Monday, August 10, 2009

Square Tension

Well, this day is certainly irritating, isn't it?

The Moon in Aries just squared Venus in Cancer, and we're just plain grumpy. Not only that, but we're heading all day to the Mars in Gemini square to Saturn in Virgo. So the tension builds, and we have to guard against pissiness and verbal sparring. People's frustrations could hit the boiling point as Saturn puts generally impatient Mars to the delayed gratification maturity test.

There is irritation and frustration here related to Saturnine restrictions on what we want and how we can go about getting it.

Mars in Gemini wants what it wants right away, no hassles. Just give me the info. Let me know. Easy peasy. But Saturn in Virgo isn't letting us off so easily. We're being kept physically (Mars) and mentally (Gemini) in check, and it's causing some angst.

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firerings said...

Love your post/love you--this is exactly how I feel--thank you for putting it into the right words and for your insight--
Stop--the square tension--enough is enough..