Monday, June 29, 2009

Juno on 29 Pisces Conjunct Stationing Uranus

This is an interesting placement because you'll recall that Venus retrograded through Aries to 29 Pisces during the most recent Venus retro (March 5 - April 16). It stationed direct on that degree, spending 12 days there, and Mars conjuncted Venus there just as Venus was moving direct.

The 29th degree of Pisces is the last degree of the zodiac, corresponding with the last day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and this degree was a key to the themes of that Venus retrograde. Very much about clearing layer upon layer of relationship dynamics and holdover etheric impressions through spiritual/ancestral lines. Clearing out both the personal and the collective subconscious. Completing longstanding spiritual relationship contracts, wrapping up the loose ends there for a fresh start with Venus in Aries.

From a post when Venus was there:

"Now one last broom sweep of all the old cobwebs. Open the window for some fresh air and let the ghosts of relationships past swoosh right on out. Say goodbye to the etheric impressions that have been retrograde visiting. Shake the mat out at the front door and request that only new, satisfying dynamics be allowed to cross our doorsteps. Only those people who are befitting of who we are today. Those related to tired, old karmic patterns are no longer welcome!

And let's listen closely as Venus informs our hearts of who we are now and what we vitally need from our relationships from here on. What new ground we need to break in order to live our heart's desire lives...with people who fulfill our heart's desires. So we can inject new life into areas of Neptunian decay..."

Now Juno is on this degree as Uranus stations retrograde at 26 Pisces. (Uranus goes retro at 1:37 a.m. MDT on Wednesday morning, July 1)

Juno is the asteroid of soul mates, and this current placement relates to any last remnants from the Venus retrograde. Final release of relationship cycles past, especially any old self-sabotaging tendencies.

Understanding the concept of Juno soul mates as people who assist us to do soul work we could not do alone, there will be people in our lives/interactions we are having acting as the trigger for those completions, helping us to find our rightful places now by bringing up those last things we need to be aware of. Helping to guide us to greener pastures and ensuring we stay there. In Pisces, the relationships may not be strictly to people on the physical plane. The whispers and guidance of those who love us, past, present and future...

Any ways that we're still relating from old patterns should come to the forefront. Self-sabotaging relationship dynamics we are still in danger of falling into. Certain blinders we put on in our relations with others. Ways that we only see the good in people, missing huge red flags in the process. Self-sacrificial tendencies. Ways we numb ourselves in relationships.

Any relationships we are attempting to set up according to old rules, ideas or psychic space, especially with Neptunian themes, will probably have a "something isn't right" feel to them.

Again, we've done most of this work during the Venus retrograde, but this is a tricky degree. It's the culmination degree of the entire zodiac! So here, Juno is doing her duty for us, ensuring we have mastered the lessons here. Bringing people and interactions into our lives to show us both our progress and the areas where we need to tighten up a little. The 29th degree of every sign is like final exam time, and at 29 Pisces, the exam is a big one, all-encompassing. There is a lot at stake - for us and for those related to our spiritual lineage.

At the same time, we will be coming into contact with people or having interactions with a flavour related very much to our futures...especially with the Uranian connection dispositing Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter in Aquarius. Very exciting.

We are finding a new spiritual space for ourselves and finding corresponding relationships within that space.

Black Moon Lilith is conjunct Pluto right now, also, so we have to dig deep here to find that right space for ourselves. Listen carefully to the quiet, inner voice.


freeforall said...

Willow, this is awesome and very accurate in my life! Juno is trine my North Node at 29 Scorpio, and recently I met up with a soulmate who has Jupiter-Neptune at 29 Scorpio conjunct my NN. (His Venus-Saturn are conjunct my South Node). He is definitely part of my new path - music, which we both share - and it feels exciting. I suspect that we will learn a lot from each other. I can see the crap clearing away though. There are a few old patterns of relating coming up for me, but as a Scorp, I will transform them.
Very good energy today. It also helps that I am taking a much-needed vacation for a week, starting tomorrow!
Looking forward to the new life and direction.

sleepless-1111 said...

I have Pluto at 29 degrees Virgo, and I'm leaving for a trip to NYC on Wednesday morning. I can't shake the feeling that this might be when I meet someone significant. Uranus is currently trining my Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio in the 11th as well (along with many supporting minor transits); maybe I'll finally meet my "people" after so many years of feeling like an alien. :)