Monday, June 1, 2009

Hey, How 'Bout This? Let's Keep Canada a Sovereign Nation

Here's a film related to the attempted consolidation of Canada, the United States and Mexico under what is being called the North American Union. Also involves a merging of "security" under the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), which proposes a dissolution of internal borders and reformation into a single North American border.

This is the next step toward the complete merger of nations that began with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

A lot of this documentary (which is somewhat amateurish but still interesting) centres around the closed-door meeting in Montebello, Quebec in 2007 of Baby Bush, Stephen Harper and Mexico's prez Felipe Calderón.

But don't think this machine stops with North America! I protested at the Free Trade Area of the Americas summit in Quebec City in 2001. That closed-door meeting (held behind a massive, police-guarded fence) was about extending the existing trade agreements to Central and South America. Just as corporations have to gobble up more and more territory to stay on top, these corporate interests have to merge more and more countries.

What the protesters experienced at Montebello in 2007 was very minor in comparison to the FTAA protests in Quebec City where tens of thousands of protesters showed up.

We were CS gassed on a massive scale, pepper sprayed and shot with rubber bullets continually for the entire week-end just for standing at the fence. Police also used a water cannon and sprayed a liquid at us from behind the fence that burned the skin on contact.

I was sick for weeks after the FTAA, and the creepy thing was that all the females got their periods immediately after the protest. Something about the organo-compounds in the CS gas and the reaction of our hormones to it.

The interesting thing about the Montebello protests is that protesters' cameras caught three undercover police officers dressed as protesters who were picking up rocks and attempting to throw them - provocateurs planted to justify the use of police force against peaceful protesters.

Protesters called the three out and told them to drop the rocks. They then started suggesting that the men were police officers, and the three "protesters" dove into the police line! The riot cops faked arresting them, and when the phony protesters were on the ground being "arrested," the cameras caught the fact that the men were wearing police boots! The very same ones the riot police were wearing.

The Quebec police first denied these men were planted, but once the video started circulating, they admitted it.

There was a call for a public inquiry, but of course...nothing. It was handed to Stockwell Day (major stooge), and he called the planting of police in protests "standard procedure." Nothing said about the rocks or the purpose for these men being planted.

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