Thursday, August 13, 2009

True To Mutable Form - I Keep Changing the Name of This Post

Today we've got a lot going on simultaneously. First, we've got yet another T-Square keeping us in check - this time a one-day-only fixed one set off by the Moon in Taurus.

The Moon in Taurus today squares the Sun in Leo (12:55 P.M. MDT) and we experience the Last Quarter Moon. This is a time when we initiate changes/movement in our lives (or decide not to) based on what we've learned in the previous stages of the moon cycle. Deep movement and changes and starting to shed old emotion and old emotional cycles.

We're still working from the third eclipse in the most recent eclipse season - the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August 5. The shifts we experience now are coming as a result of what we've learned/how we've grown during this longer-than-usual eclipse season - especially related to the past/future reconciliation process of the last Aquarius Full Moon.

What we've had to do to become a "global community" on planet Earth as we continue to grow in awareness of ourselves, other people, other communities, other countries, other continents, other planets, other solar systems. Our context on Earth as well as Earth's context elsewhere...

The Aquarian energy is very prominent as the bodies in Aquarius (Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune) form the third leg of the T-Square with the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Leo.

The Sun in Leo is opposing the Aquarius bodies between now and August 17.

It has been a huge struggle to get the balance right with this Leo-Aquarius polarity. We've got some woundedness (Chiron) involved here related to the difficulty of shining our lights in the world (Leo), especially when those lights relate to a different way of doing things (Aquarius). Living from the heart and giving it our all but also having the detached objectivity necessary for living in these often bizarre and uncertain times. Not receiving the attention/recognition we would like...or having it offered to someone less talented but more mainstream palatable. Finding what is special about ourselves somewhat lost in the fray of these times we're living in. Having to defer to the larger, collective processes we're a part of. A lot of us have received a huge amount of opposition, oppression and abuse just for being ourselves and leading to a future for humanity that we knew was necessary. We've been on the outside looking in in many ways, and this has taken a toll. But we can see these themes running through other people's lives, as well. Again, the people who just can't seem to fit in are a larger group than it seems...

The fourth leg of today's fixed T-Square is Scorpio, so we have to go to our deep, dark places in order to really keep a handle on all this. Scorpio is the stabilizing leg here. Deep processing and releasing of what is no longer needed. Doing the work to let go of the old wounds (but not their lessons) while honouring ourselves for having the strength of will and the depth of character to go through it all...

This Last Quarter Moon in Taurus is leading to a New Moon at 27 degrees Leo on August 20. This late-Leo New Moon will be the starting point for a much-needed new cycle related to the fulfillment of our creative potentials. New creative projects or emergences within continuing projects. Receiving new places of prominence and recognition of our creative offerings. A fresh energy boost for self-expression and renewal on our creative paths as we struggle to live true to ourselves, come what may. A past-clearing that should allow more room for fun, joy and good times. Shaking off past expressions of self to allow for new, more vital and fulfilling ones to shine forth.

The fixed T-Square we're experiencing today is in addition, of course, to the longer-term mutable T-Square (Mars in Gemini, Mercury/Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces) in effect from August 10 - 26.

As I said in that post, Mars in Gemini trines the Aquarius bodies between squares to Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. Multi-layered things going on. (A trine is a nice, flowing aspect between two signs of the same element. They're alike in the fundamental elemental way.)

Today, we have a nice Mars in Gemini trine to Jupiter in Aquarius to ease the square tensions a bit. Things are starting to move and flow a little better (between frustrating square checks) and hopefully we notice some progress and expansion toward our goals and future plans. Our daily interactions are getting things moving toward that vision for which we're striving. Mars in Gem will trine Chiron August 15 and Neptune in Aquarius August 17.

There are still some challenging aspects flying around, to be sure, but things are feeling a little less socked in post-eclipses. I'm feeling some tiny moments of clarity between periods of cloudiness...and some movement, although nothing concrete as of yet.

But there is also worry and anxiety being kicked up by the anticipation of the changes up ahead.

We've got a lot of shifts going on in the last 10 days of August as all the personal planets and the North/South Nodes change signs.

Saturn in Virgo also clears its retrograde shadow at that time and we head into almost six degrees of Virgo that Saturn will not be revisiting in its next retrograde. Saturn will be in these degrees (21-27) from now until early October, which I think is another indicator that things are going to move next month. Possibly more slowly than we would like (with Saturn involved in Virgo), but at this point, the right movement, no matter how incremental, is going to be a relief, I suspect.

More on all that later this month...


Anonymous said...

Wow thank you for that - I feel that in reading your post, I am a bit lighter. I have been going through my Saturn Transit, a Pluto Oppose my natal Venus, and a Neptune transit in the 10th house - oh and also a Uranus transit! Yikes, the hits keep on coming. Needless to say I am feeling cloudy, confused, and beyond that miserable not knowing how to make my life better. I'm hoping come September I will start to get some relief...I hope! Thanks for your encouraging post.

Anonymous said...

I've been getting thrown around like a sack of potatoes too-I've been smack dab in the middle of Saturn transits since 2004. I'm still having moments where I feel like making it to October will be a miracle in and of itself.