Sunday, August 23, 2009

Black Moon Lilith Conjunct the North Node at 29 Capricorn: Reclaiming Responsibility For Soul Sovereignty

The North Node has now slipped out of Aquarius and into Capricorn for an 18-month stay, and we have some very interesting dynamics setting the scene for this transit.

Black Moon Lilith has zipped retrograde from Aquarius to conjunct the North Node on the 29th degree of Capricorn today. We also have Pluto stationing direct at 0 degrees Capricorn, so we've got the dark masculine (Pluto) and the dark feminine (Black Moon Lilith) working together on either end of this sign, gaining footholds as we commit to the rebalancing of the feminine and masculine within ourselves and our structures.

It's going to get real now, out of the conceptual realms (Aquarius) and into concrete physical reality (Capricorn). Saturn will continue with the footholds we're gaining now in this structural rebalancing process when it enters Libra at the end of October.

At the same time as Black Moon Lilith is conjunct the Capricorn North Node, Venus is conjuncting the Cancer South Node at 29 degrees (exact August 26), on the same degree as the recent New Moon total solar eclipse. People from the past can show us just how far we've come now and provide the impetus for taking the next steps with the North Node.

All right, the feminine says, we know what we have to do.

It's girding itself emotionally for the structural leadership roles it is about to take on. Venus is giving us some loving support from the South Node, reminding us of our soul anchors and that we're not alone as we're pushed out onto the public North Node path. We're all going together on this one. Collective progress (Capricorn).

The masculine/feminine imbalance combined with an amazing greed/lack of wisdom among our so-called leaders have necessitated the Plutonic meltdown of our structures. (All part of the plan, imo.)

Now we take back our own leadership, our own authority, and put that reclamation into action. We rebalance and restructure. And to do that, the feminine has to take on its rightful public role as a full partner, nothing less. It has to take on a leadership role, ensuring the feminine perspective is at the table as a full balancing weight during the decision-making processes.

Over the next 18 months (as well as over the next 15 years of Pluto in Capricorn) we take on responsibility for the knowledge of how our hierarchical structures have attempted to separate us from our soul selves. And we repair the damage this attempt at forced separation has caused, step-by-step, by integrating the feminine fully as we restructure our lives.

We take a hard Plutonic look at how this false separation from our emotional/soul wisdom and the enforced structural compartmentalization have caused collective symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, rage, addictive behaviour, escapism through drugs and alcohol, mass use of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication.

This is not to say medications (and self-medication) have not been helpful for coping with these times. But now, with BML and Pluto's guidance, we listen to the roots and start to restructure things right from that place. We stop masking the problems and going on with business as usual and transform the root causes instead of just treating the symptoms. Those root causes are now front and centre, especially related to the misuse, abuse, denial and muzzling of the feminine, feelings, emotional reality.

Dark feminine and dark masculine, working side-by-side, have penetrated to the ugly reality of the situation and brought it to our awareness.

Now the matter of what to do about it...

The mythology of Lilith has to do with the feminine demanding her rights as an equal and accepting nothing less. Lilith was Adam's first wife but refused to take a subordinate position to him and was tossed out of the Garden of Eden because of it.

Black Moon Lilith represents the energy of that ostracized feminine force, cast aside when she wouldn't bow down, when she refused to be silenced and continued speaking the dark truths that the society around her would not face or accept.

BML consciousness relates to all the damage and difficulty that come with living that. Living on the edge of a society that would prefer you didn't exist - because it would prefer not to look at the things you represent.

It relates to the process of owning, honouring and bringing to the table all the dark and ugly parts of the feminine experience usually considered socially unacceptable and denied. It holds the consciousness of the experiences of that feminine force throughout history.

(And let me be clear: speaking about the feminine force does not necessarily = women. Women generally do embody more of the feminine, but the feminine/yin/inner is an energetic force embodied by both women and men, just as the masculine/yang/outer is.)

Black Moon Lilith transitted Capricorn this past spring, coming together for a little tete-a-tete with Pluto at the early degrees of the sign. It then moved into Aquarius for a look around at the future plans and has now come back to Cappie to conjunct the North Node at the beginning of that transit.

BML is letting us know how things need to change if we are to get to a real egalitarian Aquarian paradigm.

Now, as the North Node starts the transit through Capricorn, we align with the collective forces and dig in in concrete ways to get to that Aquarian paradigm. We work to set things right in our mainstream structures, especially within business and governmental institutions.

This is the time when, en masse, we publicly reclaim the sovereignty of our souls, take back the rights we were born with as human beings to live freely on this planet, and receive the guidance of our own spiritual roots above all else.

Here, we take the battle public, but we do it in somewhat stealth, undercover ways (Pluto/Black Moon Lilith). Can't openly threaten the Old School Patriarchy now. ;-) Holding the strength of our inner convictions and acting on them in small ways transform the external structures.

Collectively, this is the time to unlearn the habit of looking to external authority figures and hierarchical structures to tell us what needs to be done, how we need to live our own lives. This is when people are supported to stop jumping through hoops that don't feel right to jump through.

The tricky part is, we have to do this work within the mainstream structures. (Dear God, give us strength.) This is where the connection to our soul/spiritual roots and guidance is so very crucial.

We have to remember: Capricorn is a feminine, yin sign. The symbol for Capricorn is the sea-goat, so you can see the water influence there (emotional/intuitive/spiritual), an integral part of reaching its Earthly goals. Knowing what steps to take, remaining sure-footed while avoiding the loose rocks as it makes its way up the mountain.

Pluto transitting the sign shows us just how far from integrity the expression of the sign has gotten collectively, especially in the public realm. How the feminine influence has been muzzled and whitewashed out in a lot of ways. Pluto is stripping things down - within all those hierarchichal structures built on this imbalanced expression of Capricorn - to reintegrate that crucial feminine influence.

We can't move forward collectively until we do. And here is another aspect of Capricorn that is not fully heeded: the responsibility for collective progress, not just the progress of the few.

We won't go on, won't go another step, until we start to address this. This is the commitment.

We won't continue until we start to fully integrate the feminine force into our collective structures, rather than keeping it at an arm's length. No longer does symbolic representation cut the mustard. No longer can we keep the feminine compartmentalized as a special interest-type of thing, promoting only those little pockets of acceptable femininity.

The full feminine force is bubbling up to the surface, taking its place within public positions, step-by-step, bit by bit. It's almost invisible at times, just a glimpse. But it's there.

She's refusing to put her soul on a shelf until the workday is over.

Our Capricornian responsibilities here are, in part, to get real about just what is required of the feminine force in this restructuring process. Those (truly) representing the feminine force will be taking on the new and sometimes terrifying public leadership positions represented by the North Node in Capricorn. Taking on business roles. Balancing and creating right relations with the masculine within those roles.

It's not only a matter of the masculine holding space to bring the feminine into the fold. It's also a matter of the feminine stepping up to the plate.

Understanding the entry points for those feminine energies as we try to bring them into the fold will be very important - holding awareness of what they've been dealing with, the struggles related to this consciousness, the pain these conditions cause for both women and men who have this awareness. Being honest about the past experiences here but allowing the dark feminine to step out of the shadows. This is the only way to make a successful integration.

We commit to this transformation, despite opposition. We know things aren't right because they don't feel right. We address this now and support the addressing of this by others, as well as the related restructuring.

We take back any power here that we may still have placed with external authorities. By allowing the subtly coercive separation from and rejection of the feminine, yin force in themselves, people have allowed external authorities to harness it and use it against them. That comes to an end here.

By taking our soul's sovereignty back, deeply and fully, we disallow any manipulation or control by those who have used the dark feminine against the people for their own ends.

From a previous post:

"The powers-that-be use astrology and metaphysical concepts to advance their agendas. They have throughout history. Back in the day, for example, only the very wealthiest and most powerful had access to astrologers/astrology/birth charts. It was something used by the elites to set the timing for their agendas...and it still is.

And isn't it funny how most of the mainstream has fallen into the trap of thinking astrology is something only kooks use? All the while having it used against them by their supposed leaders.

This is how the people have been duped. They have allowed themselves to be stripped of their emotional/intuitive/spiritual awareness in the day-to-day business world, to sever those aspects of themselves from their decision-making processes. To deny and whitewash out the feminine/yin within the structural set-ups of the day, especially within the corporate model. All while those at the top of the hierarchical house of cards capitalize on these things and use them to their advantage...

Stripping people of their spirituality and cultural practises has long been used in an attempt to break and control them. It's done in sneaky, subtle ways every day, especially within the corporate model...

Separate people from these aspects of themselves and then consolidate that energy, that power, and use it against them. Capitalize on the dysfunction and fear this manufactured separation creates in people. Sell them drugs to deal with it and placate them with "all part of the divine plan.""

All this starts to come out in the open now.


Anonymous said...

Willow, once again an excellent article. It is about time that the Divine Feminine returns to our structures, as everything has been so unbalanced. As a BML-type woman, I have always stirred things up when I could, but just got kicked to the sidelines for it! So, it is good to know that the planets are providing the energies necessary to correct this.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic article! Would love to see you talk more about the "entry points for the feminine energies"

You are so right on more power to you!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are well. Been away for a little without any extensive computer access so I am catching up on some back reading on your blog. Phew. This post left me a little speechless.

You've talked about the BML before but there is now a sense of urgency to shift. I feel it in motion in the world, as both the dark feminine and dark masculine work it out, struggling to come into balance. It's a 'sexy' dance where we all have to not only hold our own but we have to know WHAT that 'own' is. Hopefully we have been doing this work along the way to here.

For me, the most helpful part of this post is where I think you alert us to integrating the past pains and processing of situations of our suppression into our evolving and evolved present and future. This is a challenging responsibility I hope we are able to embrace and thereby shift into a progressive place.

Lots of work ahead still hunh? I guess one step at a time.
Much Peace,

Anonymous said...

Hi Willow, thank you for this insightful article. I googled it up because I was looking for an explanation for natal NN conj BML in last degree of Sag! I am currently going thru a painful time dealing with obsession with another who has his BML same degree as my NN. I have moved away from his locale. So currently Pluto is tranisitting this BM lilith in my 8th house. Your description of Lilith tells me that my growth lies in exploring this side of myself, all the strong and not so honored aspects of my feminine nature, and being a Gemini whose SN is conj the sun, and opposing the Lilith by about 7 degrees, I gather that I myself am not to back down from exposing lies and truths either in myself, others, or the world. Actually my entire life now is focussed on exposing this slimy underbelly as another has made reference to aka The Elite.
But the painful thing I am dealing with now is this fascination, passion obsession for this man who I cannot have, and would probably even be extremely hurt by him, if I did. What is coming to light now is the truth about his feelings toward me, and the subsequent deception he has been practicing toward me. This is all too painful, to be made aware that what you counted on in another, was of your own making. He is not what he appears is what I am trying to say. Though the attraction is mutual, I am the one who cannot bear to stay away from him. I do want all this to come to a happy ending, and if anyone has any comments please I am open to advice, medication, anything!!

Willow said...

Anon, I replied to your comment in a post...check the main page.

david said...

Interesting.. Around august 2009 was when I first tried taking ayahuasca to fix myself. And it has been very turbulent since Lilith entered capricorn.

My natal lilith is in Capricorn, and it conjuncts my all capricorn North node, Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Yeah theses past months have been absolute hell, but very transformative... I can't believe Lilith isn't mentioned more on the mainstream astrology websites.

Bob said...

late to this dance.

any free associating toward how a BML/NN conjunction in one's natal chart might manifest?

great, dense stuff. thanks.

Willow said...

My Black Moon Lilith says:

A 15-minute Willow's Web consult is on sale for only $30 until March 11.

rarecombo said...

I LOVE the way you write! Awesome description of BML!