Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saturn in Virgo's Long, Looooong Ass Retrograde

Now the Moon in Virgo, heading to a conjunction with Saturn, is drawing attention to how arduously long this Saturn in Virgo retrograde has been. For me, anyway...

And we still have two weeks to put in. It goes direct the evening of Saturday, May 16. Saturn's Day.

It's times like these that I wish I didn't know astrology. I think ignorance might just be bliss on this one, but I would probably still be wondering why everything was progressively feeling as if I were trudging through molasses...and why nothing concrete seemed to be happening.

We can look forward to the idea that things should start coming together post-May 16, but there are still these two weeks to contend with.

Two more unemployed weeks for Willow. :(

I'm not sure if the Saturn retrograde (and February's second Saturn-Uranus opposition) coincided with specific events for a lot of people, but for me, it was textbook.

The owner of the store where I worked had a stroke December 23, just after a Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (business owners/structures - Capricorn). For the next month, I ran the store alone.

Saturn went retrograde December 30, 2008, and just before it opposed Uranus at the beginning of February, 2009, I found out the store was being booted out of its location due to gentrification plans at the downtown mall.

My work life had dissolved.

I dreaded the idea that I would have to wait and wait and wait to see if a new store would be opened, but that's what happened. Looking around the city, there are a lot of empty spaces where businesses used to be, so I can see the transformation has gone on on a grand scale. I also knew there was no sense in trying to set something new up within crumbling structures. So I have accepted the Saturnine limitations and timing, even when I didn't want to.

Now, I have my fingers crossed that Saturn direct will mean new avenues opening up. New concrete avenues. (I'm sure we all do.) I've been trying to ride out the chaos and changes, but it's getting difficult. I'm antsy. And I'm starting to second-guess myself. Not a good thing.

I'm not even sure if the store will have a reincarnation in a new location. But I need something to start happening ASAP.

At the same time, I am 100% certain that I won't go into anything even resembling the old, dysfunctional store structure. I'm not going to fall into the trap of constantly cleaning up after a Pluto in Leo who won't get his shit together - and that's what was happening. My Virgo energy was used and abused, I'm it often is, and I'm not putting myself in a similar situation again.

I feel so strongly that there is nothing out there for me related to the old structures, that what has to happen next has to be something new completely. But it's difficult to keep the faith that a new path is going to open up after so much stillness and restriction.

So many people would think I'm completely mad waiting for Saturn to turn direct! hahaha Most people follow the reasoning, you're unemployed? Well, get a job, you bum!

How to explain to people that it's not that simple...without people thinking it's an excuse?

At the same time, there are a lot of people who think I'm mad for pouring energy into something largely unpaid like this blog. Again, how can I explain to them why I do this in a way they'll accept?

I don't think I can, so I generally don't try.

But I'm looking to the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunctions at 26 Aquarius, beginning May 23 and ending July 22, and hoping that those of us who have lived our lives following the call of the Aquarian future will get the boost we so need around this time.

We also have Mercury currently stationing retrograde at 1 degree Gemini. It goes retrograde Wednesday, May 6 for three weeks, turning direct again May 30.

Venus in Aries leaves its retrograde shadow May 20, entering new territory at 15 Aries just as Saturn is gaining a bit of speed moving direct. So we have indicators of new movement this month.

Saturn direct, Venus in Aries (sign of beginnings and new directions) heading into new territory, travelling conjunct Mars in Aries, and the conjunctions of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in late Aquarius (sign of future vision).

I've been experiencing a lot of depression and low physical energy as Saturn ends this retrograde, but I'm feeling better as I look to the second half of the month and the momentum building for the summer...


Anonymous said...

Interesting info, though the woman is not an astrologer:

"Are we dead in the water? Has everything simply stopped, with no support, and a seeming lack of interest for whom we are and what we are wanting to create? Has all incoming energy dried up? Does the universe even care about us anymore? Will the energies ever move again? Can we endure yet more stretching and seeming struggle? Are we ready to give up forever more? Are we too tired, disappointed, and apathetic now to continue on? Have we finally, but finally, lost our faith?

If you are having any of these thoughts, you are not alone. We are in a very important, and if you can believe it, special space right now. And this space is TEMPORARY. Yes, this space is TEMPORARY and will absolutely pass.

The energies are not “catching” yet. They are not yet ready to grab on to their perfect counterpart for a complete connection. So then, it may seem that we get a message about a path or new space for ourselves, and even when we arrive in it, nothing seems to manifest. Or perhaps little “nibbles” arrive, but nothing ever grabs on. Or even feeling fear energy, as nothing really wants to move forward quite yet with all the uncertainty present, even if you do."

Willow said...

Ah, yeah. I used to read that lady's stuff a few years ago. Her site was called What's Up on Planet Earth at that time.

I stopped reading most of the "channelled" stuff because it stopped being meaningful to me on a practical level. It got a little too Neptunian there for a while and looked at everything with "spirit eyes" to the point where it seemed to gloss over the more difficult, day-to-day aspects of what's going on. There was a bit too much focus on "all part of the divine plan" and such for me...kind of got redundant.

But it's a good sign that she and I seem to be coming up with similar info at this point. Convergence point, I guess.

Willow said...

Translation: Spirit eyes or not, Saturn in Virgo retrograde can be a reaaaaal drag! :-P

Anonymous said...

Yep. Feelin' that, too.
At least when you're on your back its easy to look up. :-\

Anonymous said...

LOL! I agree that most of the channelling on her site is very Neptunian, and I'm a practical person!

There are a lot of "spiritual escapist fantasies" out there, which I avoid because they're not going to create much change here - where we are for the meantime.

I find astrology more accurately depicts what is occurring, but occasionally there does seem to be a convergence.

Willow said...

Yeah, what you posted was good. It's nice to get a Neptunian puff of rosiness! As long as the practical reality things are represented...which they seemed to be in that posting.

Anonymous said...

I pretty much feel dead in the water at present too. It is my hope that toward late May and into early June, the Universe willing, life for both of us will move forward again. Your posts have been dead on. You're certainly not alone. :-)

Thanks Willow!