Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Willow on Cipro Poisoning on the North Bay Astrology Show

Some of the long-term readers here may know that I was poisoned by an antibiotic produced by Bayer called Ciprofloxacin in 2009. I took three little pills, prescribed to me without warning for a very minor health issue, and I have been recovering from complete systemic devastation ever since.

Cipro is from a variety of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones. Fluoroquinolone antibiotics have been infused with a known toxin, fluoride, supposedly to increase efficacy. These antibiotics have devastating, debilitating, and even deadly potential side effects. They attack tendons, connective tissues, neurology, vision, the central nervous system, and the digestive system.

Name brands include Ciprofloxacin, Avelox, Levaquin, Floxin, Noroxin, Penetrex, and Maxaquin. These antibiotics are prescribed as eye drops under the names Vigamox, Zymar, Besivance, Ciloxan, Iquix, Quixin, Ocuflox, and Ofloxacin. They are prescribed as ear drops under the names Cetraxal, Ciprodex, Ofloxacin, and as Baytril in veterinary medicine. These drugs are also being erroneously prescribed to babies and children as ear and eye drops. 

Recovery from fluoroquinolone antibiotic poisoning can take many, many years, and permanent effects are also possible.

These antibiotics are so potentially dangerous that they should never be prescribed as first line antibiotics for minor infections. All safer alternatives should be tried first. Unfortunately, the Big Pharma marketing machine has created a climate where physicians are erroneously prescribing these drugs as first line antibiotics. This is a widespread practise.

Neither doctors nor pharmacists are warning people adequately before dispensing these drugs, and physicians are contravening the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm to patients:

"I will apply diatetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice.

I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect."

Iatrogenic illnesses and deaths are illnesses and deaths caused by the treatment of a physician. There is currently an epidemic of iatrogenic illnesses and deaths due to the irresponsible prescription of new generation pharmaceuticals like fluoroquinolones.

I recently talked about iatrogenic illnesses, my Cipro experience and recovery, as well as dangerous and fast-tracked pharmaceuticals and the trail of death and destruction they have left behind them. You can listen to the show here: 

Willow Talking about Cipro Poisoning on the North Bay Astrology Show with Matt Savinar

For more: Cipro is Evil


angelika said...

thank you - as ever - for making visible what some dont want to have in the spotlight. "may the force be with you."

Willow said...

Thanks, Angelika! And may the force be with you, too.

Melissa said...

Cipro is nasty. I had it for tract urinary tract infection and it laid me out for 3 days. No warning, only praises for its effectiveness.

Jason said...

Seconded by Angelika,

So many astrologers would not to have the care to risk this venerability in front of people for the betterment of all.

Willow said...

Well, you know, 2014 IS the year of going...



Thanks, Jason.

LB said...

Your interview with Matt was great, Twilight. We live in a world where, as you pointed out, "It's all about the money." If we value our health and well-being, we benefit from becoming as proactive and well-informed as possible and also from considering some of the more natural, alternative options to conventional medical treatment. Dig deep and research.:)

For several years now, I've also had to deal with the periodic after effects of antibiotics - in my case, prophylactic antibiotics erroneously prescribed prior to dental work. It was right after my Chiron Return in the 6th that I began doing research for myself and discovered I didn't need to take them after all, something *no one* bothered to tell me.

This past week I've been listening to various WISH Summit speakers talk about preventative breast health. Since like you I'm not a big fan of books like "The Secret" (or Louise Hay's, "You Can Heal Your Life"), I appreciate compassionate, informed, *practical* advice. One of the featured speakers, Josh Gitalis, offered up an amazing amount of very *practical* information about ways we can begin to clean out, eliminate and prevent the buildup of heavy metals, xenoestrogens and other toxins (including candida) from our bodies.

I thought I was pretty well informed but I learned a lot more and plan to make some additional changes. Although he shared a lot of specifics during the interview, I don't know how much of that same information is available on his blog, but it might be worth taking a look anyway.

According to his website: "Josh Gitalis, Clinical Nutritionist, is a recognized expert in the fields of clinical detoxification and therapeutic supplementation. He runs a Toronto-based private practice, with a worldwide client base." - See more at: http://www.joshgitalis.com/about/#sthash.0dKJp3KM.dpuf

Thanks for sharing your story, Twilight. We're all in this together and can learn from one another's experiences. Wishing you continued healing!

Willow said...

(Willow, not Twilight.)

LB said...

Dang it, I knew Mercury was gonna get me today. I'm so sorry, Willow! Old habits you know.:( Wish I could edit my previous comment.

I wanted to add that one of the most significant bits of information I learned from listening to the WISH speakers was that heavy metals (such as fluoride, lead and mercury) push out iodine, making it hard for our bodies to hold on to this valuable mineral which is essential for breast and thyroid health.

Iodine also helps to safely and gently chelate heavy metals from our bodies and is easy to test for. Hakala Research offers a home test-kit. My understanding is it's a good idea to have our thyroid tested too, since the two are connected.

I'm learning as I go - my own disclaimer is that I'm not a doctor and have to practice due diligence before beginning anything - by doing research, research and more research! And like most of us, I sometimes learn the most from my mistakes.:)

Willow said...

No problem.

Yes, iodine is good to ward off uptaking radioactive iodine from nuclear reactions, apparently, too, so really important now.

Applying Lugol's solution on your abdomen or thigh until the patch stays for 24 hours is recommended to keep iodine levels right.

Anonymous said...

Interesting this topic came up again as I had been meaning to thank you for the warning. I consulted a walk-in clinic physician for a minor infection and did not notice until I had filled the prescription and was reading the label that he had given me good old Cipro. Of course, the pharmacy would not refund my money although I had not opened the bottle; when I returned to the physician, he asked me why I would not take it, wrote down what I told him, and then thumbed through his little booklet and wanted to prescribe something else I had never heard of, apparently at random. I repeatedly asked why he could not prescribe one of several 'old-fashioned' antibiotics with which I had been successfully treated (by my old GP). No siree. So I skipped the drugs and healed myself.
(After I read your horrific saga, I watched similarly horrific tales told on youtube. God help us all.)
Here is a site where you can find out about/report drug side-effects and even generate a report to take to your own physician to educate them. Check it out.
Thanks, Willow. Plus good you mentioned vet meds too as it wouldn't normally occur to me to worry there. Cripes....

Willow said...

Exactly - why NOT prescribe one of the much safer old guard antibiotics? Brainwashing by the pharmaceuticals industry, plain and simple.

Glad you noticed they were about to slip you some of the bad stuff, Sabina. Thanks for the link.

Healing yourself naturally is where it's at, if at all possible. Agreed.

Jason said...

Im always getting called Jonathan by a 10 year neighbor, lol

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add my thanks to you, Willow, on behalf of my kitty, who was poisoned by a Cipro antibiotic. Unfortunately, I didn't know about the dangers at the time, and my little guy had just been diagnosed with cancer.

This is a good day to speak for animals, I think, after seeing the horrors perpetrated by the Copenhagen Zoo. Not only did no one stop their heinous act, it was all done as children watched, in the name of education. Which it isn't. It's deliberate brutalization. Conditioning for war, perhaps.

Insanity, all of it. Unthinkable cruelty, committed in the name of the public good. The 'Captain America' trailer is singing the same tune. Harking back to WWII, in fact, but I think we already know how that song ends.

So again, thanks, Willow. You're setting a good example. First they came for the giraffes... Blessings on your head.

Willow said...

OMG, poor kitty!!!!

Willow said...

Also, I've been erroneously called Kim throughout my life by multiple people, unconnected with each other.

ummshams said...

my son was prescribed antibiotics from this group when he was young and i totally agree with you that it has awful effects for years. they're given out like candy in the 3rd world (where we lived). parents will accept anything to make a sick child well, and i wonder how many children have suffered from the side effects, years later thanks for your tenacity and not letting this go.

Willow said...


"The suicide rate for Americans between the ages of 35 and 64 rose by close to 30 percent between 1999 and 2010. The number of Americans that are killed by suicide now exceeds the number of Americans that die as a result of car accidents every year."

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this increase is due in large part to the number of pharmaceuticals that have "suicidal thoughts" as a side effect. Many of the new wave drugs do.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god!!! I just went browsing on another astrology website (AstrologyZone)to look at May 2014 horoscopes, and there's a notice up saying that Susan Miller cant do the horoscope- is very ill,and...her Dr has given her Cipro!!! And now I also found this- http://www.ciproispoison.com/
Yikes!! Time will tell but if she gets worse, we'll be able to guess why..

Willow said...

Is she ill because she took Cipro, or the doctor gave her Cipro for her illness?

Anonymous said...

Hi willow I have been trying
To reach you for 16 months. I’m a young mom of
Two and I was badly poisoned by 4 pills of levaquin . It hit
Me the hardest in the brain . I have severe depersonalization and fog all the day are blurring and I have severe memory loss. I tried to contact you on YouTube and I couldn’t . Can you please help me. You look recovered in the latest you tube and you look amazing. Please help me I don’t want to live anymore . 310-936-8526 my name is Layla

Willow said...

Hi, Layla;

I'm very sorry to hear that. It's terrible to experience those prolonged brain effects. Unfortunately, I'm strapped for energy due to a death in my immediate family and don't have "phone energy," but you can email me at willowsweb [at] hushmail.com if you like.

Basically, the advice I would give people is in my videos, but if you have specific questions, I will try to answer them.

I'm not recovered but I'm much better than I was in the first years after the poisoning.

Willow said...

This is a video I did on my recovery from the psychological/emotional effects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H96CrbWbovw