Friday, June 12, 2009

Plutonic Consciousness Comrades

So many people stop at Neptune. We don't. We're right out there on the edge of the solar system. Pushing the boundaries. Pushing past even Pluto at the same time as we live it here on Earth.

The vast aloneness of this consciousness is actually mighty and comforting when you think about it. But trickling Plutonic consciousness down to the day-to-day, it becomes compacted somehow, heavy on the heart. Like a thick coating of irritating, energetic tar that we have to break down and shed again and again. Constantly doing whatever we can to make ourselves okay, so we're not consumed.

On a day-to-day level set in contrast to the busy, busy societal lives, the vast aloneness can start to eat away at you. The powerful, protective solitude can devolve into isolation, loneliness, alienation. Rage at those people who will never (could never?) understand what we understand. The blank, hollow realization of just how many of those people there really are. A feeling that there is something wrong...with them, with all of it.

Not having a friend in the world and knowing that this is true.

And that very fact giving us entry into the only group we could ever really feel akin to. Plutonic comrades joined by successfully meeting the demands of this consciousness. Alone, and joined through the aloneness.


Anonymous said...

WORD! Go on with yuh badSelf Ms. Willow. Speak. Loud and clear about the Plutonic Comrades. Members can testify to both extreme contraction and expansion. Just gotta keep dusting off and moving on every time. It's rough on a Being, though. Thank you for your perspectives and understanding.

freeforall said...

Holy shit Willow! Here's another Plutonic comrade to say that I am feeling the same way tonight. Alone, cut off, way out there, totally isolated (fucking transiting Saturn in my 12th is not helping either!), raging mad at this pathetic planet and most of its inhabitants - who are so blinded by the mainstream shit that they can't see the possibilities....

The only ones who do understand are the Plutonic people. I think I'd die without the few Scorps that I talk with occasionally.

As Anonymous said, it is rough on a Be-ing.

Anonymous said...

Yep,sign me up! I have Pluto aspecting both luminaries in my natal chart. Transiting Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are ALL crawling over me in a big way. The next few months will be the tipping point one way or the other. Strange times.

Anonymous said...

Im not usually a commenter)my plutonic privacy)but I hear ya-can be a lonely road-and I'm a Sun Libra/Moon Aquarius-the conflict with needing people can be tough!
PLuto-sun 1deg.conjunt
moon 0 deg.trine
saturn 2 deg. sextile
neptune 0 deg. sextile
Venus(suns ruler)Uranus (moons ruler)& true node-all conjunct in Scorpio
8th house moon...and more.
The conflict between social needs and deep, alone soul needs is palpable...Thanks for the blog