Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Say Your Anus, You Say Urinous

I say ecological apocalypse, you say...uhh...ecological apocalypse.

Basically, we're going to have to smooth out our superficial differences here (as long as they are, indeed, superficial) because no one is going to be able to go this one alone, especially after Saturn re-enters Libra July 21.

Finding the Aquarian tribe where we really and truly fit, rough spots, sharp edges and all, will be paramount.

We have a Full Moon in Sagittarius tomorrow marking the point at which Uranus enters Aries (7:44 p.m. MT). New tribes coming into being.

Uranus entering Aries is an important astrological indicator - the scales have now been tipped from tail-end Piscean era to very-beginning Aquarian, and the direction we take from this point on pretty much determines how the next 2,000+ years are going to go on this planet.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and the zero degree of Aries is a potent birth point degree out of a previous cycle. For seven years now, the mutual reception of Uranus and Neptune has marked a tightly interwoven transition time and overlap between the tail-end of the astrological Piscean era and the beginning of the Aquarian. Now, Uranus enters the zero degree of Aries and marks the earliest birth point indicator of this Aquarian era.

This is a grand-scale, multi-layered birth - out of the 2,000+ year astrological Piscean Age - and it's going to be just as raw and primal a birth as you would imagine. We've used every last bit of energy to take it this far, and now we move forward out of sheer will and a desire to see what sort of action will be catalyzed from our efforts...

Uranus in Aries starts fully vibing with its square to Pluto in Capricorn tomorrow night after the ingress, and we already see the effects of this square everywhere. People have had enough. We've had it up to here. We've been pushed up against a wall on almost all fronts. We've had our very survival on this planet toyed with by some seriously sick bastards, like a cat playing with a mouse. As Tommy Douglas said, it doesn't matter if it's the White Cats or the Black Cats ruling Mouseland - it's all the same, sick little game. That ends now.

As the nefarious Pluto in Capricornian agencies and individuals tighten the screws on their pyramid-scheme hierarchical structures and try to lock them into place, human beings are forced to take action if what they truly desire is freedom and soul-sovereignty.

Yeah, we know what these fuckers did. And we know what they're doing now.

The rage of injustice, the brutal, purposefully-inflicted hurt - this is our fuel now. This is our guiding edge. There's no pussy-footing around.

There is no power that can overcome the love we're connected to, aligned with. It works through us. It flows like water through every fibre. It is us, and we are it - connected to every sterling-charactered soul that has come before us, crossing their own etheric finish lines with their own last ounces of energy - just as we're doing now. Connected to every loving human being that is now and that will be in the future. That we are.

And the grit and the mud we've dragged ourselves through. The grit and mud we've purged from our bodies, our selves. The shackles we've broken. The taste of blood in our mouths.

We all push it just a little further, and Saturn in Virgo, stationing direct for its last sweep through that sign for almost 30 years, is proud.

Still, we're not quite there yet. So use this spring and summer as a potent directional seeding point in your life. Get excited, yes. But don't get too carried away with the active/yang/masculine.

Both Uranus and Jupiter are dipping into Aries for two to three months - just to give us a taste. Then, they will fall back into the last degrees of Pisces again. Uranus retrogrades back into Pisces August 13 and Jupiter does September 8. They will enter Aries for good in January (Jupiter) and March (Uranus) 2011.

As you can see, we've got quite a lot of work to do to bring this astrological Piscean Age to a successful and dignified close, mastering its lessons so that we aren't doomed to repeat previous mistakes and cycles.

We're going to need all that Uranian genius to deal with the problems we've got going on on this planet - not least of which is the absolute ecological catastrophe going on in the Gulf of Mexico.

The new word on that front is that this may not be simply an oil gusher - it's possible that an undersea volcano has been ruptured, unleashing all kinds of additional toxicity into the ocean.

This is on top of the 700,000 and counting gallons of chemical dispersant the brainiacs at British Petroleum have now pumped into the Gulf. Using this dispersant does absolutely nothing to clean up the oil or stop the gushing. In fact, it actually makes the problem worse because it breaks the oil up into tiny bits that do not rise to the surface and therefore, cannot be cleaned up - not to mention introducing massive quantities of a toxic chemical foreign to this ecosystem.

The dispersant BP is using is called Corexit (how fitting) and has been banned in Britain for a decade but is still being used in Canada and the United States.

From U.S. Rep. Edward J. Markey in an article from the New York Times:

"Despite the assertions made by BP that dispersants can be safely used, we know almost nothing about the potential harm from the long-term use of any of these chemicals on the marine environment in the Gulf of Mexico, and even less about their potential to enter the food chain and ultimately harm humans.”

British Petroleum has disregarded orders from the United States Environmental Protection Agency to stop using Corexit, and we see so clearly the climate we're living in. It's a Pluto in Capricorn dystopia where Big Business does as it damn well pleases, using government regulations as mere guidelines that can be rejected at their discretion as they continue the destruction.

"Last Wednesday, the federal agency ordered BP to propose one or more alternative dispersants to regulators within 24 hours. Then it gave the company 72 hours after that deadline to stop using Corexit and make a switch. Officials and scientists from the E.P.A. and the oil company met Sunday night and were apparently unable to reach a compromise before the deadline passed.

“We are continuing to use Corexit while we’re still working with E.P.A. on alternatives,” said Mark Salt, a spokesman for the oil company, said by telephone from Texas on Monday."

Still "working with the E.P.A on alternatives", eh?

Ceres Rx in early Capricorn, conjunct Pluto, has tapped some people on the shoulder, reminding them that the simplest and most natural solutions are always the best. Hay can be used to absorb oil, then dried and burned as an energy source. There are a lot of people talking on the internet about this.

People are thinking and talking about the situation in the Gulf far and wide - including in my home area of southeast Saskatchewan, which has not exactly been a hotbed of socioplitical activity since I've been alive. *ahem* So that's a good sign.

Mercury leaves its retrograde shadow at 12 degrees Taurus early on Friday, May 28, so let's see what concrete, practical, Taurean solutions come out of that.

It would be nice if it didn't take the absolute catastrophic crisis point to catalyze this type of interconnection and pulling together to solve our problems, but, for now, I'll take it. (Although, isn't it ridiculously horrifying that it takes something this fucking bad for people to twig to any kind of Piscean understanding of energetic inter-relatedness on this planet - that what affects one living thing really does affect all living things?)

It's true that we're not exactly dealing with ideal circumstances here. I was hoping for a very different planetary scenario to start this astrological Aquarian Age off, and I was pouring my heart and soul into bringing about that desired scenario. A lot of us were. But there was a sudden change in direction that we could not have foreseen. The bottom dropped out in a lot of ways.

And that's OK. Now we adjust to this new direction. We figure out, together, what it means, and we explore the different scenarios and possibilities. I really feel that they'll be even more exciting and inspiring and empowering and freeing than the previous ones we held in our hearts.

Something I'm hearing echoed lately is that it's too late, it's too late.

I don't think so at all. When you get right down to it, we're still doing what we came here to do. We're vital, crucial. Every day counts now, and things are just getting started in a lot of ways.

So let me just shift gears on this little blog, and away we go...

Uranus enters Aries tomorrow night (7:44 p.m.)
Mercury leaves its retrograde shadow in Taurus May 28.
Saturn goes direct at 27 Virgo May 30.
Neptune goes retrograde at 28 Aquarius May 31.
Jupiter enters Aries June 6.
Mars leaves Leo for Virgo after almost eight months June 7.
Jupiter and Uranus conjunct at zero degrees on June 8.
Mercury enters Gemini, post-retrograde in Taurus, June 9.


Anonymous said...

I just had to comment before I finished reading the entire entry. I feel like I have ants in my pants, but I needed to mention that I REALLY appreciate the Your Anus-Urinous song.

WHAT is the problem with just calling the planet Your-Anus? I've heard Urine-Us, Ur-Ann-Us. It's just... Gah.

OK. Back to reading your entry :). Thanks.

Anonymous said...

A great entry. Thank you.

shannon said...

this is such a great entry willow, i shared it on my FB wall and it was just removed from there.
I don't get it!
anyway thank you for your wisdom.

Willow said...

Thanks for the comments.

Deborah - it's gotta be the anus jokes, no? Although, I guess the Greek word it comes from is ouranos, so there's some gray area there.

shannon - That's hilarious. I don't get it, either. FB blacklisted?

Anonymous said...

People have been closed in a blind way and this is a heavy problem...

New ways are needed like a dry soil needs fresh water...

It is a world of Financial Illusion the real knot...

Anonymous said...

Lables can also hide and/or fake an identity too. How often do we see that around New Age type stuff? Many of these 'special children' may actually be lesser rather than greater in terms of their spiritual potential. For example psychopaths. Now that would be really spooky.

Robert Phoenix said...

William Irwin-Thompson used to pull the pants down on New Age culture, especially the art, which was often pretty inferior, but since no one ever had anything really bad to say, since being critical was so negative, a lot of tripe was trumpeted as really great and it wasn't.

Luckily the New Age spell in music and art is fading.

When you have guys like Dan Deacon turning it on it's ear and making it ironically potent, we have come full circle.

Thank God and thank you Willow. :-)

Willow said...

I hope you're right, RP.

I've seen The Secret/Law of Attraction embedded in "art" in some pretty messed up ways. Hip hopper KRS-One being one example.

So I'll hope you're right, but I'll still keep the Virgo/Scorp sicced on it for juuuust a bit longer. :-)