - and will be all of May. Venus doesn't leave it's retrograde shadow (get into new territory) until May 20 and doesn't get to the much comfier, mellower sign of Taurus (which Venus rules) until June 6. We're still dealing with Venus retrograde themes...

From a previous Venus in Aries Retrograde post:

"After coming out of Pisces April 23 (under the umbrella of wrapping up tail-end Piscean Age stuff), Venus in Aries really isn't going to take any crap from anyone. Feisty!

Relationships that can't handle who you really are will be left in the dust."

For a reminder on the retrograde themes we're dealing with, check here or here.

Venus is also just coming out of it's second square to Pluto in Capricorn, so our relationships are being stripped to the bone reality. Any relationships that can't keep it real will be dusted off to make room for more vital ones.

And passo aggro vibes are par for the course for people who try to bury their anger impulses. Our anger impulses are there for very important reasons, especially now. So any situations in which we force ourselves to "be nice" instead of being real will have a passo aggro edge to them.

Also any job where we are expected to put on a nicey nice facade (working with the public, etc.). The old customer service model is dying, and it's PAINFUL at the moment...(Saturn stationing to go direct in Virgo).

The use of the Divine Feminine is another of these arenas. Bitch is sick of being pigeonholed as the nice, caring, supportive one when she really wants to tell you to stuff it up your ass.


Anonymous said...

Again, all so true. I was just counting out loud and on my fingers this morning how many relationships simply ended. Poof. Been strange times. Thanks for the posts.

Anonymous said...

You have nailed the "passo-aggro" bit completely. I have been dealing with that BIG time lately, and it's the one thing that absolutely makes my blood boil (Aries, natch)! There's a constant feeling of being in "battle-ready" mode lately—having to put a short leash on my temper. What is so frustrating is that confronting the passo-aggro types is like trying to nail water to a tree!

Thanks for another of your incredibly insightful posts, Willow. They are a little island of sanity in an ocean of lunatics. :)

Anonymous said...

Please...I need some good things. Please no more retrogrades, for god's $^%$^% sake! Haven't we had, like, an inordinate amount of retrogrades this year? Now we're facing mercury retrograde? WTF times infinity!

Seriously, just when I think things can't get any stranger, they do.