Thursday, June 18, 2009

Willow's World - Or Why Bouts of Unemployment Are Blessings in Disguise

Receptionist: "Good morning, you've reached Imbalanced Corporate Hierarchy, how may I help you?"

Willow: "Hello, yes. I'm afraid I won't be able to come in to work today. You see, Uranus in Pisces is stationing retrograde directly on my South Node and in combination with all those Mercury squares to Aquarius we've been dealing with, well, I have a massive headache, a stiff neck, and I'm completely exhausted."

Receptionist: "I see. So you're calling in..."

Willow: "I have to call in Uranus stationing on South Node today. I'm ever-so sorry."

Receptionist: "All right. I'll pass the message along to the boss."

Willow: "Yes, and as Uranus will be pretty much stuck there for the next three weeks, combined with the resulting feeling of near paralysis, I feel I'll be out for a while."

Receptionist: "I...see."

Willow: "Yes, I'm of the understanding that I'm meant to hunker down and process whatever is going on. I really have no choice in the matter. Again, so sorry about this."

Receptionist: "Hmmm...OK. So you have no idea when you'll be back?"

Willow: "Well, I could hazard a guess, but since I have all sorts of transformational yuckery going on, I really couldn't pin it down at this exact moment."

Receptionist: "All right, then. I'll pass on the message."


freeforall said...

Ah Willow..."transformational yuckery" have a way with words and I love this term!

I can commiserate with you, as today I got fired...because I was tired of the bullshit at my place of employment and rather than shout in anger, I just said, "I'm outta here." (Needing to cool off my Scorpio rage). The owner told me not to come back.

I was doing psychic readings and had it with the restaurant owner who was unfair in her client distribution (i.e. spreading clients among the readers), and cheating me of money, then denying it.

Well, I've been on here before talking about my current transits and the yecchy energies I'm experiencing, so I won't go into it again. Just letting you know that another Scorp is going through a major shitstorm.

I've been an astrologer for a long time and have seen many Scorpios going through constant crap since the new millennium.

I look forward to having some good transits, LOL!

Willow said...

Sorry to hear it...but I'm glad you are no longer working for that owner. Dirty, dirty. There has to be somewhere better to do readings!

[Disclaimer: I'm a Libra Sun/Pluto but have four planets in Scorp. :) ]

freeforall said...

LOL! Well the Sun/Pluto qualifies as a Scorpio (no matter where the conjunction occurs). I have 3 planets in Scorpio (Sun-Mercury-Neptune conjunction, also conjunct the Moon in Libra), and Libra Ascendant and Venus at 0 Libra in the 12th conjunct the Ascendant, so the fairness/justice theme is very important to this Libra/Scorp!

Sorry to hear about your troubles with employment as well. Ha! Hardly anyone appreciates quality these days. :)

We'll make it through the yuckery. Can't keep a Scorpio down.

I was doing readings at home before, and I'll just return to that, though I have to build up a client base again. And I'll need to get back to my writing (my profession).

There's not much integrity in the business world, but I like being an entrepreneur anyway - 2nd house Sun square 10th house Uranus in Leo! Despise authority, LOL!

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