Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Keeping Our Balance as We Navigate Multi-Planet Gear Shifts

Photo: Willow

The North Node of the Moon entered Libra on February 18 where it will stay until November 11, 2015. As we close out February and begin March, the North Node is on the anaretic (29th) degree of Libra. The master balancer. The seasoned diplomat. The skilled harmonizer.

This is a very good thing, too, as we have four planets changing directions over the course of one week (February 28 to March 6), including both malefic planets, Mars and Saturn. Frustration! Depletion! Thwarted will! Stalled progress! General angst and irritation! Time may seem as if it's crawling. People could be getting under our skin. It may seem as if every direction we attempt to go in is blocked. And these potentially frustrating conditions are in full effect from now through mid-March.  

Four planets shifting gears all at once can create a chaotic, energetic traffic jam scenario, so we're being tossed right into the Libra master lessons here, challenged to keep our balance and our social decorum under some pressurized and potentially irritating energies. Perfect anaretic Libra territory.

This is an excerpt from the article "Keeping Our Balance as We Navigate Multi-Planet Gear Shifts." The full article is available to Willow's Web Astrology patrons.  

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Lea said...

Thank you Willow. With all the talk about the "traffic jam of energies" (I love the way you put it) coming our way in the near future, your presenting the North Node in Libra in such a powerful and positive way made me hopeful. And, with my Libra Moon of 66 years and counting, my thought was, hey, I've been doing THAT all my life (negotiiotiating upsets and imbalances, smoothing the waters, calling people out, but in a smooth and even-keeled way).I can DO THIS! Stations, and Retrogrades, and planets in their detriments: I am Ready!!!!lol

angelika said...

Thanks Willow, short and brilliant as ever.
remembers me on a scenario when not expected winter comes and that much snow, that whole traffic almost stands still.
i love that times, becaues it brings with it, that everything is so slowed down, that we are able to see eachother, really. a good thing.
maybe the all-time-increasing amount of dept on my bankaccount is also blocked. good time to change direction ;-)
as i am warned, i can take it with humor...
namaste, angelika