Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In Other Pluto Stationing Direct on Zero Capricorn News...

It was announced yesterday that an office furniture manufacturer named Haworth is closing in Calgary, laying off 600 employees. The company is heading to Michigan which is giving it a $22 million tax break for doing so - a violation of NAFTA and clear example of how that agreement is generally enforced only when it favours the U.S.

In the same broadcast we learned that the new super-mega-mall built outside the city has just opened!!! Well, hooray for that. They're expecting over 30,000 vehicles on opening day...with one entrance into the mall...and are bringing in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to keep the situation under control.


Anonymous said...

Willow, just what we need! Another friggin' shopping mall in Alberta. So much for our farm land! We'll have to get used to eating frankenfood.

Willow said...

Ugh. I know.

And the same day I saw a program on PBS about Portland, Oregon where they actually have enforced perimeters around the city that they can't develop past (with a few exceptions when absolutely necessary)...all to preserve the farmland around the city.

What a concept! This province wouldn't even consider something like that. Sprawl, sprawl, sprawl.