Sunday, June 21, 2009

C'est Interessant

The Coming Insurrection written by a group of French anarchists called the Tarnac 9.

"It goes like this: they hired our parents to destroy this world, now they’d like to put us to work rebuilding it, and – to top it all off – at a profit."

This is very much what I see going on with the power shift from the Pluto in Leos to the Pluto in Virgos. Or rather, the current hybrid power structure where the Pluto in Leo agenda is still the major motivator...

The Pluto in Leos in power ran this materialist, consumer capitalist shitshow into the ground. It was "play now, plan later," ride-the-bubble, instant gratification. Ego games ruled over all else. They took it to extremes, as Pluto does. And en masse, they couldn't get beyond their own personal desires for the good life and the spotlight. This was their dangling carrot...

And now the Pluto in Virgos come along and are expected to clean up after all this. No.

But a lot of them will. There's no doubt.

This mess can't just be swept under the rug. But this is what we are being set up for. Clean it up and it never happened. Everything goes on as before, only "new and improved!" Squeaky clean. The Pluto in Leos can just retire (the ones who can, at least), relax and enjoy their material spoils with no concern for the rest of the planet whatsoever.

Baby Bush can go live in his green-powered Texas ranch and forget about the million Iraquis he and his Daddy slaughtered, the prisoners tortured under his watch, the 3,500 dead American soldiers, the trillions of dollars stolen from the people, the misery his regime's policies have inflicted. They can go off and pat themselves on the backs about all they've personally accomplished.

And the Pluto in Virgos get to work fixing everything that has gone so off the rails...while continuing the same power structures.

I say no.

The powers-that-be, the decision-makers, are now implementing their "green regime," to be implemented by their army of "green revolution" soldiers.

But there has been no revolution here. No regime change here. They've just switched the widgets the factory is producing from plastic to biodegradable plant-based fibres. The underlying motivations for power are still there. The hierarchies are still reinforced. We're still stuck in the same systems, the same stratified structures, while being placated with reforms around the edges. "Greening" the same old power structures is the new dangling carrot...

Not good enough.

You can see how Pluto is used to manipulate, dominate and control here. Playing the generational obsessions like a fiddle.

With the Pluto in Leos it was materialism, the good life, living like kings and queens, personal accolades, fun, the power of personality and glamour...

And with the Pluto in Virgos, it is the promise of a green planet. Green business. Systems that function. Health. "Holism." That martyred service thing. (But who/what are they serving?)

The bone that will be thrown the Pluto in Libras is justice. This is how the same old structures will be kept in place. With an attempt to placate through a concern for justice, fairness, balance, calm, keeping the peace, diplomatic relationships. And beauty. Let's not forget the manipulative power of beauty.

With the Pluto in Scorpios, it would probably have to do with allowing certain taboos to be brought into the mix. Sexuality becoming less hidden. Allowing gay marriage. Poly. Allowing "alternative" dress in the workplace. Piercings and tattoos. Maybe the use of divination tools will be out in the open, more acceptable. Playing on the deep emotions and creating emotional connections, feelings of acceptance and attachments within the power structures as they exist.

This is the thing - we have to see through the whole power structure, the entire hierarchies (Pluto in Capricorn), instead of allowing ourselves to be manipulated in these superficial ways. Adding new layers to the current power structures to placate Pluto generation after Pluto generation does not solve the inherent problems.

The scary thing is that I know how much Virgo loves order and systemic functioning. Above all else. And I can see very clearly how this generation could go to extremes enforcing a certain order. Their green policies (or whatever particular policy at the forefront) could become an obsession by which they can't see the forest for the trees.

The other end of the polarity (Pisces) has the tendency to allow chaos to overwhelm, putting faith in whatever promises to lead them to better times. (*cough* Obama *cough*) Chaos is definitely something the powers-that-be use to manipulate the people and advance their agendas. As is blind faith - in a person, system, ideology, structure or combination of those things. The follow-the-leader, Master-Student thing has never had the potential to be more dangerous. This is also connected to the Pluto in Virgo gen, as the polarity point for Pluto becomes a major factor. Again, this generation must guard against setting up redundant, tail-end, old paradigm Pisces as the polarity, instead, defining it for themselves, detail by detail.

Each Pluto generation is succeptible to being played like best to be aware.


Anonymous said...

brilliant! thanks!

freeforall said...

Absolutely dead-on Willow.

At least you can count on one Pluto in Virgo (0 Virgo) here who does not buy into the "Green" philosophy, but sees through the lies and distortion. There is no real concern for the planet, but the elite will make it sound like it is to placate the masses. And the Plutos in Virgo will get out their mops and brooms and recycle bins.

I swear in my next life I am going to another planet!

Willow said...

Well, I do think a REAL green change is desperately necessary.

I just think that the powers-that-be have hijacked it and are using changes around the edges to reinforce the same old shitshow.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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