Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Moon in Taurus After All Day in the Dark and Broken Record Time

The Moon and Sun come together at 23 degrees Taurus tonight and we have a New Moon (7:04 p.m. MT) after spending all day in the Dark of the Moon. And boy, do we ever need some renewal with this earthiest of earth signs.

This New Moon in Taurus is square Neptune in Aquarius and hearkens back to this time last year when the personal planets in Taurus were squaring the uber over-hyped "triple Aquarius conjunction."

I was talking then about the dangers of getting caught up in intoxicating Neptunian illusions related to the future, technology and the "Aquarian Era" and overlooking the practical fundamentals of life on Planet Earth. With Jupiter involved, over-reaching on this front and blowing "the promise of the future" way out of proportion was recipe for wounding and devastation (Chiron).

And as Chiron dips into the zero degree of Pisces and Uranus bookend transits the final degree of the sign, we have a gaping reminder of these dynamics - and the massive failure in successfully dealing with the requirements of physical, Earthly reality - with the gushing hole at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico still spewing 200,000 gallons of oil per day into the sea. Pisces is associated with both oil and oceans.

In a hearing being conducted by the United States Coast Guard and the governmental Minerals Management Service in Kenner, Louisiana, Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Michael Odom testified May 12 that the type of deepwater offshore oil drilling being conducted by companies like British Petroleum is basically unregulated.

"Odom said many of the regulations are based on near-shore operations and are not providing the best guidance for the latest deepwater systems.

"The pace of the technology has definitely outrun the current regulations," Odom said."

In another thumbs up to the awesomeness of globalization, because the deepwater oil rig was flying a foreign flag, governmental agencies could not certify the materials the pipes and rig were built with or the blowout preventers that could have potentially stopped the disaster from happening.

"Like the Minerals Management Service, the U.S. Coast Guard inspects vessels, including drilling rigs, checking the non-drilling related systems on board. It's control over Deepwater Horizon was somewhat limited because it flew the flag of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and foreign flag states have some monitoring using a non-governmental group of inspectors called a "classification society."

Summing up the situation as far as safety regulation, Coast Guard Captain Hung Nguyen said, "We have self-certification of critical equipment and safety notices that are not enforceable..."

This leaves the companies to declare their own operations safe - highly inadvisable considering BP's record on this front.

In a fit of black hilarity, BP executives were actually on board the Deepwater Horizon celebrating the project's safety record when the explosion happened. They escaped unharmed, but nine rig crew and two engineers died in the explosion, which is being reported as having been caused by a massive methane bubble.

British Petroleum's first scrambling-after-the-fact attempt at containing the flow of oil was building a huge coffer dam (dome) and then lowering it to the sea floor to place over the spewing pipe. That attempt failed when the coffer dam became clogged with sea crystals, and now they are planning to lower a smaller coffer dam in the next few days. Basically, there is no protocol for this. This type of deepwater offshore oil drilling is going on without any sort of plan for a worst case scenario disaster like the one now going on.

As online commenter Leonard33 puts it:

"It would be an exciting time to be a BP engineer. Any cockamamie idea is probably given full consideration. Maybe a giant diaper could be placed over the leak -- new diapers are remarkably absorbent."

Executives from BP, the oil services company Halliburton and the rig operator Transocean have now been called before the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and are all pointing their fingers at each other. Side-stepping responsibility on all fronts is the name of the game. Shifty, shady Pluto in Capricorn.

It's a broken record, but these are the master Piscean lessons. Twenty-ninth degree stuff being triggered by the neglect of duty and responsibility with this sign from the very get-go, from the very first degree of the sign of Pisces (Chiron on zero Pisces).

We don't move forward successfully into Aquarius without mastering this, or at the very least doing a whole hell of a lot better job with it, and collectively, there is still a massive amount of work to do here. That's putting it mildly.

Let's recall that Chiron will be in Pisces for the first eight years of the official astrological Aquarian Age. Not dealing with these Piscean themes and using this wisdom and understanding as a guiding mechanism for our decisions puts every living thing on this planet at risk. That's not fearmongering. That's fact. We see this reflected in this initial Chiron in Pisces event - the gushing oil leak in the Gulf. This isn't just a problem for Louisiana or Mississippi or Florida. This is a problem that has the potential to destroy the world's oceans altogether. And we've got 16 more operations, more than likely just as shoddy and slap-dash and unregulated, currently drilling at depths below 5,000 feet in the Gulf...

It's broken record astrological dynamics we're dealing with currently, also. (You see why the old souls are so fed up?)

This year, instead of the triple Aquarius conjunction, it's the hyping of the "Cardinal Climax" and overemphasis on the dynamic, masculine, yang energy with so many people already looking ahead to Uranus in Aries.

Well, folks, we've got a whole heaping pile of problems with the 12th sign of the zodiac - the sign most prefer to ignore and keep invisible. Uranus may be dipping into Aries for a couple months, but it's back at this degree of Pisces (the Gulf degree) mid-August and stays in late Pisces all the way until March 2011. Jupiter Rx will also conjunct Uranus Rx at 28 Pisces in September.

Believe me, getting too caught up in Jupiter conjunct Aries (June 8) is not wise. We're not staying there (neither Jupiter nor Uranus is), and the outpouring of excitement this aspect will generate in people who don't understand the retrograding action cannot be spared at this time as wasted energy.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus at zero Aries is significant, yes. It's an official Aquarian Era marker and a potent seed time. What happens now and over the next five years as Uranus and Pluto repeatedly square off is the make or break. It's a very pivotal time, direction-wise.

But just take a quick look back at all the neglected, unresolved Piscean Era problems we're collectively trying to drag along with us. Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter are all going retrograde this spring/summer to help us do just that. None of this cardinal square stuff is coming up out of the blue. We've been working on all this for a good, long while now.

Just like last year at this time, we've got the Sun and Mercury in Taurus - grounded, real, physical reality - and we can no longer stuff this down into the collective subconscious. At the tail-end of the tail-end astrological Piscean Era, the collective subconscious is plumb full. It's stocked. It's overflowing. And we see it overflowing in that three million gallons of oil (and counting) advancing on the Gulf Coast shores.

The travesties being committed by irresponsible Pluto in Capricornian agencies are coming out into concrete physical reality, with help from Mercury and the Sun in Taurus and Saturn in Virgo, where no one can deny them. Pushing up to the surface, just like that oil is, despite all attempts to hide the extent of the damage by dispersing it with chemicals or burning it off.

We've just had a challenging Mercury retrograde period in Taurus trying to reinforce these very issues.

And looking back to last spring, the planets and the dynamics and themes they're indicating are almost a mirror image.

At that time we were experiencing a Mercury retrograde in Taurus while the personal planets in Taurus squared Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius. Pluto was in early Capricorn and Saturn was stationing direct in Virgo, just as it is now.

From the Saturn in Virgo Direct post in May 2009:

"We're meant to take the vision out of the realm of rhetoric and live it. To take it out of the hands of criminal so-called leaders, disconnect from their version of the future, and determine what it really means to us personally.

This is the radical Aquarian break. The line we draw in the sand. Where we take back the "revolution," the "vision," the "future" from those who have co-opted these terms and used them against us. This is where we say enough is enough and demand real freedom, for everyone. To live with that goal at the forefront. This is where we are no longer willing to accept the version of false freedom that is packaged and sold to us. This is where we wrestle our intellectual independence away from the people and institutions that corrupt it.

Or we choose to go along with it. It's a personal choice each individual has to make.

Revolution is a trendy word these days, used by advertisers to sell cars and body spray. Self-declared visionaries run around, a new one every day, it seems, trying to get people on board their particular vision and version of the future.

This is why the use of personal discernment and judgement required by Saturn in Virgo is so important right now. Define these things for yourself.

Cut away the noise and excess. Pare down to what is basic, simple, necessary, meaningful, real to you in your life. The more we sever ties to toxic structures and energy dynamics, the better we feel. Refuse to play the game. Reconnect with simple pleasures and the appreciation you have for what is real and good in your life. Guard that carefully.

It's important that we have our feet planted firmly on the ground now, stripping away falsity to more fully understand the conditions we are working with.

If we don't personally make the choice regarding which version of the "future vision" we wish to bring about, the choice is made for us...

Taurus is a sign rooted to Earth. It's the sign where we commit to making progress in the physical realm. Slow, methodical, sure-footed progress. In Taurus we lay a solid foundation - one that will physically support our grand dreams and goals.

Taurus knows that what is really valuable doesn't just miraculously come into existence. There is effort involved to bring about the quality of physical life it desires. Taurus is a fixed sign, and once it gets going, it wants to keep going. There is nothing it dislikes more than shoddy workmanship. It doesn't want to go back over a crappy job later on. It wants to do things right the first time, and it's willing to put the time and effort into things initially to make sure things are on a solid footing. No movement unless it's the right movement...

We must determine what is required from us in the here and now, in our conscious moment, and take the next step. Taking even the smallest of concrete steps, when we know it's right. Enduring through resistance. Severing ties to anything that does not truly reflect our personal values. This is how the widescale change gets it's legs and digs in in a way that is going to be meaningful over the long run.

So our vision is coming into check by physical-reality-based circumstances. And some fucked up physical-reality-based circumstances they are.

At the same time, the Aquarian part of the square ensures that we push for our preferred future as we see it. Our freedom is at stake. We can't get bogged down in tradition and history (Taurus) and talk ourselves out of what is possible. We know we're in new territory, creating something that hasn't previously existed, and we have to maintain the integrity of that vision."

So yeah. There we have it. It's make or break time.

Our so-called leadership has failed us - politically, socially, spiritually. It has been corrupted in the most egregious manner. We have no leaders among the current crop.

And so we're our own leaders.

Again, I would urge you to give up driving or to drive only when absolutely necessary, with due respect and reverence. Those aren't just dinosaur bodies you're fuelling up with. ;-) Share a car. Start a mini car co-op with family or friends. Just do something small to lessen the pressure on this situation.

It really feels as if those of a certain sensitivity and awareness and spiritual understanding/lineage are hanging by a thread. The situation on this planet, at times, feels at the brink of untenable, and that saddens and scares me. I want the spiritual lineages I know, love and respect to continue on this planet, to carry forward. I don't want people (or animals or plants) who are among the last of their kind being driven to extinction. This is a difficult subject to really delineate, but perhaps those reading know what I mean here. We're all hoping for the best, but it's not enough to hope. Every last decision, action, word seem to count now.

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