Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mercury Direct in Scorpio and Guts-Spilling Eruptions

From the Full Moon Eclipse Report:

"Mental pressure is building, and if people haven't found satisfying outlets for their mental energy during the Mercury retrograde process, the desire to spill their guts will be strong."

Mercury stationed direct at 18 degrees Scorpio at 4:47 p.m. CST yesterday, and signs of the station are visible in social media.

Some of the local flavour from southeast Saskatchewan:

- This morning, a woman who runs a store in a nearby town posted a list of all the people who owe her store money, complete with amounts, on Facebook. Social media (Mercury) + other people's resources (Scorpio). In this case, other people have her resources.

- Someone is poisoning barking dogs in that same town. (Probably a retiree who snapped.) The person struck again yesterday. The woman whose dog died has posted a $2,000 reward for information that brings the person to justice. Dogs barking in the neighbourhood and social media (Mercury) + poison and vengeance (Scorpio)

Things are being pushed to a head at this station. And if people can't tolerate keeping quiet any longer as Mercury moves direct and stirs the Scorpy pot over the next two weeks, it's going to come out.

Back in the day, it would have come out through around-the-town gossip, which spread quickly via telephone and coffee chit chat.

But social media is the Mercurial avenue of choice for many these days. With people tapped in the way they are, social news and gossip spreads unnaturally quickly and also has the possibility for greatly intensified backlash. Caution is required, people!

If you'd like a hawk-eyed view of the current themes as well as tips on how to navigate, consider Willow's Smoking Hot Full Moon Eclipse Report. Ten dollahs will, indeed, make it hollah.


Anonymous said...

case in point:

Willow said...

haha - exactly!

Willow said...

Best Mercury stationing direct in Scorpio Facebook status from a local teenager:

"- Blocked me? Oh damn, there goes one more dramatic bitch off the list that I don't give a shit about..."

Anonymous said...

So everyone's going crazy, is that it? When is the last time Scorpio was the north node? Year/s. What if Jup Ven in your Scorp and Sat in your Tau?

Anonymous said...

Not everyone is going crazy. At least I don't think so...

What I do think is happening is the pressure that Willow's addressed (and I don't think it's over just yet), and I agree with her suggestion that we proceed with caution and not be surprised when we see others lose their cool.

Keeping busy might be a good idea! :)

-- Deb