Sunday, May 16, 2010

Venus Forms a Mutable T-Square with Saturn and Jupiter-Uranus

Venus at 27 Gemini squares Jupiter at 27 Pisces early tomorrow morning, and this kicks off a fast-moving and very potent mutable T-square involving Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus.

Venus will square Saturn, currently stationing direct in Virgo, early Tuesday morning (May 18) and Uranus on the 29th degree of Pisces - two degrees past Jupiter - on Wednesday (May 19).

This is a very potent configuration over the next three days moving us ever-closer to the finale of the Saturn-Uranus opposition cycle we've been struggling with since November 2008. We're done with the exact oppositions in Virgo-Pisces and have just one more opposition to go - on the zero degrees of cardinal Aries and Libra on July 26.

With Venus in Gemini playing such a pivotal role here, even the simplest of daily interactions have big impact.

Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn are all at the tail-end of the mutable signs, providing the impetus for the final adaptation, shifts and changes we need to get us into proper position for this summer's cardinal t-squaring action and new directional force.

Any words that need to be spoken or ideas that need to be communicated to bring the Saturn-Uranus opposition cycle to a satisfying close will be coming forth now. Even the seemingly small stuff is meaningful, so listen for messages in unexpected places.

That is not to say communicating will be easy - in T-square formation, things could be tight, constricting and even painful on this front. Mercury is just now back up to full speed after a retrograde in slow-and-steady-to-the-point-of-frustration Taurus, so words aren't exactly flying off the tongue right now.

But it's important, so try your best to communicate clearly and with love. Make connections, and see what happens.

There will be some demandingly quick movement taking place over the next few days coupled with more Mercury in Taurus grounding and lulls - a tricky combination to stay on top of and one that could create some antsiness.

The Sun and Mercury are also soon heading into Gemini, but by the time they reach the end of the sign, both Jupiter and Uranus will have entered Aries. They'll square the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at zero Aries once they enter Cancer, so this Venus-driven T-square is the last mutable one involving Saturn and Uranus. A nice milestone and one we need.

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