Friday, November 23, 2012

Israel Opens the Gates of Hell at the Alpha Snake New Moon

Following in the long tradition of using astrology/astronomy to time acts of war, Israel initiated missile strikes against Palestine November 14, as we were coming out of the Alpha Snake New Moon total solar eclipse.

The New Moon was exact at 4:08 p.m. Central Standard Time on November 13.

Eclipses are souped-up New and Full Moons, indicating unstable, "backdrop change" periods. The curtain falls on one scene and raises on another - often very dramatically. Occult-assisted governments often use eclipses to time events, particularly acts of war and destruction.

The New Moon total solar eclipse was in Scorpio, a sign ruled by war planet Mars and Lord of the Underworld Pluto, and it was a powerful time for attacks that would open new chapters in old conflicts.

The New Moon eclipse at 21 degrees Scorpio was conjunct unfortunate fixed star Alpha Serpentis, associated with all things nasty. It was also conjunct the Scorpio North Node, indicating a death and war (Scorpio) trajectory (North Node) that will have lasting, eclipse-boosted effects.

From a previous article:

"The wacky, dominance-hungry occultists will be drawing all sorts of nasty energy onto the planet through this New Moon, all hot and bothered over the serpent imagery. The myths talk about a period of snake-worship secretly brought to Earth. Under worship of the God of the snakes, this period brings evil, crime, unhappiness, bad weather, and death. Stirring up hell for the people.

Detrimental trajectories will be set by some coming out of this New Moon, and with a Mercury-Neptune square strongly colouring the proceedings, there is a tendency to be unknowingly drawn in."

The initial Israeli attack assassinated a man considered the Hamas leader, Ahmed Al-Jaabari, and killed 14 others. Eight Palestinian civilians were killed in that attack, reportedly including a pregnant woman with twins, an 11-month old boy, and three infants. At least 130 more people were wounded.

Hamas has apparently said in the past that the killing of its leader Al-Jabaari would "open the gates of hell" for Israel. I'd say opening the gates of hell is exactly what Israel is trying to do with this timed attack during Scorpio season, boosted by the underlying symbolism of eclipse-potent Alpha Serpentis.

Palestine retaliated to the initial attack with a rocket attack of its own that killed three Israelis.

Israel responded by bombarding Palestine from sea, land, and air for eight days while threatening a ground invasion.

The Israeli attacks that began just after the Alpha Snake New Moon ended just after the First Quarter Moon with the Sun on the final (29th) degree of Scorpio. (November 14 to November 21, 2012) The last third of heavy duty Scorpio season was used for these attacks, kicked off by the New Moon eclipse.

Around 160 Palestinians have now been killed by the attacks with more than 1,100 injured. The majority are civilians. At least 30 Palestinian children have been killed.

The Israeli death toll: six.

(I have a feeling if 30 Israeli kids were dead right now, we'd be in World War III.)

At the time of the Alpha Snake New Moon, Mercury was retrograde at zero degrees Sagittarius square Neptune at zero degrees Pisces.

Here, we see the effects of media-perpetuated illusion (Neptune in Pisces) on the reporting of the truth (Mercury in Sagittarius). We see elements of underlying religious perspective and bias in media. And we see a time period when people are particularly susceptible to the power of suggestion via media channels.

From the same previous article:

"People can be very impressionable over the next few weeks, very easily led and misled. Ideas can be planted en masse. Things can be slipped by. Consensus reality is particularly malleable and can be manufactured and shaped to benefit certain factions."

As usual, reality is being manufactured by the mainstream media in its reporting of the events in the Middle East. You see the Neptunian fog coming down over people's minds as the mainstream public swallows and then furthers versions of the story that are untrue and nonfactual.

The mainstream media has turned the scenario into a two-sided affair, rather than an Israeli attack followed by a Palestinian retaliation which then becomes the excuse for a complete bombardment by Israel.

The media is calling it a "cease fire," when, in reality, Israel has decided - for now - to stop bombing Palestine, dropping the Neptunian veil over its actions and using the media-driven sway of public opinion to its benefit.

As per usual, Israeli casualties lead the news while the much heavier Palestinian casualties are tacked on later.

As per usual, we have the other leaders of militarized and industrialized nations, including Barack Obama, addressing the public through mainstream media channels, reinforcing Israel's "right to defend itself." Bullies backing up bullies.

In reality, Israel was the aggressor here. It's a rare case when Israel is not the aggressor.

Israel is a wealthy nation armed to the teeth with bombers and missiles and tanks and nuclear weapons and hundreds of thousands of highly-trained, highly-armed soldiers.

Palestine is a relatively poor, occupied country with rocket launchers and stones that has been ghettoized and beaten down.

With Scorpio, you have to go to the root issue. The rest is symptomatic. Palestine is being militarily occupied and ghettoized by Israel. Until that's addressed, the conditions for peace are not there, and the diplomatic conciliation processes we see playing out on TV screens across the globe ("Oooh, Egypt's brokering peace!") are just for show.

Neptune has just stationed direct (November 11) at zero Pisces and is still very potent in the astro atmosphere. Neptune in Pisces involves the things that float around in the collective unconscious as well as the ways in which reality can be shaped via manipulation of those things.

At the tail-end astrological Piscean era, the collective psychic soup is full to the brim. And at this very moment, with Mercury square Neptune (final aspect December 11 with Mercury direct), the things that have been implanted in the collective unconscious are ripe for manipulation.

One very potent Neptunian illusion being played upon now is the idea that violent Zionist Israelis represent the Jewish victims of the Nazi Germany holocaust. In reality, violent Zionist Israelis belong to the power cabal that perpetrates holocausts on this planet.

The Nazi Germany holocaust has been drilled into both the conscious minds and the collective unconscious via media for the past 70 years. In many minds, it is the only holocaust, when, in fact, many, many holocausts have gone on on this planet, and many holocausts continue to go on on this planet.

What the governments of the United States of America and its allies ordered in Vietnam and Iraq both rank right up there, for example.

The collective unconscious has been so permeated by the Nazi Germany holocaust, however, that, as a whole, we are not adequately dealing with atrocities currently being committed. Certain chords are being played over and over again like a record skipping, drawing people back to that event and keeping them there. En masse, people are not comprehending that current atrocities are part of the same system, perpetuated by the same groups throughout time and space.

The collective unconscious (Neptune) as well as conscious public opinion (Mercury) are being played and manipulated so that current atrocities are invisible, explained away, and unconsciously allowed. The Neptunian veil drops over it all - unless you actively remove it. Repeatedly.

Making current atrocities invisible or seen only as bits and pieces on the TV screen, without context, allows history to repeat.

We are currently experiencing a square series between Uranus and Pluto (2012 - 2015) that was last experienced during the Great Depression and the lead-up to World War II. We have to understand that there are groups in power attempting to replay a very nasty historical cycle.

Understanding that context and our own context within it is the only way to break out of the grand-scale manipulation and mindfuckery underway.

Their Armageddon symbolism is being played out with the sacrifice of real lives.

The economies are intentionally collapsed. Food is controlled and hyper-inflated. Housing is removed. The people are made desperate. The oldest trick in the book is being played out right now to get around the so-called "fiscal cliff." It's the same trick that was played during the Great Depression.

Except the propagandists of Nazi Germany would have been creaming their pants over the control they could have of people's minds with today's media...


Willow said...

And yes, I'm happy to be (possibly) the only astrologer who has used the phrase "creaming their pants" in a blog post.

Willow said...

"Creamed pants at (please Google) Willow's Web Astrology."

OMG, Deb Steinberg is hilarity.

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Chomp said...

“I have a feeling if 30 Israeli kids were dead right now, we’d be in World War III.”
You are right...

“We are currently experiencing a square series between Uranus and Pluto (2012 - 2015) that was last experienced during the Great Depression and the lead-up to World War II. We have to understand that there are groups in power attempting to replay a very nasty historical cycle.”
You are right. Again...

Cassandra of Troy said...

Thank you for telling the truth. I've long suspected that Israel is ruled by, or heavily influenced by, Neptune (but there are certain things you can't say without getting into trouble). How else to explain the mindfog that takes hold of the rest of the world when it comes to this apartheid regime and its golem that enforces their ways on the world?

Willow said...

I'm not sure Israel is ruled by Neptune, but all the major global players use Neptunian effects with the masses to their benefit.

Lynda Elliott said...

Brilliant analysis. Thank you for your intelligent, deep look at the world and your wonderful use of words.

Willow said...

Thank-you, Lynda!

Anonymous said...

Hell yes, what a refreshing thing to stumble across in the astro blogasphere. I'm Palestinian too, so this touches me very deeply. We need more honest voices out there, especially in the West. Thank you.

Israel's rapacious colonial onslaught has its finite limits. I hope I live to see the end of this Apartheid and some real justice. Then comes "peace" and all that other stuff...