Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quick Run-Down

So Mercury is stationing at 1 degree Gemini. It appears pretty much stopped in the sky right now, and it will go retro tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at 11 p.m. Mountain Time. Communication is slowing to a crawl, but what there is is potent.

Saturn has also started to slow as it stations to go direct May 16. (Disposited by Mercury as it heads into its retro period).

We're also heading to a Scorpio Full Moon Friday night (10:00 p.m. MT). Gotta love/hate that Scorp energy coming to an emotional head on the heels of a Mars square stationing Pluto - Scorp's rulers. ;) Some potent stuff. Processing and shedding past-related emotion and integrating the lessons of the Venus retrograde period (which included two Venus in Aries squares to Pluto in Capricorn)...

I was being a bit flippant about this Moon (since its vibe represents my usual state - Scorpio stellium in the 4th). Sort of like, yeah! Now everyone gets a taste! How d'ya like it?

But I realize this isn't the way to go.

We're dealing with some deep emotional endings here. Saying goodbye to another chapter of life/self. And it's sad. We're feeling the effects of the relationships that ended/are ending during the Venus retrograde or that have changed irrevocably - including relationships to ourselves. There is a lot on its way out now. Here is the final emotional snip of the etheric tendrils keeping us connected to dynamics and situations that are past their prime. The final emotional purge.

As much as we know that things have to change to get to more vital and sustaining territory, to keep this life going, it's hard to say goodbye. To really end things.

The passing of time and the changes it brings are tricky things to deal with emotionally. They really are. So we have to do ourselves and our lives and our relationships the honour of processing our feelings, sitting with them in all their rawness and saying a proper goodbye. Man, I hate goodbyes. Probably why I needed so much practise with them with the Scorp stellium in the 4th. :)

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