Tuesday, August 25, 2009

From Mutable to Cardinal T-Square

Mars in Cancer, Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn form a cardinal T-square now at the first degrees of these signs. Fresh cardinal initiations and movement...but not without fighting for it first. (Unfortunately, probably literally fighting for it on a global scale.)

This is the very, very beginning of a long series of cardinal squares we're going to be dealing with over the next six years. First Saturn in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn and later Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Mucho grand-scale new directions and exertion of will on a global as well as personal level. Getting these beginnings off the ground. The beginning of Aquarius...

We're doing a lot of preparatory work as Saturn transits Virgo because we have to get these new directions right.

Tomorrow afternoon, Mars, newly in Cancer, opposes uber-potent stationing Pluto in Capricorn in the first degree of the signs, and we're moulting old ways of having our emotional needs and wants met.

Pluto is making us get real here and discern the difference between an emotional need and an emotional want. Forcing us to grow up a bit more along these lines and strip down to only the necessities. This is another point where we have to process and release any hindering past-related emotional baggage to make it through the cardinal openings, this time purging through our physical bodies, desires and goals. Letting old, habitual patterns related to achieving our goals - especially our emotional security goals - drop away and getting comfortable with the new emotional reality we have stepped into post-eclipses.

We have to nurture ourselves slowly but surely through this time as we are Plutonically forced to confront outdated ways of seeking emotional security. If we go too fast, we freak out and make decisions and take actions based on the old fears coming up to be released. We have to hold our calm little centres here as deep fears rise to the surface and we're tested on our commitment levels. Listening so very closely and deeply with our body intuition to make the right moves now, discontinuing the ones that are past their usefulness.

Not only are we out of the nest at this point...the old nest is no longer even there to go back to if we so desired. The old emotional safe havens are no longer safe. We're at that scary point where we can't go back but we're fearful and confused about moving forward. Nevertheless, we have to continue making whatever small steps we can emotionally handle to move forward into that Capricorn North Node, instead of ducking back into the same old hidey holes we've relied on in the past.

The South Node is in Cancer now, and ducking back into the same old hidey holes we have previously relied on when we become emotionally fearful and insecure will just place us in an unpleasant karmic loop designed to kick us right back out to this point...beginning our Capricorn North Node responsibilities for complete soul sovereignty.

The safe haven is inside us, no matter who or what tries to tell us otherwise. The recent eclipses triggered an emotional reanchoring (that continues) to healthier points, points that will sustain us in the future. Facing and overcoming our inner fears (as well as fears we have been taught) while continuing to hold our ground will continue our progress here.

We're not alone. We're all going together with this one, anchored as we always are to our roots, our homes, our pasts, our soul families. We have that support always. Venus on the Cancer South Node reminds us of this while simultaneously loving us enough to support our North Node progress.

Moulting, moulting, moulting. And not without some Plutonic purging yuckiness. We could feel raw with all the usual Plutonic physical symptoms - feeling energetically/physically dirty or repulsive, as if there is a layer of energetic tar sitting on our skin, waves of exhaustion, aches, burning in the joints, upset stomach, etc.

This aspect could push emotions, especially emotions we have been unconscious of, to the surface. Our feelings could be extreme for the next few days.

We're going over this initial point of the Cancer - Capricorn polarity (the solstice points) to make sure our goals and ways of achieving them are in line with the grand-scale Plutonic restructuring and rebalancing taking place. Personal goals here have to take their place within that context - the goals for evolution on this planet. Working for the same ends by aligning the two.

Mercury in Libra creates the cardinal T-square and acts as mediator between the concrete-goals-in-the-public-realm evolutionary desires of Pluto in Capricorn and the more immediate Mars in Cancer personal goals for emotional security, nurturing and people and place that feel like soul home. We balance the concerns of the Cancer-Capricorn polarity now with each word we speak and each interaction we make. And this balancing is (as always with Libra) more important than it appears on a surface level. Skillful balancing here can head off the anger, viciousness, violence and meltdowns possible with a Mars-Pluto opposition. Even if those meltdowns do occur, Mercury in Libra can ensure that we don't cut to the bone and say words to each other we wish we could take back.

The fourth leg of the cardinal T-square is Aries, so the stabilizing factor in all this is us the ability to stand in who we are, no matter what. We must be ourselves fully and completely, and that's all we need be. This Mars opposition to Pluto (like the Venus opposition to Pluto last month) has ties to the opening square we experienced between Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn in April. The raw, new directions we initiated there related to who we really are and what we really want in the purest sense come to a culmination here with this opposition.

Just in time for Venus to enter Leo (which it does tomorrow, as well) and we start to express that pure identity in ways that are fulfilling to us. Venus in Leo brings a playful, heart-centred expression that could also be helpful in dealing with the more tense, possible meltdown-inducing Mars opposition to Pluto.

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