Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Juno in Pisces For Juno Day

This Friday is Valentine's Day, also known as Juno Day, a day traditionally set aside to celebrate love, lovers, romance, relationships, and soul mates.

Fittingly, we have a big, fat Full Moon in late Leo that night (exact at 5:53 p.m. CST) to get us all in the heart-centred mood.

The Moon opposes both the Sun and Mercury retrograde, which form their interior conjunction at 27 Aquarius on Saturday, February 15 (2:22 p.m.). The Sun-Mercury conjunction provides some much-needed perspective as we complete the first leg of the Mercury retrograde, which ends February 28. I hope you're receiving some messages and insight now that make your heart sing with excitement for the future.

If not, well, there's always the chocolate. 

It does seem funny that this day, falling in Aquarius season as it does, a sign related more to universal or humanitarian love, has such a strong focus on romantic, interpersonal love with all the hopes, illusions, ideals, and disappointments that have gone along with it. Seems more like a day for Pisces season, no?

The truth is, though, this day is a day for soul mates of all kinds, not just the romantic, interpersonal ones, and this becomes even more the case the further into the new astrological era we go. The love and bonds between friends also become more important as we head further into Aquarius, with friendship no longer relegated to "second best" behind the much-preferred ooey gooey love relationship. 

With soul mate asteroid Juno transiting the last degrees of Pisces on this Juno Day, some big romantic illusions are falling. These are some of the wounding Piscean-era romantic illusions that have held on with great tenacity, dragging those clinging to them down some nasty and devastating roads. Roads they've perhaps been down again, and again, and again...

From a previous post:

"Juno is showing us what we can count on, what we can draw on, and what we can accept into our hearts as the unchanging and unalterable love from the universe. But it's also showing us the ways in which we have been too na├»ve, too soft, too trusting, too open, too impressionable, too pie-in-sky, too denial-ridden, too giving, or too forgiving."

Venus is still re-gaining full speed direct, coming out of its direct station at 13 degrees Capricorn January 31. Venus is just about to move out of orb of the conjunction to Pluto, breaking the magnetic Plutonic forcefield and pushing onward on the other side of this Juno Day weekend. The current positioning of love and relationship planet Venus indicates a more down-to-earth and realistic tone for this Valentine's Day - if people even have the energy or money to celebrate it.

We're opening into a whole new rulebook for interpersonal relationships now, a whole new way of structuring our relationships, and this won't always fit the dewy and glistening Neptunian ideals.

So how will this change Valentine's Day?

Hell, I don't know. I'm not a woman who has had the traditional Valentine's experience, to say the least. I find the culture around this day to be over-the-top, a little eyeroll-worthy, and a little bullshitty, to be honest. I have Venus retrograde in Scorpio in the birth chart, and let's just say, I've always seen what lies beneath the candy and flowers and candles and expensive dinners.

To me, it's always been sort of an irritating day - another day when single people are made into the pitiable "other."

(Believe me, there are more people in relationships deserving of your pity these days than people out of relationships...)

This day has never materialized for me the way the broader society says it should, and that's A-OK.

For me, it's about recognizing and celebrating love in all its forms, and particularly - in light of being one of those pitiable "other" singles for much of my life - self-love.

In honour of Goddess Juno, AKA Hera, Zeus' much-beleaguered wife, this is also a day to celebrate the marriages that have stood the test of time, rather than the hyped-up honeymoon phase. Anyone can get through the honeymoon phase. Try the next 30 or 40 years...

On a personal level, this day has been about celebrating the tenacity of my parents and their marriage. They were married on February 12 and, unbeknownst to them, would have an amazingly tough relationship row to hoe. It's all there in the synastry. But they're still at it. And they brought wicked Willow to the world (along with her fabulous sister), so I guess there is some method to the universe's meanness, after all, isn't there?

Juno finishes its transit of Pisces, moving into fresh territory in Aries on March 3.

From there, the soul mate asteroid moves to a rollicking conjunction to Uranus in Aries on March 25, getting Aries season and spring in the northern hemisphere underway with a sizzle.

With Juno transiting Aries until April 26, the soul mates in our lives are showing us the way forward. They're spurring new directions. They're getting us primed and excited and interested in what lies ahead. They're showing us how we need to break new relational trail now, following our own instincts as we take the virgin steps into weird and wild Aquarius. Things aren't going as you had expected? Are interactions making you a little hot under the collar? Is the trajectory of your relationships completely different from what you'd imagined?

That's the vibe to ride this March and April, pretty babies. We're at the end of the Piscean-era rainbow here, and what comes next just might blow your mind a little - in a good way.

Happy Juno Day to all you lovers and fighters out there!


Anonymous said...

Great post, Willow. As a gal with natal Venus in Aquarius (trine Jupiter but squared to Neptune) I think I've only had one of those "hearts and flowers" type of Valentine's Day things. Even then, it was unconventional and a VERY long time ago (with a Sag guy who has an Aquarius moon... no sappy chick flick stuff there).
Anyway, I totally agree with you that this day is totally overblown and just serves to make folks feel shitty that their relationships (or lack of one) are not meeting some sort of arbitrary standard set by the greeting card companies.
Instead (I say) if you're in a relationship - do something nice for one another like cook a fantastic meal together, work a jigsaw puzzle, play a card game.. just spend time doing something other than staring at the telly not interacting (or staring at the smartphone every few minutes).
If you're not in a relationship, either celebrate by treating yourself to something wonderful (which I have done many years - cook, buy a great bottle of wine, pick out a movie that only YOU seem to love), join a "Meetup" group and get out with other folks for some social activity, or go volunteer somewhere.
There is ZERO need to feel shitty - it's really just a day like any other day.
You're right - so often singletons look at others who are "coupled" and feel envy without considering that the couple could be quite miserable behind their frozen smiles.
Happy Juno Day and cheers to a kick in the pants to all that is wishy washy and wallowing.

Willow said...

Agreed, Amy! Happy Juno Day 2014. :-)

Willow said...

And actually, now that you mention it, I did have one traditional Valentine's Day - in high school! My high school bf was a total sweetie and gave me a stuffed bear and a sweet little ring that he hid inside a Kinder Surprise.

That was the one and only one, though! A very long time ago. But it was a good one.

Anonymous said...

Happy Juno Day to you too, Willow.

I feel the same way as you about the hoopla about Valentine's Day: An arbitrary holiday, traditionally disappointing.

I appreciate the myth/story of Saint Valentine that married couples that loved each other, regardless of the consequences.

Happy VD day to you, Willow. :-)

COW said...

Being a dude I've always felt V-day (Juno day) is to women what "being a rich ass Wall Street douche bag" would be to men, if there was such a day.

Like almost everything else in our culture, it's a psy-op. Just like the news, you have the cover story and the real story. The V-Day "cover" story is it's about celebration and love, but the real story is about making people feel like shit.

Also, I wonder which sign(s) get it worse? My unscientific guess is Libra. Because a Libra w/o a relationship is already a bit like a Cancer w/o a home or a Capricorn w/o a job. So imagine if there was a national "home-owners day" or a national "having a high status job day" that everybody makes a big deal out of. It would only make those signs -- or people of those energetic dispositions -- feel bad when they shouldn't at all.

of course Juno Day is an *Aquarius* -- which is not only astrologers but also social networks and egalatarian (sp?) type endeavors -- and WWA qualifies on all those fronts. So you know what single people should do on Juno-Day? Rather than hide and feel bad, get your ass over to the WWA forum and join in the Aquarian age fun!

Willow said...

Hey, I'm a single Libra Sun, and I'm OK. The hoopla annoys the crap out of me, but it doesn't make me feel bad about myself. More...bad about the state of society. ha.

It is a psychic/emotional drainer, though, as I find most holidays are. So I don't doubt the psy-op aspect one little bit.

I do think it feels more natural to Libra to be in a relationship, but hey...these are some unnatural times, folks, some unnatural times.

Cow said...

yes, but you are to Libra Suns what WWA is to astro blogs.

Willow said...

Aw, Cow. You're sweet.

LB said...

Thanks for the reminder about what's important, Willow. Even though I'm one of those lucky Libras who was blessed to have found a loving partner, as someone who's also very concerned about social justice, Valentine's Day (like Halloween) serves as an unpleasant reminder of how culturally conditioned most of us have been to buy into the illusion without bothering to look at the truth beneath the layers.

Many of us feel compelled to buy a card, some chocolate or flowers, for someone, anyone, with no real awareness of why we're doing it or how our choices might affect others.

Blissfully unaware, we'll buy or consume chocolate that was produced using child slavery or forced labor, and cut flowers where underpaid, overworked workers (often in other countries) labor under terribly unjust conditions and/or are exposed to dangerous chemicals. All to show we care.:(

I told my husband no store-bought cards or gifts this year. Love isn't about consumption. There are other ways to show how much we value someone.:) Everyone matters.

Thanks, Willow - for trying to tell the truth as a way of showing you care. Enjoy your day, however and whatever you do or don't celebrate!

LB said...

Since Mercury is retrograde (remember last time I commented?), I should add how I'm not saying all chocolate and flowers are produced unethically. There are still plenty of good options available for us to enjoy.

Greg F said...

Thanks for all of your heartfelt wisdom, Willow.

I'm a Libra sun too, as I have stated here before, and I am happy enough when I am alone (I get more writing done). I have a network of friends that get me through times when I'm living single.

My BFF Kai shows up from time to time, but she is very shimmery and evasive with her Pisces Ascendant. A good companion on adventures - definitely an Aquarian-style girlfriend.

You are very wonderful Willow. I am so glad I found your Web and got to know you. You are wise beyond your years.

May Spring greet you soon in the Great White North.

Anonymous said...

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Not to say that the problems with Cipro and other drugs are only due to counterfeiting, cleanliness, or other manufacturing issues. But.

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