Friday, June 12, 2009

And Screw You, Too, Moon Inconjunct Saturn!

The only aspect - a testy one - on this, another long and arduous day in a string of long and arduous days...

Until about midnight (MT) when the Moon in Aquarius trines the Sun in Gemini.


freeforall said...

Yeah, this sucker is setting off transiting Saturn in the 12th exactly opposite my natal Mars in the 6th. No wonder I feel like crap today. And transiting Mars is also dead opposite my natal Sun today. I knew I should have stayed in bed, LOL! Lonely, angry, and combative!
Oh well, this too, shall pass.

Willow said...

Yeah, luckily this one involves the Moon, and it is non-void-of-course in 10 mins when it trines the Sun.