Monday, May 11, 2009

Not So Fast With the Fuzzy Wuzzy Healing Stuff...

As I suspected, there are a lot of astrologers out there who are playing up the feel-good healing aspect of the upcoming conjunctions of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune at 26 degrees Aquarius. (May 23 - July 22)

To those people, I would caution that true healing can't happen until the conditions that caused (and continue to cause) the wounds in the first place are addressed and changed. The wounding cycles have to be stopped first. The possibility of stopping those cycles is there...but only if we take a brutally honest look at the situation. We have to penetrate to the real roots and identify the real causes.

Chiron can be seen as a healing force, but it is equally a wounding one.

Chiron is currently flanked by Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius, so we have some potentially damaging dynamics here, embedded in the tendency to go too far into a vision that is utopic on the surface, dystopic in reality. Rosy idealism based more on promise than substance leading to blindness to underlying agendas is probable.

Right now the Neptunian healing paradigm will be in overdrive, but again, for the most part, they are treating symptoms rather than dealing with root causes of sickness, dysfunction and pain. Unfortunately, many of these Neptunian healers do not hold a strong understanding of systemic root causes and can do more harm than good, setting people up for further wounds and victimization through denial or unconsciousness of these root causes.

Without a strong awareness of the wounding elements going on, the advised opening up, surrendering and dissolution of personal barriers often prescribed in the healing process make one more vulnerable to wounding influences. Again, you have to address and remove the wounding influences before true healing can take place.

More on this in the Saturn Direct forecast...

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