Friday, November 16, 2012

Give Value For Value Received - Buy a Voluntary Subscription to Willow's Web Astrology Blog

I understand there are 300 - 400 English-language astrology blogs out there, and this may make astrological analysis seem cheap, easy, and somewhat expendable. "If one blog goes down, there are 10 more just like it to fill its place, right?"

I know there are hundreds of astrology blogs out there, but, honestly, there isn't another Willow's Web Astrology blog out there.

If you're a regular reader here and regularly take something of value from this blog, please consider purchasing a voluntary suscription to the site. (And thank-you kindly to those who have already subscribed!)

Voluntary Subscriptions to WWA blog

This request is going out only to those who have expendable income. The smallest subscription amount is $30 per year. The highest is $120 per year.

These subscriptions really do keep this site going, and I appreciate each and every one of them.

I am also going to start posting some pay-only articles in the future. These articles will be in-depth Willow wisdom, and they will not be available anywhere else.

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Lea said...

I am looking forward to those pay only articles. My subscription is paying for itself as if it were gold, as far as I am concerned related to the content of your posts and the erudition of your astrology.