Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Metaphysical Beat at Willow's Web Astrology

 Venus and the Moon in Capricorn on the WWA blog 6th birthday
Photos: Willow

Willow's Web Astrology blog is six years old today. (Has it really only been six years?)

I feel as tired as any mother of a very demanding six-year-old.

Except, I think this blog was quadruplets.

I'd like to take this opportunity to make an important point for readers in light of the tumultuous times through which we are living:

Please do not rely on Willow's Web Astrology blog to keep you up on all unfolding world events.

Willow's Web Astrology is not a constantly updating news outlet. I am not paid to be a constantly updating news outlet.

It's true that I'm a trained journalist, but after engaging in that line of work, I chose to leave the media - both mainstream and alternative - because I do not like the effect it has on people's minds. I've been censored multiple times while working in the media - yes, in both mainstream and alternative. I see public opinion being shaped in erroneous ways by the media. I see important stories being intentionally kept out of the media.

I've seen how reporters start to self-censor after being shot down by editors time and time again on the stories that matter to them. I see how they start to go along to get along. So I've seen the top-down power structure of the media at work, and it's nothing I wish to be a part of.

Since I do not like the energy of the media, I'm not going to emulate its rhythms or style in any way with my own writing, if I can help it. At this stage in the game, I feel the media is, ultimately, a propaganda tool for the powers-that-be, shaping half-truths and weak arguments into stories for mass consumption. I believe the media diverts attention, in many cases, from what's really going on on this planet. I took my leave, and I won't be re-entering that scene.

You'll see a great number of sexy and sensational images splashed across your newspapers, television screens, and computer monitors this cardinal Grand Cross spring and over the following few years. But you won't see them repeated here.

The world is at a boiling point, it's true. Forced into action by conditions too dire to tolerate. But from my perspective, we've always been here. It's always been this bad - it's just that more people are directly affected now and fewer can deny it. Fewer are able to go along with it. They would if they could.

Have revolt and resistance not always burned in the hearts and souls of people oppressed under corrupt and unjust systems? Things are being pushed to points of criticality on this planet, and will be during the exact Grand Cross this April, but the situation is really not much different than it ever was.

The conditions on Earth were never OK. The levels of needless suffering here were never OK.

We are under an umbrella of the same deadly and corrupt Global Governance around the world. Whether the burning rage against injustice and oppression are internalized or externalized and spilling into the streets, the conditions are pretty much the same.

The protests and revolts that get the big media play this spring (and in the following years) will be the protests that are most useful to the agenda of the powers-that-be. As with the Arab Spring, the rage and passion and resistance of the people will be used to lock a vicious new world order called "democracy" and "freedom" and "choice" into place. The only thing is, the good guys aren't really good guys. The European Union is no saviour from Russia. The United States and "Western democracy" are no saviour from the bloody dictators, who are simply more transparent about their ways of doing things.

I write about a great many subjects on the blog, only some of which are news events. The major focus here is and always will be producing helpful astrological articles for soulful guidance and successful navigation of the times.

No journalist covers all subjects. Journalists generally have beats - specific areas they focus on and cover where they develop particular expertise over time. In a usual newspaper, these beats include city news, the courts, arts and lifestyle, sports, crime, etc.

I've been put on my own metaphysical beat here at Willow's Web Astrology, and I receive my assignments. These assignments are more than enough for me to cover, and I don't have energy to go beyond those boundaries.

I feel that many stories being covered by both mainstream and alternative media are overblown, over-hyped, and manipulative, and I will not put any more energy into those subjects except through media criticism.

That said, if you do not see a topic covered on this blog, it's not necessarily because I don't think it's valuable to cover.

It's just not my assignment, see?

One subject I think needs more public attention is fracking (hydraulic fracturing). Again, just because I don't cover it here doesn't mean I think it unimportant.

It's just that, the only way I can avoid "issues fatigue" and burnout is to focus only on my own assignments.

So please continue doing your own research. Find your own sources. Speak out about the subjects that matter to you. And try to appreciate this site for what it is (fabulous, in-depth astrology with a sociopolitical bent), rather than focusing on what it isn't (a daily news outlet).

Happiest of Birthdays, Willow's Web Astrology blog. You're a guiding beacon of light for me, and my life would be much less rich without you. 


Willow said...

I realize you can barely see Venus in those pics, but it's there!

I also realize I need to clean my monitor, as it appears there are about 7 Venuses in the pic.

Jason said...

Happy Birthday WWA! Totally agree with the news outlet thing, who can cover everything? & energetic harassment (love that word) t to be expected to do so.

An astrology blog without any humanitarian focus in it is suspect. But this baby has genuinely covered such a wide range of topics since I've been here. s

Heres to WWA Y more birthdays.

angelika said...

Also happy birthday WWA!
Look forward to all that you will bring light to.

namaste, angelika

Anonymous said...

Yes, "revolt and resistance (have) always burned in the hearts and souls of people oppressed under corrupt and unjust systems." Sharing this by Native American, John Trudell, as what you've written reminded me of it.

(With appreciation for six years of sharing your knowledge and skills with your one-of-a-kind metaphysical beat. Thank you.)

"Chapters of a democracy story
Descendants of genocide
Twelve score and more years ago
We went from being the majority
To being the smallest minority
Now you want us
To cry your tears for you

We saw that emptying
Early morning skyline
Back through that horizon
Duck Valley 1979, Wounded knee
Sand creek, that Trail of Tears
Exactly how did our land
Become your country
Now you want us
To cry your tears for you

While we're still crying tears of our own
With your past as your future
That industrial ruling class
Using religion as a weapon
Distilling love into hate
Pointing fingers and name calling evil
Sacrificing lives and blood
Making the innocent the new virgins
Offerings to the gods of profit
Now you want us
To cry your tears for you

In the homeland security
Pretending corporate corruption
Isn't economic terrorism
Money talks while the government listens
Compiling files on ones who think different
Conditioning an acceptance of debt
And not to expect the truth
So get used to hearing the lie
Now you want us
To cry your tears for you

Misusing the beauty
Turning freedom into a killing machine
Mass murdering the environment
Weaponzing the psychology of fear
And pushing material addiction with
A substitution of rules faking the law
The bill of rights becomes collateral damage
Making the constitution another broken treaty
Now you want us
To cry your tears for you

Way this story is unfolding
We may end up crying together
As in crying at the same time
But we're short on tears to cry for you
With all these tears to cry of our own
Now you want us to cry your tears for you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday WWA. I'm a reader in the states who appreciates all that you do. Your strong voice is indeed a beacon - more a laser- through the muck.

Willow said...

Thank-you, commenters!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from the lower 48, WWA! I think 7 Venuses for your soul-er return is pretty damn cool. The Universe sending its regards, I'm sure. Let the MSM have Coke and Nestle sponsoring their propaganda: you've got the freakin' Universe on your side. Hah. Take THAT, Exxon.

I live in a fracked out area, with serious job drought, and I was happy to see you highlight that issue. Thanks for everything!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wish you Happy Birthday And Thank You for all the astrology. You are meant to be!
from the island of the gods

Greg F said...

Happy Birthday, WWA!

I so love your site, Willow. I never expected you to be my 24/7 news source, but you bring up some very important, even life-threatening issues, and I appreciate your fervent passion to help save us from the MSM.

BTW, geologists are blaming Oklahoma's hundred of earthquakes on fracking today. What a shock! (bad pun)

As I promised, I talked to my congressman's office last week about Fukushima's danger and the under-reporting of radiation levels. I asked them to get the International Atomic Energy Agency involved in the disaster, although they just might send more homeless people to stick their fingers in the dike.

Do you know they charged those homeless workers more for room and board than they made? What a wonderful world... ;-}

Willow said...

Yes, I did know that. I call it a radioactive Grapes of Wrath.

T'is shameful indeed.

Anonymous said...

It’s no wonder some people rely on this temple of humanity for more than its priestess can provide. Being needed like this is definitely an honour, but they have to understand there is no way that even the most powerful of individuals can counteract this flood of lies and deception; we all together can, if we think for ourselves and lovingly support each other. Our dear Willow, we wholeheartedly wish many, many happy and feisty returns to this mind- and soul-nurturing place of yours! Leon & Plutonia of SolitaryThinkers

Willow said...

So beautiful, Leon & Plutonia. Thanks for those kind words!

And yes, for access to another portal of humanitarian sanity on this odd little planet, please enter here:



Deb said...

Congrats and Happy Birthdat WWA blog...I relate to your feelings regarding how the news is handled and manipulated. I too started out as a journalist many years ago and now I no longer subscribe to a single newspaper after years of reading 3 or 4 per day, nor do I watch the news on TV...I am much happier doing my own research on topics I deem important and I appreciate your insights! Keep them coming...please...and thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great post!! I support you 100% and admire your courage to take a stand against the mind control. Thank you for choosing to be sovereign and positive.

Anonymous said...

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