Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Lowdown and Mother Earth Water Walk Day

Mercury is retrograde in early Taurus for about another week, turning direct May 11. Our patience is being tested and tested again...and again.

Saturn is slowing in late Virgo to turn direct May 30. More patience required.

The Sun in Taurus has just squared Mars in Leo. Squares from bodies in Taurus have been keeping our forward motion in tight check on this front. Mars is still in retrograde shadow degrees - hitting new territory May 17.

Pluto and Ceres are retrograde in tight conjunction in early Capricorn, trining Mercury. The situation is pretty sombre for those of us not living in some pseudo-transcendent bubble or talking ourselves into the idea that it doesn't really matter, anyway - that we're meant for bigger and better things in this Universe than Planet Earth! Sigh.

Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is transiting the anaretic degree of Pisces, the last degree of the zodiac. It's tail-end Piscean Era, and we've got what could become the oil disaster to end all oil disasters going on in the Gulf of Mexico.

In a classic case of "closing the barn door after the horses have gotten out," more than two weeks in and after two million or so gallons of oil have been dumped into the sea, British Petroleum is attempting to figure out some way to stop the gush of oil while they drill a relief well, estimated to take three months to complete. BP is now planning to lower a coffer dam (a giant dome) to the ocean floor to place over the leak in hopes that it will contain most of the oil. This coffer dam was built only after BP was ordered by Obama to take responsibility for the ongoing spill. No proactive safety protocols here - just ineffectual scrambling after the worst case scenario has already happened. How can these companies be allowed to continue hideously dangerous drilling practises with absolutely no plan for containing the pressure involved?

If human technology (Aquarius) can't figure out some way to stop this gush of oil (Pisces), it could be game over for our oceans altogether. This is so textbook Piscean/Aquarian overlap, I can't help but roll my eyes in disgust. The Pisceans have seen this stuff coming millenia away, but our cautions too often fall on deaf ears...

All in all, things have been slow, careful, and restricted lately, with Plutonic pressure and Piscean/Neptunian despair threatening around the edges.

When I think of all the wonderful little sea creatures that are going to ingest oil, get sick and die along the Gulf Coast, I just want to cry. But really, there are few tears left this far along.

And it's not only the sea creatures. This is the point most people seem to miss.

Eleven families have a big, gaping hole in them right now.

Fishermen have had their livelihoods destroyed. As we know, along with that comes increased rates of bankruptcy, domestic violence, divorce, even suicide. The farmers know this scenario well.

These are the Piscean lessons, see? This is what most people on this spinning wheel can't seem to grasp - or would rather overlook than take responsibility for. It really is all interconnected. Events like this one have chain reaction consequences that go on for decades, a century maybe, more.

The world probably wouldn't give two hoots about Louisiana fisherman losing their livelihoods and ways of life...but what about when Miami's South Beach is threatened? Or the Florida Keys?

Hmm...getting your attention now, dumb fucks? (Erm...not referring to the people reading this.) When the playgrounds of the rich and famous are at risk, suddenly people's ears perk up. And you get Arnold Schwartzenegger mawing into the camera about it.

So yeah, you ignorant, self-absorbed bastards, this affects you!

What affects one affects all. What is done to the Earth is done to us. Toxifying our oceans, our land, our air, our lakes and rivers toxifies us. It cycles through all living things. When your health is gone, those little scraps of paper we call money don't matter a bit.

As much as the Atlantean Aquarians want to turn us into robots or hybrids or space travellers, we're biological organisms, inextricably connected to the Earth and all its living things. That's the case. No getting around it, no matter what sci fi fantasy world you live in.

Today has been declared Mother Earth Water Walk Day. And wow. Aren't we doing a bang-up job honouring Mama Earth and her water?

A Canadian Ojibwa grandmother, Josephine Mandamin, and a group of other First Nations women walked around all five Great Lakes between 2003 and 2008, carrying a pail of water with them, as a protective action and to bring attention to the necessity of stewardship of the Earth's water, keeping it clean and healthy for current and future generations.

They were also drawing attention to the current state of the lakes, especially Lake Ontario, and the levels of pollution and heavy metals in the water.

You can listen to Josephine speaking about the water walk here:

Mother Earth Water Walk Part One
Mother Earth Water Walk Part Two
Mother Earth Water Walk Part Three

Josephine speaks about the lack of support from men on these issues and the necessity of the feminine and the masculine coming back together to work together. She also speaks of the ongoing phenomenon of science (Aquarius) "proving" what has been known spiritually (Pisces) all along about water.

Our water is precious. As precious as any child. And the horror and rage I feel at these filthy-souled (do they have souls?) men abusing and mistreating our water, our land, our air and us cannot be expressed in words.

All I can do is join with those who know and who feel the same way. It's the only way I can continue to stomach what has been done and is being done to this Earth, to all living things, to us. They have no right to do what they're doing.

Please oppose all offshore oil drilling. Support renewable, non-polluting energy sources and the development of more of these.

Give up driving or at the very least drive only when absolutely necessary. Think about what you're supporting when you drive, when you consume cheap oil and gas, and drive responsibly, with that firmly in mind. The joyride is over.


Unknown said...

so interesting to hear about the skabewis - grandmothers walking around the lakes - thanks for posting...and yeah, we are getting angry now. Am working in South Africa with water - we have crisis of note - good scientists are getting marginalised and nullified turning our eco-systems into ego-systems. Here is something i found on the net by a mythologist called Michael Meade - "water is the element of reconciliation. In many cultures it is the elders who carry the water, because elders are the peace-bringers. When a culture can't remember or imagine peace on its streets or how to negotiate peace, it means its elders have forgotten what to do, how to carry water."

Willow said...

Ah, really nice. Thanks.

The symbol for Aquarius is the water-bearer.