Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Still Discomfort Leading to Many Shifts In The Next Week

The combination of the Leo Dark of the Moon Phase today and the pressure from that mutable T-square is a tricky little combo.

Being still and quiet and letting things wrap up of their own volition...but dealing with the antsy mutable squares and Mercurial pressure within that stillness.

Not to mention the growing desire to bust forth into a new creative cycle, exerting the power of our personal artistry and talents as we head to the Leo New Moon early tomorrow morning. This is the first New Moon after a longer than usual eclipse season with plenty of intense inner, emotional focus, so we're very ready to start a new cycle of outward expression, letting our personalities lead the way.

The mutable T-square tension continues this week as Mercury in Virgo (coming from it's conjunction to Saturn) as well as the Moon in Virgo oppose Uranus Rx in Pisces (Friday - Saturday). This is also a pre-cursor, of course, to the next Saturn-Uranus opposition coming up September 15. Wrapping our brains around the changes we're dealing with...with many more up ahead. Getting to the necessary information. Getting organized. Mental and physical tune-ups. Getting our systems prepped and ready and functioning well. We need to be mentally, physically and emotionally healthy and strong to process the energy of these times...and the changes we're dealing with. No lagging. (I started doing Pilates at home during yesterday's Mars square Uranus, and I think it's going to be very helpful with some lower back problems I have...)

Mercury entered the shadow degrees of its next retrograde just after the conjunction to Saturn in Virgo at 21 degrees on Monday. So even though Saturn in Virgo will not be revisiting the degrees it is travelling through now, we'll be going back over those degrees of Virgo with a Mercury Retrograde in September, getting a better handle on what we're experiencing now. We'll get a chance to pick up any important info and make any necessary connections then. Details, details when you're dealing with Virgo. And preparation on top of preparation.

We're heading into a very mutable week, post-New Moon in Leo tomorrow. All the personal planets and the North Node change signs. Saturn moves out of its retrograde shadow in Virgo and Pluto continues stationing direct on 0 degrees Capricorn, kicking up more business developments related to the massive Plutonic transformation our structures are undergoing. As we continue to penetrate to the core reality of hierarchical outgrowths...

August 20
- New Moon in Leo

August 21
- Mercury in Virgo opposite Uranus Rx in Pisces
- Moon conjunct Saturn in Virgo
- North Node moves from Aquarius to Capricorn for an 18-month stay (until early March 2011)

August 22
- Saturn in Virgo leaves retrograde shadow at 21 degrees Virgo, entering six degrees of Virgo (until October 10) it will not revisit in its next retrograde
- Sun enters Virgo

August 25
- Mars enters Cancer
- Mercury enters Libra

August 26
- Cardinal T-square: Mercury in Libra squares Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn (0 degrees)
- Venus enters Leo
- Mars in Cancer opposite stationing Pluto in Capricorn (forming cardinal T-square with Mercury in Libra)

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