Monday, May 3, 2010

Ceres-Pluto in Capricorn and the Environmental Irresponsibility of Big Oil

British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward claims his company is not responsible for the offshore drilling rig explosion that killed 11 men April 20 and has resulted in 200,000 gallons of oil per day being pumped into the Gulf of Mexico. There is no way to stop or contain the current gush of oil, and this level of spill could go on for months. Just ponder that for a moment.

U.S. Gulf Coast states Louisiana, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi have declared states of emergency as they wait for the massive oil slick to wash ashore (just as that bird is unknowingly doing in the picture above). This spill threatens shrimp and oyster beds, fish stocks and fragile marshland ecosystems full of other marine life.

Shrimp and fishing boats are now sitting idle and the livelihoods of fishermen and their families are in limbo.

The Blessing of the Fleet was to occur yesterday (Sunday) at Gulf Island Marina in Chalmette, Louisiana, but no commercial boats were there to receive their blessing. They are docked, restricted from beginning their season due to the oil slick.

British Petroleum, owned by the Rothschild family, is woefully unequipped to deal with a spill of this nature, nor does it care to deal with it. These are the Rothschilds we're talking about. Due care and attention for human beings or animal and plant life on this planet have never been on the priority list. The complete opposite, actually.

And you can see by British Petroleum's track record over the past five years just how absent from the priority list they really are. From an article at The Daily Green:

"In March 2005, a massive explosion ripped through a tower at BP's refinery in Texas City, Texas, killing 15 workers and injuring 170 others. Investigators later determined that the company had ignored its own protocols on operating the tower, which was filled with gasoline, and that a warning system had been disabled. The company pleaded guilty to federal felony charges and was fined more than $50 million by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Almost a year after the refinery explosion, technicians discovered that some 4,800 barrels of oil had spread into the Alaskan snow through a tiny hole in the company's pipeline in Prudhoe Bay. BP had been warned to check the pipeline in 2002, but hadn't, according to a report in Fortune. When it did inspect it, four years later, it found that a six-mile length of pipeline was corroded."

Hideous negligence and arrogant lack of regard for life being given slap on the wrist after slap on the wrist and allowed to proceed - the story of most corporate operations these days.

Obama has pressured BP to take responsibility for the current spill (ha!), and their answer to the ongoing disaster has been to pump chemical dispersants into the source of the oil leak.

As online commenter msdasista points out, this just buries the problem instead of actually cleaning it up:

"This "dispersant" is not "working." It is simply keeping it from getting to the surface, where it can be cleaned up. Now the oil, in combination with another petrochemical byproduct called "dispersant," is hovering in the water column making it much more likely to be ingested by all underwater species (including oysters) and migratory pelagics like tuna, etc. The environmental problem, while now hidden, has been worsened exponentially by the addition of "dispersants.""

Burying and obscuring the environmental destruction caused by your corporate activities and making things even worse through that burying/obscuring - how very Pluto in Capricorn.

But again, Ceres isn't having it. Not this time. This poor old Earth is at the brink. It's fully saturated as far as disaster-absorption of the nefarious corporate oligarchy. And it's about ready to start eviction notices.

Uranus is currently transitting the last degree of the zodiac - 29 Pisces. Pisces is the sign related to both the ocean and oil. The 29th degree of Pisces is the end of the road, the final saturation point - psychically, emotionally, ecologically.

This sign, at the end of the astrological Piscean Age, has been the watery grave dumping ground for far too many dark and dirty secrets. The pollution of our oceans reflects this.

Far too much remains unresolved as we push forward into the Aquarian Era, and this does not bode well.

The forced corporate continuation of the Oil Age - instead of putting resources into the evolution past oil to solar, wind, geothermal and other safe, non-polluting energy sources - is now causing disaster after disaster.

Unfortunately, it's good, decent people who always seem to pay the price for top-down corporate criminality of this nature.

I'm sorry families of the men killed. I'm sorry animals. I'm sorry Gulf Coasters. I'm sorry Louisianans. On top of Katrina, this is way too much.

But we're into the master Piscean lessons here, aren't we?

The only way to shoulder this much grief, pain and despair is to share it around. With true Piscean energetic connection, this has happened to us all. Your ecological tragedy is our ecological tragedy, whether the effects hit now or 10 or 30 or 50 years from now.

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Here is a stunning article, link above. From an energy company no less.

Too scary to contemplate...