Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Heading to the FM Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Um...about that "feeling pretty celebratory" thing...

I think the Uranian/Aquarian influence on top of all the overwhelming emotion that was just stirred up is causing things to feel even more out of hand. My emotions are all over the place, and I can feel panic edging in at points.

This horse is definitely balking at the jumps, even the small ones.

The intellectual "thinking about it all" element brought on by the air sign influence is making things even more overwhelming, actually. Are we really ready to think about this craziness? Rationally? How rational can we really be under a Full Moon lunar eclipse, especially the somewhat rare third in a series of eclipses?

Not very.

The last time we had a series of three eclipses was May-June 2002. The next time is quite soon - June-July 2011.

There's some objective perspective being gained with this Moon in Aquarius, but it's pretty unsettling perspective from my end this soon after the Cancer New Moons/total solar eclipse. I'm not ready to be rational, damn it!

What a behemoth of a process this is.

I get the reconciliation of past and future thing represented by this eclipse series, but at times the process seems insurmountable.

Uranus is retrograde in Pisces right now (dispositing this Moon and Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius), adding a little more chaos (but also a strong, yet unconventional guidance) to the mix.

And all this builds for the next seven hours.

At least the lead-up is often worse than the main event! What comes to a head here will certainly be interesting...and with Aquarius, it will probably be unpredictable. Unpredictable is something the Moon doesn't really like to do, which adds to the emotionally unsettling feeling - except for those natal Aquarius Moons, who probably have it down. Although, under this eclipse, even they might be feeling scattered and crazed.

The Moon is full at 6:55 p.m. tonight (MDT) and then conjuncts Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune, all retrograde in Aquarius, tomorrow. More of the reconciliation of past with future process as we tie the Aquarius triple conjunction and its future-infused vision into the eclipse process.

The Moon enters Pisces early morning on Friday, August 7, and we start to dissolve into the whole, offering up what we've just been through to the divine intelligence at the wheel.

But even the Moon in Pisces isn't going to be all poetry and hippie love and wine spritzers.

The Moon in Pisces opposes Saturn in Virgo Saturday evening and conjuncts Uranus in Pisces Sunday morning, and we get a little emotional pre-cursor of the third Saturn-Uranus opposition (in a series of five) coming up on September 15.

There isn't much time to goof around with the aspects coming up later in August and into September...

Saturn in Virgo is keeping our noses to the grindstone right until the last moment, as Virgo usually does. Saturn leaves Virgo for Libra October 29 but will retrograde back in later...


Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Her?! Ms. Moon dipped in a transparent pink gold kinda...I can't do the color justice with words. She was simply said, beautiful.

Hope everyone is hanging in there. Take good care.

Thanks Willow for hosting a lil bit of Home here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Willow. Although this eclipse is not aspecting any of my natal or progressed planets, it has been emotionally devastating. Even my Scorpio determination is crushed. Feel like a totally broken spirit and want to go home.

Your articles are great and have been very uplifting.