Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mutable T-Square Influence Helping Us Make the Transitions

Mars in Gemini is moving to a closing square with Saturn in Virgo Monday at 6:16 p.m. MDT. This creates a mutable T-square with Mars in Gemini squaring both Saturn in Virgo and Uranus retrograde in Pisces.

Mars in Gemini will square Uranus in Pisces (opening square) August 18 at 8:24 p.m., so the influence of this T-square lasts for the next 10 days or so.

(Saturn and Uranus Rx are, of course, heading ever-closer to the third of their five oppositions on September 15 at 24 degrees Virgo/Pisces.)

Mutable energy is transitional, changing, adapting, so this should get some energy moving post-triple eclipses, although the movement will come as a result of these squeezing, frustrating, irritating squares.

The loosening effect of the eclipses releasing previous backdrops will be continued here as we transition to new ones.

The fourth leg of this mutable T-Square is "keeping the faith" Sagittarius. There are no bodies currently in Sadge, but the tension created by the T-square will be looking for an anchoring vibe from that sign. Keeping the candle burning in the window, holding a vibe of optimism and farsightedness to help stabilize all the nervous tension, worry and anxiety that can come with Gemini-Virgo-Pisces interactions. Sagittarius will be the wise old philosopher here, offering a steady hand and a few calming words. Tapping into that sign's best qualities will assist us with the T-square over the next 10 days. Activities/practises related to whatever house Sagittarius occupies in your birth chart should strengthen that stabilizing leg and help offset any tension overload with the other three mutable signs.

Under Mars in Gemini, we're attempting to achieve our goals through connection, communication, information-gathering and networking in our day-to-day lives. We want to get things moving in ways that interest us.

The square to Saturn in Virgo checks those desires with the understanding that we have to be mature and level-headed in our interactions with other people. Those interactions must be purposeful and necessary - possibly a bit of a drag for chatty, social Gemini. Talking for the sake of talking will be allowed only in very limited doses. We can seek stimulation but only if we don't start stuffing ourselves with mental junk food. No gossipping or shit-talking...or we'll suffer the consequences. We have to choose our information sources and the ways we interact carefully. We have to know when to make the connection and how to measure our words.

Precision is the name of the game with Saturn and Mercury in Virgo. Right application of speech and mental energy/analytical skills. Keeping our minds harnessed, working for the right aims. Only what's necessary. Mercury in Virgo disposits Mars in Gemini, so the Virgoan temperance is a strong influence. This influence is only made stronger as Mercury conjuncts Saturn at 21 Virgo on August 17.

The square to Uranus in Pisces ensures that we're keeping our ear to our spiritual insight here, not filling our heads with media and phone conversations and iPod distractions to the point that we can't hear that spiritual communication. We have to be attuned to those unexpected zaps of insight, to that "how could you have possibly known that?" stuff, especially as Uranus heads retro to its opposition with Saturn. Retrogrades offer us the chance to pick up on things we may have missed the first time around, so we have to take heed on that Piscean etheric level at the same time as we juggle and interact day-to-day - an example of the duality represented by both Gemini and Pisces.

We're in the middle of the Saturn-Uranus opposition series. Things are changing, structures are morphing, and we're in the midst of a lot of transition, heading to a new organization of things. The light and airy Mars in Gemini interactions are still light and airy, but they take place within that context.

Mars in Gemini will trine Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune, all Rx in Aquarius, August 13-17, between the squares to Saturn and Uranus, so our motivations for connection and stimulation have a bigger picture purpose at the moment. Understanding that context will help our interactions with others to hit the mark, getting the job done in an immediate way as well as for longer-term progress and shifts.

Things should continue to slowly becoming unstuck here (moving to some catalyzing astro-events in September), but there will be some mental stress, worry and anxiety as we work with the adjustments and changes required by the mutable energy.

We've also still got some Saturn in Virgo heaviness and depression to contend with, which has seemed to come into focus again with Uranus stationing and moving retrograde to that third opposition.

Baby changes. Small adjustments bringing us through this transitional time.

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