Monday, August 17, 2009

Mutable T-Square Still in Full Effect

Lots of astro action today!

Mercury conjuncts Saturn in Virgo as Mars in Gemini heads to its square with Uranus Rx in Pisces tomorrow evening (8:24 MDT). The mutable T-Square is still in full effect. Stiff necks, headaches, mental overload and anxiety are still to be expected as we adjust and shift according to the changing conditions and any new information we are bringing in. Best to limit communication to only what is necessary as the universe continues to inform us about what comes next...

Saturn is just about to exit its retrograde shadow (August 22), so the things we are dealing with now pertain to wrapping up the previous two legs (decans) of Saturn in Virgo. From August 22 to October 10 we zoom through six degrees of Virgo (as much as Saturn can zoom) that won't be revisited in Saturn's next retrograde. We only get one kick at the cat with these degrees, so both Mercury and Saturn stand at the starting gate today, putting their heads together and formulating a plan about the best path forward for the most progress made.

The Moon and Venus come together in Cancer today, also, for a good dose of the feminine. Venus in Cancer has kept us back in those eclipse themes finishing the lunar-driven rinse cycle. Interactions we've had with the people in our lives have very much been coloured by those home, roots, family emotional themes and will continue to be until Venus enters Leo on August 26. We're still emotionally reconciling with the changes the future will bring and strengthening our connections to our roots to prepare.

The Sun in Leo is opposing Neptune in Aquarius today - just moving out of exact opposition with Chiron and Jupiter. The preceding oppositions are still in the energetic mix, as well. Shining our lights and putting forth our creative expressions of self in the face of the mammoth Aquarian shift. Reminding us to enjoy being ourselves as much as we can during the process.

Mars in Gemini also completes its trines to the Aquarius bodies today, trining Neptune this evening. Communication and interaction are the methods by which we are going after our goals right now, and all of it is touched by the objective vision of the future we're heading to. This trine is an easy, flowing aspect, but there could be a little more Neptunian fuzziness involved than Mars would like. Things are not as cut and dry or as easily attained when connections to Neptune/Pisces are involved. There are broader universal/spiritual goals in mind as well as our personal goals. But Mars will just have to work with it because it gets an even more challenging dose tomorrow evening as it squares Uranus in Pisces...

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Thanks for all your insights, Willow. You've been a tremendous beacon of light.