Friday, June 12, 2009

Screw You, Mars Conjunct Chiron on the MC!

Well, I found out today that the store is not re-opening. I had a feeling that was what was going on, but the owner assured me no, that he would be re-opening.

So I waited and scouted out locations, called real estate agents, pounded the pavement. All for nothing.

And honestly, the owner could not have been a bigger piece of shit over the whole thing.

A couple of weeks ago, I found an available location on 17th Avenue (pretty much the only area the owner wanted to look), called the landlord about it to get the details and then told the owner. He was supposed to call me after he talked to the landlord. A week later, after hearing nothing, I finally called him to find out that not only had he decided against that location, he had decided against 17th Avenue altogether (the only street he would consider previously). So all the scouting I had done was for nothing.

He had also decided he wouldn't pay above a certain number per square foot. Again, information that would have been good for me to know two freaking months ago! Which I told him...

He said he would call the next day and we could discuss what was going on...

Didn't bother calling. Didn't answer his cell phone. Didn't answer my e-mail.

And this is how passive aggressives fuck people over. Instead of making a decision one way or another, they try working both angles, keeping people on the hook so that they are in control. They avoid whatever they don't want to deal with. They say they will do things and then don't do them, with no accountability whatsoever.

But should I really be surprised? I don't think people like this dude change...not at age 56. So I guess I just have to be happy that I will no longer be having my time and energy wasted by the likes of him. Fucking asshole.


Anonymous said...

Grrrrr, I know.

If you want to get revenge, get him a copy of "The Secret."

Willow said...


Too late. One of his old employees already did! Tee hee


Anonymous said...

LOL! Well then, what about a copy of "For Sure, this is the Last Secret."

Willow said...

I'm hitting Amazon! :-P