Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Final Mercury Squares to Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter in Aquarius

Mercury in Taurus squared Chiron Rx in Aquarius early this morning (around 7 a.m. MT). It sextiles Uranus in Pisces (3:46 p.m. MT) and squares Neptune Rx in Aquarius (3:53 p.m. MT) within minutes today, as we experience Mercury's final pass of squares from Taurus to the triple conjunction of Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter in Aquarius.

Mercury squares Jupiter in Aquarius tomorrow at 9:34 a.m., and Jupiter goes retrograde June 15...the same day Mercury leaves the retrograde shadow.

Even though Mercury is now direct, communication is still slow. There's not a lot of chit-chat for the sake of chit-chat. I noticed a major decrease in people's Facebook activity all during Mercury in Taurus. Our minds are focussed on creating momentum and dealing with the practical, here and now necessities so as to not overwhelm ourselves with the big, grand vision of what we're hoping is to come.

And Mercury in Taurus has its work cut out for it these days keep all pairs of feet firmly on the ground...

A sextile to Uranus in Pisces followed immediately by a square to Neptune in Aquarius has the entire Pisces-Aquarius shift involved. Digging in, grounding, being realisic about the conditions we're working with on Earth...these are all things the Taurus energy of the day must continue to bring to the table, with the utmost patience and diligence.

These should be the "getting the show on the road" squares as far as Mercury is concerned, post-retrograde. (Pretty please!) The pressure here should get something going for real, getting our brains on a solid, concrete track. At the very least we can start talking about things to come and making the connections we need to make to get the ball rolling.

Mercury has squared the Aquarius bodies from Taurus three times now. Once when it was direct but in its retrograde shadow (end of April). Once during its retrograde period (May 20). And now (June 9 - 10) as it moves direct passing through its retrograde shadow.

These Taurus-Aquarius squares are important, remember, because the Sun in Taurus was squaring the Aquarius triple conjunction as Saturn in Virgo turned direct (May 16), showing us the themes and challenges of Saturn's movement direct.

We continue with the themes of those squares all through May and June, through the first part of July, as Mercury, Mars and Venus all follow the steps of the Sun and, in turn, square the Aquarius triple conjunction. Venus in Taurus squares the Aquarius bodies July 1 and Mars does July 6.

I think a lot of people are tired of how slowly and arduously things seem to be moving. I know I am. Beyond tired. The strong Taurus influence, especially in square formation, is an indicator of the vibes we're dealing with.

Although, I'm not sure how much of this arduous, pressured feeling is personal and how much is collective - since I have some harsh stuff going down natally.

But I do know a lot of people are experiencing similar conditions...possibly a case of birds of a feather. :)

I always think of the square as a Saturnine aspect. To me, there are similar themes - pressure and a sort of make-or-break feel, taking responsibility for the successful interaction of the energies. It's an adult-feeling aspect where we're dealing with combinations of things that are sometimes difficult and uncomfortable to deal with. Where we have to accept certain conditions and do the best we can to make progress with them. It's not in our best interests to shirk the responsibility of the square aspect - similar to Saturn. (Though many try!)

People with a lot of squares in their charts often have a Saturnine vibe to me. They deal on a daily basis with the weight and difficulty of those squares. All the while, people around them are often none the wiser! I think squares do make you a much better person for it in the long run. The pressure matures and refines and hones us into the best we can be, potential realized - or that is the intention.

On the other hand, there are masses of people who try to shirk the responsibilities of their squares! There is little I dislike more than people who live their entire lives running from the responsibilities inherent in their birth charts. It causes so much chaos...

Mercury re-enters Gemini this Saturday, June 13, one of the two signs of its rulership, and that should grease the wheels a little. Mercury is very comfortable and freely-functioning in Gemini. It knows what to do. There is no resistance. So communication should be flowing freer. By next Monday, June 15, Mercury is out of its retrograde shadow. New mental territory.

I still don't have the information I need to know what the hell is going on in my work life, and that could not be more frustrating...so come on, Mercury! Let me in on what the heck is going down in my own life, will ya?

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