Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Simmering, Simmering Beneath the Summer Ease...

We're experiencing a very nice Grand Air Trine today with Mercury in Gemini, the Moon in Libra and Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter in Aquarius...in effect all day until the Moon enters Scorpio in the evening.

Flowing energy related to the intellectual, social, communicative realms of life. Like the Earth trines last Monday, this gives us a nice boost after some difficult and intense aspects...especially the New Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto. This Grand Air Trine takes some pressure off. For a while... heh heh :)

Wednesday, July 1 (Canada Day) is a big day with a lot of aspects going on simultaneously. Multi-layered action with lots of shifts throughout the day.

Uranus goes retrograde at 26 Pisces at 1:37 a.m. MDT.

Mercury in Gemini then squares Uranus in Pisces while also trining Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter in Aquarius. A tense aspect (square) mixed with easier, flowing aspects (trines).

We've also got Venus in Taurus squaring the Aquarius bodies (tense aspects) while sextiling Uranus in Pisces (easier aspect).

We've already experienced the Sun and Mercury in Taurus squaring that Aquarius triple conjunction. (Mercury three times due to its retrograde.) This week, we experience the last two personal planets - Venus and Mars - in Taurus making that square. It's been quite the process.

Again, this is the keeping it real, grounding, slow and steady progress of earth sign Taurus checking the expansive, idealistic, future-oriented energy of Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius.

Making our plans for the future personally real and meaningful, according to our own values. The process of all the personal planets in Taurus, in turn, squaring the Aquarius triple conjunction is what this is all about. Being honest about the reality in which we find ourselves in the here and now on this planet and making progress that is real and personally meaningful toward future plans. Taking the right steps, feet on the ground, while our eyes are on where we wish to go, offsetting the possibility of getting too caught up in the promise and the idealism, to the detriment of earthy practicality.

Yes, we live on Earth. Whatever we want to do, we have to make it a reality here...despite people's claims to the contrary.

With Venus, we have to be real in our relationships - especially the relationships we solidify and take further - in the face of the new chapter we're developing in our lives. Maintaining boundaries around our values and needs and making sure we don't get caught up in visions of others that don't feel right. We have to be comfortable with where we're heading. No fronting.

With Mars in Taurus squaring the Aquarius bodies on July 6, we are challenged to go after what we want in a grounded way, valuing real, physical progress and solid foundations as a base. No skipped steps. Dealing successfully with physical limitations and timing as we make progress with our personal goals.

I know this sounds like a broken record, but the patience required with Taurus is sometimes monumental. So I do think this has to be reinforced, especially in light of the leaps the Aquarius triple conjunction is prone to.

Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter are all retrograde in Aquarius at this point, and I think these Venus/Mars squares should now be able to hold their own with this triad. The earthy, grounded influence should be able to dig in more substantially now that these three bodies are in retrograde motion. The emphasis is less on surrendering to the grand future vision and more on dealing in the here and now, staying in our bodies and using our sensual capacities as a guide.

Mercury enters Cancer at 1:20 p.m. on Friday, July 3 and starts vibing with Pluto in Capricorn right away. Our communications are very loaded now, and prudent restraint can keep us from triggering emotional nuclear meltdowns with the wrong words. (I hope prudent restraint rules on the global stage, as well. No literal nuclear meltdowns, please!) Keeping in mind the heightened emotional state we and others are (possibly) in can do wonders here. Roots, home, family, country, emotional attachments...loaded areas with trigger fingers ready.

Very fitting lead-in for the U.S. Independence Day. There is a lot simmering beneath the surface as the dirty dealings of the U.S. government come closer to the surface, to collective awareness. The depth of the corruption we are dealing with is immense. Worldwide with worldwide partners in crime. As usual, United States' Independence Day has some pretty hardcore subtext...and a ripple effect around the world.

ABC News broke the story in 2007 that the Bush Administration/CIA had a master plan for Iran and methods to bring it about - black ops designed for destabilization and regime change. So you can see the possible role they are playing there now, stirring more uprising so that the U.S. is "forced" to intervene...bringing about the installation of the U.S.-friendly candidate. So many layers of propaganda to cut through. And I wonder why corporate-owned ABC broke the story? It doesn't seem to be the kind of information that is released unless it serves the agenda somehow.

As a whole, we simply have to see through the constant parroting of "freedom and democracy, freedom and democracy." This brand of so-called freedom and democracy is vicious, murderous, bloody, corrupt, toxic to human life...

"Let's not look back," Obama says, the good little Pluto in Virgo cleaning up after the PR disaster Pluto in Leo regime. Sweep it under the rug, and it never happened, right? Good thing Pluto says "hell no" on that front. And this is the thing. The Obama crew continues with the same agenda, but they will keep it contained, under wraps, within the system. No overblown egos demanding bragging rights and creating dangerous visibility here. It'll be kept clean under the Obama watch. Even more dangerous than those yahoo pseudo-cowboys. And it keeps tensions on the world stage ramped right up. Everyone ready to nuke each other. Murderous extremists are murderous extremists, regardless of race, sex, religion, country of origin or political views.

Mercury opposes Pluto in Capricorn at 9:30 a.m. on July 4th. This aspect relates directly to the New Moon we experienced in Cancer on June 22 (same signs, same degrees). Again, uber powerful and loaded communication/intelligence/information with the possibility of triggering Plutonic meltdowns. Yikes.

We can sit back and watch how the mainstream media is used as an ever-more blatant (and more precise) propaganda tool...and hopefully see beneath the surface regurgitation of the official line.

Venus leaves Taurus for Gemini early morning July 5, just before Mars in Taurus starts the final squares of the personal planets to the Aquarius bodies and sextiles Uranus in Pisces the next day.

July 7, we have the Full Moon lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Capricorn...the first of the three eclipses we are heading into.

Again, we are also in the midst of two New Moons in Cancer, the second being a 29th degree total solar eclipse - the longest of the 21st Century. Big tie-ins with both Canada and the Unites States, as they are Sun in Cancer countries.

So a big line-up this week. A lot of shifts.

As always, there is a lot going on as people grin into their digital cameras during summer vacation...

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